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Need to learn Microsoft Excel - the world's leading
spreadsheet program?

Our hands-on classes are an extremely effective way to
learn Excel. There is no better substitute for a live
class taught by an Excel pro.

Onsite training available countrywide.
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Excel courses for all levels

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Excel Level 1

Suitable for beginners this class will teach you how to create, modify, format and print worksheets. You will learn basic formulas, functions and quick analysis of data.

1 Day | $350.00

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Excel Level 2

On this intermediate course you will learn to enhance spreadsheets using charts, themes, styles and graphics. You will learn advanced formulas and functions, VLOOKUPS and HLOOKUPS, sorting and filtering data and PivotTables.

1 Day | $350.00

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Excel Level 3

This advanced course covers topics such as Macros, Scenarios using What If analysis, collaborating with others, auditing worksheets, Power View, advanced data analysis and more.

1 Day | 350.00

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Learn Excel

Excel VBA

This course is aimed at experienced Excel users looking to automate many of the repetitive tasks that are part of spreadsheet development by applying the Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) language to Excel.

2 Days | 850.00

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Training Package

2 Course Excel Package

Book 2 levels of Excel Training and save $100.

3 Course Excel Package

Book 3 levels of Excel Training and save $150.

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Recent student feedback

5.0 stars I can't even begin to explain how helpful this course was in expanding my knowledge of Excel. Rich was an excellent instructor. He took the time to answer our questions and to help us with specific scenarios. I will be incorporating most if not all of the techniques he taught us today into my daily work!
5.0 stars I had taken Excel as part of a Business Management coarse I had taken. I can honestly say that I learned nothing in that coarse but a lot of frustration. Today, I have learned more than I thought possible and it was made so simple I felt like a goof. I guess it depends on who is teaching. Great teacher, awesome job. Thank you.
5.0 stars I appreciated Jeff's flexibility in providing examples that weren't always on point. He did a great job going between the examples answering the questions and getting right back to the point we were covering. Great job! I came here to love excel, getting close. Learning how to format has laid a great foundation for my new relationship with excel. It makes the messy orderly and the complicated easy, getting to love quickly. Looking forward to our next date. Thanks Jeff!
5.0 stars Truly enjoyed the interaction the instructor. Reviewing lessons and hands on training made the class seem short and very enjoyable. Instructor is very knowledgeable and patient. Thank you for making the class seem so easy!

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