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Benefits of Project Management Training

Benefits of learning Project Management


In a nutshell, project management is about how one deals with change in an organisation. It can help businesses and organisations in many ways. Many people opt for project management training to improve their skills. Find out why Training Connections classroom-based training is the best way to achieve that goal:

  • Our trainers make learning much easier than learning from a book or online
  • Collaboration with other attendees for group exercises
  • Offers a practical forum for people to discuss project management
  • Ensures that everyone understands the concepts and processes
  • Classroom-based training offers improved communication
  • Learn new skills critical to the success of the organisation
  • Advance existing project management skills

Why is project management so important?

  • 89% of high-performing firms value and place emphasis on using project managers
  • 80% of top-performing projects get led by certified project managers
  • 57% of companies align projects with business strategies


Our Project Management training solutions

We run traditional face-to-face Project Management training classes in Chicago and Los Angeles. We also deliver onsite Captivate training across the country. Or view our Captivate course outlines at the links below.