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jQuery Training Course

Chicago, Los Angeles

jQuery is the world's most popular JavaScript library.

Learning jQuery will make it easy for you to add amazing
effects to your web pages using just a few lines of code. You will become a faster and more efficient JavaScript
developer and take your web development to a whole new level. All classes taught by experienced Web developers.

Onsite training available countrywide.

jQuery courses for all levels

Learn Basic jQuery

JavaScript Level 1 with jQuery

On this class you will learn the JavaScript syntax and how to use the jQuery Library. You will learn to improve your user’s experiences by adding many new interactive elements to your Web pages.

3 Days | $1495.00

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Learn Adv jQuery

JavaScript Bootcamp with jQuery and AJAX

This is our most comprehensive JavaScript course covering JavaScript programming syntax, using the jQuery library, the DOM model, Ajax, advanced forms and more. Taking you from beginner to master in 5 days.

5 Days | $1995.00

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Choosing the right course

Recent Student Feedback

"The course was informative, engaging and taught at a good pace. Jeff was very knowledgeable on all areas of HTML/CSS and helped give a very comprehensive view the topics as well as how they related to other aspects of web functionality." Stacy Mengel - Highridge Partners

"Chris was just amazing. He was extremely patient with all my questions, and very supportive as I figured things out. He is obviously very, very knowledgeable and experienced in the field. I was impressed with him I learned a tremendous amount. Thank you for having such an excellent instructor on your staff. " Virginia Coklow

"Jeff was great and really knew the material and was able to answer my more advanced html questions, which were outside the scope of the class. I was really impressed and would recommend Jeff to anyone wanting to learn html/css." Phong Dang - Department of Coroner

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