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Course summary

Flash CC 2014

Flash Fundamentals

This course is ideal for beginners who need to learn how to create Flash animations, video and websites. You will cover all aspects of Flash design from planning, creating graphics and symbols, using the library, creating animations, and controlling playback using ActionScript.

2 Days | $895.00

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What's Included

Certificate of Course Completion
Training Manual
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Detailed course outline

  • Getting Acquainted
    • Starting Flash and Opening a File
    • Creating a new file and Document types
    • Getting to Know the Workspace
    • Working with the Library Panel
    • Understanding the Timeline
    • Organizing Layers in a Timeline
    • Using the Properties Inspector
    • Using the Tools Panel
    • Undoing Steps in Flash
    • Object-level undo
    • Previewing Your Movie
    • Modifying the Content and Stage
    • Saving Your Movie
    • Finding Resources for Using Flash
    • Checking for Updates
  • Working with Graphics
    • Understanding Strokes and Fills
    • Creating Shapes
    • Making Selections
    • Editing Shapes
    • Using Gradient and Bitmap Fills
    • Using Custom Line Styles
    • Creating Curves
    • Creating Transparencies
    • Creating and Editing Text
    • Aligning and Distributing Objects
  • Creating and Editing Symbols
    • Importing Illustrator Files
    • About Symbols
    • Creating Symbols
    • Importing Photoshop Files
    • Editing and Managing Symbols
    • Changing the Size and Position of Instances
    • Changing the Color Effect of Instances
    • Understanding Display Options
    • Applying Filters for Special Effects
    • Positioning in 3D Space
  • Animating Symbols
    • About Animation
    • Understanding the Project File
    • Animating Position
    • Changing the Pacing and Timing
    • Animating Transparency
    • Animating Filters
    • Animating Transformations
    • Changing the Path of the Motion
    • Swapping Tween Targets
    • Creating Nested Animations
    • Easing
    • Frame-by-Frame Animation
    • Animating 3D Motion
    • Testing Your Movie
  • Advanced Motion Tweening
    • Using the Motion Editor
    • Understanding the Project File
    • Adding Motion Tweens
    • Editing Property Curves
    • Viewing Options for the Motion Editor
    • Copying and Pasting Curves
    • Adding Complex Eases
  • Animating Shapes and Using Masks
    • Animating Shapes
    • Understanding the Project File
    • Creating a Shape Tween
    • Changing the Pace
    • Adding more Shape Tweens
    • Creating Looping Animation
    • Using Shape Hints
    • Animating Color
    • Creating and using Masks
    • Animating the Mask and Masked Layers
    • Easing a Shape Tween
  • Creating Interactive Navigation
    • About Interactive Movies
    • Creating Buttons
    • Understanding ActionScript 3.0
    • Preparing the Timeline
    • Adding a Stop Action
    • Creating Event Handlers for Buttons
    • Creating Destination Keyframes
    • Creating a Home Button with Code Snippets
    • Code Snippets Options
    • Playing Animation at the Destination
    • Animated Buttons
  • Using Text
    • When and Where to Add Text
    • Understanding Text Types
    • Adding Simple TextAdding Paragraphs
    • Hyperlinking Text
    • Creating User-Input text
  • Working with Sound and Video
    • Understanding the Project File
    • Using Sounds
    • Understanding Flash Video
    • Using Adobe Media Encoder
    • Understanding Encoding Options
    • Playback of External Video
    • Working with Video and Transparency
    • Embedding Flash Video
    • Exporting Video from Flash
  • Publishing for different platforms
    • Understanding Publishing
    • Publishing for Flash Player
    • Publishing for HTML5
    • Using Classic Tweens
    • Inserting JavaScript
    • Converting to HTML5 Canvas
    • Publishing a Desktop Application
    • Publishing for a Mobile device

Our outlines are a guide to the content covered on a typical class. We may change or alter the course topics to meet the objectives of a particular class.



230 W Monroe St
IL 60606View Map

Guaranteed to Run Limited Seats Left

Class times: 9.00am to 4.30pm

Servicing Arlington Heights, Aurora, Bollingbrook, Chicago Loop,
Deerfield, Des Plaines, Evanston, Highland Park, Joliet, Naperville,
Schaumburg, Skokie, South Chicago and surrounding areas.

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Los Angeles

915 Wilshire Blvd
Los Angeles
CA 90017View Map

Guaranteed to Run Limited Seats Left

Class times: 9.00am to 4.30pm

Servicing Anaheim, Burbank, Covina, Downtown, Fullerton,
Irvine, Long Beach, Northridge, Pasadena, San Bernardino,
Santa Monica, Van Nuys, Ventura and surrounding areas.

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Recent student feedback

4.9 stars This was an excellent class. I had very little experience with Flash. Ron was able to answer every question I had. He also worked at a pace that was reasonable. The course focused on navigation through the software as well as application and some theory. This was very valuable to me being a beginner. Continue teaching this course as you are, I benefited greatly.
5.0 stars Thank you for the time spent with you these last few weeks. Jeff, you are an excellent instructor. I can't wait to get back into the classroom and put these new skills to practice. Job well done, from the front desk staff to the instructors. I would highly recommend these courses to anybody who is serious about learning Adobe Flash.
5.0 stars Ron B. was helpful and very knowledgable in Flash. He showed me several examples of animations and the proper way to use it for web banners. He also helped me understand things in a organized and clear way which were very confusing before taking the course (i.e. Movie Clips, Symbols & Keyframes). Overall I am extremely happy with the results and the knowledge I acquired during this course. I would definitely recommend others to take this course. p.s.The Starbucks Coffee is also a plus during break time.
4.9 stars Jeff was experienced and professional. He is very willing to work with individual user needs. The learning experience surpassed my expectations.

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