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Premiere Pro Cheat sheet

Shortcuts and cheats for Adobe Premiere Pro

Premiere Pro is the top non-linear video editing software that can be used by students, film makers, journalists, and more. With Premiere Pro you can work with virtually any type of native video format to produce stunning high quality productions with brilliant color, graphics and audio for film, TV and web. Your videos will never be the same again.

Here’s a cheat sheet to help you get started.

Premiere Pro Tips

  • Don’t just use the standard workspaces, create your own for the perfect editing environment.

  • Save time by using shortcuts for trimming and other important techniques.

  • Stay organized right from the start to save hours of time on your project.

  • Develop your own techniques and shortcuts that suit you best.

  • Change the default settings of Scale Media to Project Size and Default Picture Length to save time.

  • Capture video clips from your camera directly rather than importing every time.

  • Use ‘Bins’ to help keep your project more organised.

  • Print out a list of your shortcuts from the premier pro interface.


Useful Playback And Navigation Shortcuts

  • Shuttle left - J

  • Stop - K

  • Shuttle right - L

  • Play/Stop - Space

  • Render - Enter

  • Mark In Point - I

  • Mark Out Point - O

  • Zoom in - =

  • Zoom out - .

  • Ripple delete selected from timeline - delete

Useful Basic Editing Shortcuts

  • Selection tool - V

  • Razor tool - C

  • Ripple edit tool - B

  • Track select tool - A

  • Roll edit tool - N

  • Slide edit tool - U

  • Rate stretch tool - K

  • Pen tool - P


Our Premiere Pro training solutions

We run traditional face-to-face Adobe Premiere Pro training in Chicago and Los Angeles. We also deliver onsite Premiere Pro training across the country. Or view our Premiere Pro course outlines at the links below.

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