Flash Training Chicago

Flash is a phenomenal animation program. It has seemily endless uses ranging from creating stunning presentations, to interactive advertising, to e-learning applications, to games, to complex websites, to banner ads, to video streaming and much much more.

We offer 2 levels of Flash training in Chicago - Flash Fundamentals which is a very design focused 3 day workshop where you will learn to create animations, add buttons, add video and soundtrack, add interactive controls, and publishing from Flash. To harness the full power of Flash one needs to learn ActionScript - which is the built-in scripting language in Flash. Our ActionScript 3 training class will teach you how to design in Flash using ActionScript.

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PHP Training Chicago

We offer a unique 3 day PHP workshop where students can learn PHP whilst building their own website. To find out more - read the PHP MySQL course outline. Currently all attendees will receive a free CSS training class valued at $795 when they register for PHP Training.


PowerPoint Training Chicago

PowerPoint is one of the most versatile presentation software programs available. Most people who own Microsoft Office may not even be aware they have PowerPoint on their computer. We teach the PowerPoint program over 2 days of fun filled hands on training. Please read more about our PowerPoint Training in Chicago and the excellent Package Deals on offer.