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Adobe After Effects Fundamentals Course

Course Description

Adobe After Effects is a powerful program used for creating motion graphics and special effects for video and animation projects. In this beginner's workshop you will learn tools and skills to effectively use this powerful program.

Live face-to-face instructor. Classes taught by pros!

This class is aimed at graphic and video professionals who need an essential understanding of motion graphics, title animation, plus powerful effects compositing. Experienced users will also benefit from many hands-on projects and tricks learned in the class. Training available on both Mac and PC.

View our full range of Adobe After Effects training courses, or see below for the detailed outline for After Effects Fundamentals.

3 Days | $1395.00

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Detailed course outline

  • Getting to Know After Effects
    • After Effects: What it is (and is not)
    • The After Effects enterprise workflow
    • The power of Creative Cloud
    • Leveraging your Creative Cloud subscription
    • Integrating After Effects with other file formats
    • Linked media: Organizing your Projects
    • Tips and best practices for After Effects Projects
  • UNIT 1: After Effects Basics
    • Launching After Effects, and creating new projects
    • Understanding and navigating the After Effects interface
    • Customizing settings, Preferences, and Workspaces
    • Importing and organizing footage
    • Creating Compositions
    • Working with Layers: The art of compositing
    • Understanding Layer types
    • Animating Layers with the Transform properties
    • Adding, editing, and animating effects
    • Understanding the Timeline and SMPTE timecode
    • Optimizing performance in After Effects
    • Previewing, rendering, and exporting a Composition
  • UNIT 2: Working with Masks
    • Alpha channels, Masks, mattes, and keys - oh my!
    • Creating Masks with the vector Shape and Pen Tools
    • Creating Bezier Masks
    • Editing corner and smooth points
    • Feathering the edges of a Mask
    • Adding Solids to create light reflections
    • Applying Mask Modes and Blend Modes
    • Creating vignettes
    • Tips for creating masks
  • UNIT 3: Animating Simple 2D Text
    • Title design: Understanding Text layers
    • Using Typekit
    • Creating and formatting point and area Text
    • Using Text Animation Presets
    • Property animation and keyframe interpolation in the Graph Editor
    • Animating by Parenting
    • Converting and animating Photoshop text
    • Animating with Text Animator Groups
    • Animating Text on a path
    • Auto-orienting Layers on a motion path
    • Working with Timeline Switches and Modes
    • Maximizing Motion Blur options
  • UNIT 4: Working with Shape Layers
    • Creating Shape layers
    • Customizing Shapes
    • Shape properties and animators
    • Duplicating Shapes with Repeaters
    • Creating logo and text effects with Shapes
    • Advanced Shape Animation techniques
  • UNIT 5: After Effects Dynamic Workflows
    • Packaging, prepping, and importing Illustrator files
    • Working with Illustrator layers
    • Packaging, prepping, and importing Photoshop files
    • Managing Photoshop layers
    • Dynamic Link: Integrating After Effects and Premiere Pro Projects
    • MOGRT: Building Motion Graphics Templates in After Effects
  • UNIT 6: Real-World Motion Graphics
    • Fundamentals of animation physics
    • Bouncing, squashing/stretching, and more
    • Leveraging velocity and speed in the Graph Editor
    • Kinetic typography
    • Simple Expressions: looping, conditionals, randoms
    • Audio-powered animation with Expressions
  • UNIT 7: Motion Graphics for Broadcast and Social Media
    • Title/Action Safe Guides
    • Creating luma and alpha Track Mattes
    • Creating traveling mattes
    • Adding Lower Thirds
    • Animating opening titles and end credits
    • Batch rendering social media exports in the Adobe Media Encoder: YouTube, Instagram, and more
  • UNIT 8: 3D Motion Graphics
    • 2D Text and Layers in 3D Space
    • Classic 3D, Ray-Traced 3D, and CINEMA 4D renderers
    • Extruding, shading, and animating 3D text
    • Applying Lights to 3D Layers
    • Leveraging multiple 3D views
    • Animating Light and shadow properties
    • After Effects and Cinema 4D Lite
    • Third-party After Effects plugin roulette
  • BONUS UNIT 9: Advanced After Effects Exports
    • Wrappers vs Codecs
    • Lossless vs Lossy Codecs
    • Mezzanine Codecs
    • File formats for Visual Effects
    • File conversions for Raw Files
    • Working with Raw Video + Re-Indexing color
    • Working with and applying LUT files
    • Metadata tagging for Virtual Reality
    • Batching HFR Footage
    • Exporting Offline and Online Editorial

Our outlines are a guide to the content covered on a typical class. We may change or alter the course topics to meet the objectives of a particular class. Bonus tracks are covered if time permits.



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Class times: 9.00am to 4.30pm

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