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Adobe Illustrator Cheatsheet

Illustrator Shortcuts and Cheatsheet

Common Illustrator Shortcuts

View Artwork At 100% Magnification

Mac OS: Command+1     Windows: Ctrl+1

Fit Artwork On Screen

Mac OS: Command+0    Windows: Ctrl+0

Temporarily Switch To Hand Tool while Drawing

Mac OS: Spacebar    Windows: Spacebar

Zoom In On Document

Mac OS: Command+(+)   Windows: Ctrl+(+)

Zoom Out On Document

Mac OS: Command+(-)   Windows: Ctrl+(-)


Lock Selected Artwork

Mac OS: Command+2   Windows: Ctrl+2

Type Shortcuts

Move One Character Right Or Left

Mac OS: Arrow keys    Windows: Arrow keys

Move One Word Right Or Left

Mac OS: Command+Arrow keys    Windows: Ctrl+Arrow keys

Align Paragraph Left

Mac OS: Command+Shift+L     Windows: Ctrl+Shift+L

Align Paragraph Center

Mac OS: Command+Shift+C     Windows: Ctrl+Shift+C


Align Paragraph Right

Mac OS: Command+Shift+R     Windows: Ctrl+Shift+R

Justify Paragraph

Mac OS: Command+Shift+J     Windows: Ctrl+Shift+J


Insert Soft Return

Mac OS: Shift+Enter     Windows: Shift+Enter

Document Shortcuts

Create New Document

Mac OS: Command+N    Windows: Ctrl+N

Open A Document

Mac OS: Command+O    Windows: Ctrl+O

Save A Document

Mac OS: Command+S    Windows: Ctrl+S

Revert A Document To Original State

Mac OS: F12    Windows: F12

Toggle Screen Modes

Mac OS: F Windows: F

Default Fill/Stroke Colors

Mac OS: D    Windows: D

Toggle Fill/Stroke

Mac OS: X    Windows: X


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