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4.7 / 5

based on 304 reviews

Below is a sample of testimonials from students who recently completed one of our Project Management Classes training courses. Please click on the following link to read more about our Project Management Classes classes in Chicago and Los Angeles.

5.0 stars Chris, our instructor, was very informative and professional in his delivery. I enjoyed the format of the class and the fact that it worked as an open forum. I shall recommend your company to my friends and colleagues.
4.9 stars Christian was a great instructor. He brought real world examples of our industry and tied them in with the discussion. The class was at a great pace and I'd highly recommend to all!
4.6 stars This class was more than what I expected and I was happy with the entire course. The instructor was very good and I would take another class with him.
4.9 stars I thought that this Project Management Training course was "awesome". The instructor used real life experience, along with The Fast Forward MBA in Project Management book/manual. I found the instructor to be fair minded, & experienced, in the project management training environment. I would recommend this class to my fellow co-workers, senior management and family. Thanks Training Connection.
4.7 stars I didn't know what to expect for a three-day training, since most of my development is in design. Christian made the course palatable for a PM newbie / wannabe; will definitely appreciate the work our PMs do for our org. now. Colleague's taking this in Oct. Only have good things to say. Like the interactive activities mixed with slides, vids, and personalized discussions. He's a great teacher - very knowledgeable and patient.
5.0 stars I cannot say enough good things about this course! The knowledge and tools that I gained from the course is priceless and will help me to further my career. Christian has been a joy to work with and has been very inspirational. I am definitively going to take more classes in order to enhance my new knowledge-base.
5.0 stars Christian is an excellent teacher with a passion for project management like not many other people in industry today. I highly recommend this class for anyone in the PM field.
5.0 stars Carol was a delight. I was impressed from her hands on knowledge about Project Management. Nice to have an instructor instructor. Really did learn a lot
5.0 stars Rich is terrific at his job, and taught the course in a way that was interesting and informative. He seemed to be able to ascertain what level the members of the class were at and focused the curriculum to respond to the needs of each student. He does an excellent job answering questions, and also giving examples of real life scenarios. I would take a class from him again without hesitation. The facility is top-notch.
5.0 stars This place is amazing. Jeff was beyond wonderful Carol was patient, even toned and well-informed. Love being here. Thank you Karen
4.9 stars This course was absolutely wonderful! Mr. Greer presented the subject matter using a method that was not only informative, but engaging as well. I am very happy with what I have learned and I feel confident that I am walking away a new skill set and understanding that I didn't have upon arriving 3 days ago. Thanks so much Mr. Greer!!! A++
5.0 stars Mr. Chris was right on point with his instructions for Project Management. he also knew what he was talking about. and I enjoyed the class feed back/class interaction. it was a pleasure.
5.0 stars I really enjoyed this class and now feel confident to go on to take the PMP certification test! Thanks Training Connections!
5.0 stars Really great class for my career development. I'm really happy I took the class in addition the the Microsoft Project class. They will really work well together.
4.4 stars Christian was great took our real world issues and incorporated them into the class. The pace was just right and he was able to keep everyone involved.
5.0 stars Christian did an amazing job. I am very happy with my experience at the center as well. I would strongly recommend this company.
5.0 stars Teacher was great! We were able to go through real life examples using our current industry/professions. He also shared examples of how he uses project management in his profession/business.
4.4 stars This course is really good and very helpful to get some detail insights about the world of Project Management. Carol is the instructor for this class, she's Awesome! and she is a very knowledgeable lady. All in all...It's really great!
4.9 stars Christian is a great instructor who works hard to really balance between lecture, engaging class discussion, and hands-on activities. He really managed to take a lot of content and break it down into manageable chunks over the three days of the class. I felt like I got a lot of very useful information that I can apply right away at work.
4.9 stars Excellent class, George provided great examples to incorporate Project Management concepts in our daily work activities. This class was extremely beneficial!
5.0 stars Christian Greer's talent is unlimited. He is a fantastic PM instructor and what he brings to the table is considerable. I not only enjoyed his manner and the way he delivered the content, but I think the way he challenges the class to come up with solutions made this class a worth every cent. He gives his students real life examples. He provides a lot of sources. He makes a point to share ideas that are geared to each student. He is a great teacher. Christian would make anything he would teach interesting.
5.0 stars Chris is always a helpful in knowledgeable instructor. I have never been disappointed in the classes I take here.
4.8 stars This course provided me with some real valuable tools and knowledge that I can see myself applying to my professional career. Having the one-on-one experience allowed me and Christian to focus on things that I personally need to work on and get better at. I would definitely recommend this to other people in my position.
4.9 stars Exceptional instruction and I appreciated the patience the instructor had with my questions and scenarios. Applicable real work scenarios were useful. Excellent instructor!
5.0 stars Carol's vast knowledge and real life examples were invaluable. She shared many of her templates that will make the job so much easier.
4.9 stars This is my second course with Training Connection. I truly enjoyed the level of quality, professionalism, and content that I received. I will recommend this course to my supervisor and to my co-workers, as I believe the training is invaluable-especially at Training Connection. Hans D. Hayes
3.9 stars This course is excellent for new project managers. I have utilized most of the concepts, templates etc. While this course provided positive reinforcement to the practices of my organization there were new ideas and learnings for me.

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