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Microsoft Teams Training

Chicago, Los Angeles, Online

Now more than ever, businesses need ways for teams to collaborate while working remotely.

Microsoft Teams provides a single window workspace where team members can chat with instant messaging or video calls, make notes and share files instantly. Each 'Team' is automatically OneNote space, and a SharePoint site.

Course Summary

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Remote Team Collaboration with Microsoft Office 365

This course provides the knowledge your team needs to leverage the powerful collaboration tools of Microsoft Office 365. You will learn to setup and manage a Team, share files, chat with instant message, video, meetings, and much more.

1 Day

Detailed course outline

  • Training objectives
    • Streamline operational workflows
    • Reduce unnecessary costs for productivity tools
    • Enhanced collaboration
    • Communication
    • Project management
    • File sharing
  • Office 365 Overview
    • What is Microsoft Office 365?
    • Office 365 Apps
    • Office 365 Desktop Apps
    • Microsoft Office Online
    • Office 365 Mobile Apps
    • OneDrive for Business
    • SharePoint Online
    • Microsoft Teams
    • OneNote
    • Accessing Your Office 365 Account
  • Hands On with OneDrive
    • OneDrive for Business
    • What can you do with OneDrive?
    • When to save documents to OneDrive
    • The OneDrive Interface
    • OneDrive app for Mac
    • Creating Folders and Files with OneDrive
    • Uploading Folders and Files to OneDrive
    • Saving and Opening OneDrive Files with Office apps
    • Sharing OneDrive files
    • More OneDrive Actions
  • Hands On with SharePoint
    • What Is SharePoint?
    • SharePoint Features
    • SharePoint High Level Architecture
    • SharePoint Components
    • Accessing SharePoint
    • SharePoint Site Templates
    • Creating new sites
    • SharePoint Site Home Page Elements
    • Team Site Default Contents
  • Hands On with SharePoint (cont)
    • Options for Customizing your Site
    • Editing a Page
    • Basic Content Types
    • SharePoint Document Libraries
    • Sharing SharePoint Files and Folders
    • Library Versioning, Alerts and Co-authoring
    • View, Restore, or Delete earlier versions
    • Setting Alerts in SharePoint
    • When to save documents to a SharePoint team site library
    • Copy files and folders between OneDrive and SharePoint sites
    • Deleting a SharePoint Site
  • Hands On with Office 365 and Microsoft Teams
    • Teams: Chat-based workspace in Office 365
    • Microsoft Teams Structure
    • Memberships and Roles
    • Signing into Teams with the Desktop App
    • Microsoft Teams Desktop Interface
    • The Teams App bar
    • Open Teams Web App
    • Creating New Teams
    • Best Practices for Organizing New Teams
    • New Team’s SharePoint Site
    • Best Practices for Organizing Channels
    • Team Conversations and Chat
    • Replying to a conversation
    • Private One on One and Private Group Chat
    • File Sharing
    • Working with files
    • File Conversations
    • Commenting on Files
    • Office 365 Desktop App Collaboration Tools
    • 365 Desktop App Comments Features
    • Document Co-Authoring
    • Version History
    • Meetings with Teams
    • Adding a Channel Tab
    • Using Search features
    • Email Attachments in Teams
    • Teams Notification Settings

Our outlines are a guide to the content covered on a typical class. We may change or alter the course topics to meet the objectives of a particular class.

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