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4.8 / 5

based on 175 reviews

Below is a sample of testimonials from students who recently completed one of our Presentations training courses. Please click on the following link to read more about our Presentations classes in Chicago and Los Angeles.

5.0 stars My instructor is so awesome!!! She's very helpful and honest. I really enjoyed having this training with her.
4.9 stars Carol was the best! I learned so much that I will definitely apply to my workday. This was a super fun course. I really liked how it was only one other person in the class. I feel like it made it more intimate and helped me ask more questions. Loved this course!
4.7 stars The class was much more individualized than I had expected. I came in very nervous, but I'm leaving with concrete suggestions for my upcoming presentation.
5.0 stars This was honestly something I was nervous to do. I'm leaving today with no reservations about my presentation skills and now know how to approach small and big projects.
5.0 stars Very good at engaging and tailoring the course to my specific presentation needs. Also very adept at taking questions and concerns and giving practical advice and methods to improve moving forward.
5.0 stars Really enjoyed Janette's presentation and enthusiam. The activity portions were beneficial to use in class while assistance and guidance were available.
4.3 stars I enjoyed the balance of learning and hands on experiences. The activities are applicable. I would recommend this course.
4.9 stars Very constructive and helpful. Lena really focused on each of our strengths and how to better use them to enhance our abilities.
5.0 stars This course was life changing!
4.9 stars Instructor was wonderful and very informative. Clear that she has a great understanding of public speaking and was very helpful in getting me to understand the concepts as she was teaching them.
4.8 stars This was one of the best courses I have ever taken - Juana was fantastic and so engaging!! I learned a tremendous amount about presenting and facilitating and I am very grateful.
5.0 stars The training I received from Lena Sabnikas about Effective Presentations went far away from what I expected. She was very engaging, helpful, friendly, professional and know her topics at 300% or more. She is the best teacher that I had and her courteous manners made things easy for me to learn. Thanks very much.
5.0 stars Jeanette had great energy and excellent examples on the material that really helped the learning process
5.0 stars This was a great class! I learned many tips and strategies for better presentation skills. The practice presentations were a good structure and Lena provided great feedback and tips on how to do something better. I would actually like to retake this course to pick up on what I missed. There was a lot of information and I know I missed some of it .
4.6 stars Great overall experience. I have really enjoyed the interactive nature of the class. Many times I have been to trainings and it has been more of a read and discuss situation. I look forward to coming back and taking more classes through Training Connection
5.0 stars Great class, I was a bit weary before arriving that there wouldn't be too much for me to learn here, but was pleasantly surprised to find plenty of useful information. I do believe that I can take what I learned today to help me in the future!
5.0 stars Allyncia was fantastic and really showed us all aspects of effective presenting. Would be awesome to work with her as our presentation skills get better over time. Thank you so much.
4.9 stars Jeanette was so great to work with! She was extremely engaging, knowledgeable and kept my interest the ENTIRE time. I thought I would go crazy having to sit in a classroom all day but it just flew by. I look forward to taking the skills she taught and using them in the future. I may even come back for the sales class. Thanks for the great experience!
5.0 stars Juana is a very knowledgeable instructor with a very good balance of real world and personal experiences. She understood immediately the areas of the training I need to concentrate on and improve. I very much appreciate the flexibility of the class as it was personalized to improve my deficiencies.
5.0 stars Juana was an excellent instructor, not only sharing technical tips to improve public speaking, but also challenged me to think about the purpose and mission I want to approach each presentation with. I leave feeling much more confident to deliver presentations when I return to work.
5.0 stars The teacher Juana was amazing. She is very friendly, attentive and helpful. I loved the course. She motivated me to have more confidence in myself.
4.6 stars Valencia made me feel very comfortable with asking questions, sharing my experiences and practicing throughout the day. Very friendly and easy to get along with.
5.0 stars The instructor has great communication and presentation skills. I would love to recommend her and this class to others!
4.9 stars I loved this class! It promoted a great learning environment, a platform for discussion, pursued concepts I hadn't thought about before, and the idea that you can think outside the box when charting your career path. Will definitely recommend!
5.0 stars Thanks for the great class. I am taking home some good information I can incorporate right away.

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