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Need to learn Microsoft Outlook?

If you have 2 or more students we can set up a private class at your offices or at our training center.

Onsite Outlook training available countrywide.

Outlook 2010/2013 courses for all levels

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Outlook Level 1

This course covers sending and responding to email in Microsoft Outlook, managing your contacts, scheduling tasks, maintaining your calendar and sorting and arranging all your emails.

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Onsite Outlook 2013 training

Outlook Level 2

This advanced course is aimed at existing Outlook users who need to customize their environment, calendar, and email messages to meet specific requirements. You will also learn to track and recall messages, setup contact groups, schedule appointments and meetings, work with notes and much more.

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Choosing the right class

Recent student feedback

"Sandy was above and beyond great. The pace was great and she provided excellent tips and tricks helpful to me. She is a very motivated trainer and I would love to take another class with her." Janine Kostelny - Michael Quinlan Inc.

"Again I would like to point out that Sandy is a great teacher and truly made this class enjoyable! I will absolutely be back to classes she is teaching. The books are very informative and helpful as well." Shelly Perry

"I love Allyncia's teaching. So clear, so encouraging. She is the best instructor I have ever had." Anonymous

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