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Los Angeles

Are you looking for a hands-on Apple Final Cut Pro X training class?

Our Final Cut Pro classes are taught by live trainers in our brand new video training labs. You will learn step-by-step how to master video editing in Final Cut Pro X, from an industry expert.

We also include the following with each Final Cut Pro course:

  • a color printed training manual
  • certificate of course completion
  • and most importantly, a 6 month free repeat.

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Onsite Final Cut Pro training available countrywide.

Course Summary

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Apple Final Cut Pro X Fundamentals

In this 3-day hands-on Final Cut Pro X training class you will learn to import, edit, composite, and share video projects for broadcast, social media, and other output scenarios. This course covers ingesting media, clip and timeline editing, effects and transitions, title design, audio management, and final output for specific deployment.

3 Days | $1395.00

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Class Timetable

What's Included

Certificate of Course Completion
Training Manual
FREE Class Repeat

Detailed course outline

  • INTRO: A Real-World Overview of Final Cut Pro X
    • What is Final Cut Pro X, and who uses it?
    • Final Cut Pro X feature roundup
    • What kind of media can be imported into Final Cut Pro X?
    • What media can be shared from Final Cut Pro X?
    • Final Cut Pro X Storytelling workflows
    • Final Cut Pro X technical requirements
    • Setting up a Final Cut Pro X hardware/software work environment
  • BEFORE YOU BEGIN: Final Cut Pro X Project Considerations
    • Understanding digital video and SMPTE time
    • Understanding video frame resolutions, pixel aspect ratios, and frame rates
    • Understanding video and audio compression
    • Managing graphical and audio assets
    • Final Cut Pro X best practices
    • Understanding linked media
    • Final Cut Pro X terminology
    • What additional apps and plug-ins enhance Final Cut Pro X’s functionality?
  • UNIT 1: Touring Final Cut Pro X
    • Starting up Final Cut Pro X
    • Installing the Final Cut Pro X Library
    • Navigating the Final Cut Pro X workspce
    • Setting Final Cut Pro X Preferences
    • Defining clip, event, and library containers
    • Creating a Camera Archive
    • Skimming and previewing clips
    • Specifying and customizing Project settings
  • UNIT 2: Importing and Organizing Media
    • Ingesting and importing with the Media Import window
    • Importing media from the Finder
    • Managing Workspaces
    • Applying Keywords to clips
    • Using the Keyword Editor
    • Adding Notes and Ratings to clips
    • Filtering clips using Metadata
    • Creating Smart Collections
    • Detecting people and shot composition within clips
    • Understanding and assigning Roles
  • UNIT 3: Editing Essentials
    • Creating a Project and a Primary Storyline
    • Using the Select Tool
    • Appending, inserting, and rearranging clips within a Storyline
    • Batch editing a storyboard of clips into a Storyline
    • Insert edits
    • Ripple trimming
    • Setting clip Start and End Points
    • Inserting Gap Clips
    • Using the Blade Tool
    • Ripple Deletes and Lifts
    • Through Edits
  • UNIT 4: Specialized Editing Techniques
    • Lanes: Editing above the Primary Storyline
    • Adding and trimming connected B-roll
    • Understanding Connected Clip synchronization
    • Creating and editing a Connected Storyline
    • Roll trimming
    • Editing below the Primary Storyline: Working with audio
    • Creating and naming Markers
    • Slip edits
    • Adjusting audio levels
    • Adding Fade Handles to ramp volume
    • Adding Audio Keyframes to control volume
    • Adding Audio Crossfades
    • Adding Video Cross Dissolve Transitions
  • UNIT 5: Creating Titles
    • Best practice: Snapshotting a Project
    • Adding and modifying Titles
    • Working with the Text Inspector
    • Working with safe margins
    • Adding a Lower Third
    • Adding animated 3D Titles
    • Modifying 3D parameters
    • Saving custom Title Presets
  • UNIT 6: Adding Transitions
    • Practical application of Transitions
    • Applying default Cross Dissolve Transitions
    • Trimming Transitions
    • Using the Transitions Browser
    • Customizing Video Transitions
    • Defining and slipping media handles
  • UNIT 7: Adding Video Effects
    • Using the Video Effects Browser
    • Adding and modifying Video Effects
    • Applying multiple effects
    • Understanding compositing
    • Saving Effects Presets
    • Using Built-in Effects
    • The Crop and Ken Burns Effects
    • Ease Out and Ease In interpolation
    • Keyframing Built-in Effects
    • Using the Video Animation Editor
  • UNIT 8: Sharing a Project: Rendering for Deployment
    • Testing for final render
    • Sharing a Project to a Destination
    • Sharing media to an online host (YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook)
    • Sharing to a Bundle for multiple platforms
    • Sharing to a Master File
    • Sharing Stems

Our outlines are a guide to the content covered on a typical class. We may change or alter the course topics to meet the objectives of a particular class.


Los Angeles

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