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jQuery Mobile Training Course

Chicago, Los Angeles

Learn how to build touch-friendly web apps that work
across a wide range of devices.

jQuery Mobile is a rapidly expanding framework for rapid app development. Our hands-on project based training is a great way to learn jQuery Mobile. All classes taught by experienced App developers.

Onsite training available countrywide.

Course summary

jQuery Mobile Web Development

This class is aimed at Web developers who wish to build HTML 5 apps using the popular jQuery Mobile framework.

3 Days | $1495.00

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What's Included

Certificate of Course Completion
Training Manual
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Detailed course outline

  • Preparing Your First jQuery Mobile Project
    • Building an HTML page
    • Getting jQuery Mobile
    • Implementing jQuery Mobile
    • Working with data attributes
  • Working with jQuery Mobile Pages
    • Adding multiple pages to one file
    • jQuery Mobile, links, and you
    • Working with multiple files
    • jQuery Mobile and URLs
    • Additional customization
      • Page titles
      • Prefetching content
      • Changing page transition
  • Enhancing Pages with Headers, Footers, and Toolbars
    • Adding headers
    • Icon sneak peak
    • Working with back buttons
    • Working with footers
    • Creating fixed and full-screen headers and footers
    • Full-screen headers and footers
    • Working with navigation bars
    • Persisting navigation bar footers across multiple pages
  • Working with Lists
    • Creating lists
    • Working with list features
    • Creating inset lists
    • Creating list dividers
    • Creating lists with count bubbles
    • Using thumbnails and icons
    • Creating split button lists
    • Using a search filter
  • Building a Simple Hotel Mobile Site
    • Welcome to Hotel Camden
    • The home page
    • Finding the hotel
    • Listing the hotel rooms
    • Contacting the hotel
  • Working with Forms and jQuery Mobile
    • What jQuery Mobile does with forms
    • Working with radio buttons and checkboxes
    • Working with select menus
    • Search, toggle, and slider fields
    • Search fields
    • Flip toggle fields
    • Slider fields
    • Using native form controls
    • Working with the mini fields
  • Creating Modal Dialogs and Widgets
    • Creating dialogs
    • Laying out content with grids
    • Making responsive grids
    • Working with collapsible content
    • Popups
    • Responsive tables
    • Working with panels
  • Notekeeper Mobile Application
    • What is a mobile application?
    • Designing your first mobile application
    • Listing out the requirements
    • Building your wireframes
    • Designing the add note wireframe
    • Display notes wireframe
    • View note/delete button wireframe
    • Writing the HTML
  • Notekeeper Mobile Application cont.
    • Adding functionalities with JavaScript
    • Storing Notekeeper data
    • Using localStorage
    • Effective use of boilerplates
    • Building the Add Note feature
    • Adding bindings
    • Collecting and storing the data
    • Building the Display Notes feature
    • Dynamically adding notes to our listview
    • Viewing a note
    • Using the .on() method
    • Dynamically creating a new page
    • Deleting a note
  • jQuery Mobile Configuration, Utilities, and JavaScript Methods
    • Configuring jQuery Mobile
    • Using jQuery Mobile utilities
    • Page methods and utilities
    • Path and URL-related utilities
    • jQuery Mobile widget and form utilities
  • Working with Events
    • Working with physical events
    • Handling page events
    • What about $(document).ready?
    • Creating a real example
  • Enhancing jQuery Mobile
    • What's possible?
    • The visual building blocks of jQuery Mobile
    • Border-radius
    • Applying drop shadows
    • Using text-shadow
    • Using box-shadow
    • CSS gradients
    • The basics of jQuery Mobile theming
    • Bars (.ui-bar-?)
    • Content blocks (.ui-body-?)
    • Buttons and listviews (.ui-btn-?)
    • Mixing and matching swatches
    • Site-wide active state
    • Default icons
    • Creating and using a custom them
    • What's ThemeRoller?
    • Using ThemeRoller
    • Colors
    • Inspector
    • Tools
    • Creating a theme for Notekeeper
    • Exporting your theme
    • Creating and using custom icons
    • CSS Sprites
    • Designing your first icon
    • High and low resolution
    • Resolution independence
    • Updating the Notekeeper app
    • Adding our custom theme
    • Adding our custom icon
  • Creating Native Applications
    • HTML as a native application
    • Working with PhoneGap
    • Adding PhoneGap functionality
  • Building an RSS Reader App
    • RSS Reader – the application
    • Creating the RSS Reader application
    • The displayFeeds function
    • Storing our feeds
    • Adding an RSS feed
    • Viewing a feed
    • Creating the entry view

Our outlines are a guide to the content covered on a typical class. We may change or alter the course topics to meet the objectives of a particular class.



230 W Monroe St
IL 60606View Map

Guaranteed to Run Limited Seats Left

Class times: 9.00am to 4.30pm

Servicing Arlington Heights, Aurora, Bollingbrook, Chicago Loop,
Deerfield, Des Plaines, Evanston, Highland Park, Joliet, Naperville,
Schaumburg, Skokie, South Chicago and surrounding areas.

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Los Angeles

915 Wilshire Blvd
Los Angeles
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Guaranteed to Run Limited Seats Left

Class times: 9.00am to 4.30pm

Servicing Anaheim, Burbank, Covina, Downtown, Fullerton,
Irvine, Long Beach, Northridge, Pasadena, San Bernardino,
Santa Monica, Van Nuys, Ventura and surrounding areas.

Choosing the right class

Recent student feedback

"The course gave me more information than I had expected. I am usually good at self-educating myself, but this was way better. Jeff answered all my questions and needs, and the examples presented covered a lot. Jeff is the king of jQuery! We need more people like him!" Jumpei Kato - Spin Master Studios

"Another excellent course at Training Connection. Chris is a great instructor and addresses everyone's questions. I do have about five years of programming experience so I appreciate being able to listen in and learn from someone who is extremely knowledgeable on the topics." Chris Cass - Legend Co

"Chris is the best instructor I have ever had for a tech class. He is knowledgeable of so many areas and interweaves his knowledge making the information even more usable. He teaches a base of knowledge and then builds on it so that the course is understandable and completely usable. I would absolutely recommend him as an instructor and look forward to other classes with him myself." Kathleen Hazlett - Prairie State College


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