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Instructor-led Illustrator classes in Los Angeles

Live Adobe certified Illustrator training.


Unlock Your Creative Potential with Adobe Illustrator

Are you ready to elevate your career and unleash your inner artist?

Welcome to Training Connection, your gateway to mastering Adobe Illustrator with cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence (AI) features. Prepare to transform from an aspiring artist into a professional illustrator and skyrocket your career to new heights.

We specialize in teaching the very latest features of Adobe Illustrator just weeks after Adobe launches them. This means you're always one step ahead, equipped with the most advanced tools to bring your creative visions to life.

With our expert guidance, you'll harness the full potential of AI-powered tools that simplify complex tasks, enhance your artistic precision, and supercharge your productivity. Say goodbye to time-consuming manual work and hello to the future of design.

Our courses are designed for practical, hands-on learning. You won't just read about AI features; you'll use them in real projects. From vectorizing sketches to crafting intricate patterns, you'll gain the expertise needed to create stunning illustrations with ease.


Choose a class that fits your needs

1 Day

If you're looking for a brief introduction to Illustrator, our Quickstart class is perfect


Illustrator Quickstart Illustrator

3 Days

Fundamentals, our Beginner to Intermediate Illustrator class


Illustrator Fundamentals Illustrator

2 Days

Advanced Illustrator training for more experienced users


Illustrator Advanced Illustrator

5 Days

And our most popular class our 5-day Zero to Hero Bootcamp


Illustrator Bootcamp Illustrator

Meet our LA Illustrator Instructors

Our instructors are all extremely talented and experienced graphic designers. With their knowledge and experience they will share with you a wealth of tips and tricks to help you master Illustrator.

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Adobe Graphic Design Package

What’s Included
Photoshop Fundamentals
Photoshop Fundamentals
Illustrator Fundamentals
Illustrator Fundamentals
InDesign Fundamentals
InDesign Fundamentals
Total Investment is $2590 .00 you save $1295
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Adobe Bootcamp Package

What’s Included
Photoshop Bootcamp
Photoshop Bootcamp
Illustrator Bootcamp
Illustrator Bootcamp
InDesign Bootcamp
InDesign Bootcamp
Total Investment is $3590 .00 you save $1795
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Some cool stuff you will create on our classes

Our Training Methodology

We don't just want you to learn Illustrator, we want you to leave our classes feeling fully inspired.

Illustrator CC 2024 - Fundamentals Course Book

We are one of a few training companies that develops its own unique courseware. We do this so that our materials are always up to date with the newest features in Creative Cloud and the very latest design trends.

The Adobe Illustrator training is based on a series of Real World Projects, so you will learn:

  • How the various tools and panels work together.
  • How to master the Pen tool.
  • All the important concepts such as text effects, complex shapes, bezier curves, vector brushes, combing vector and raster artwork, blending modes, and much more.
  • Proper and efficient workflow.
  • And great design techniques.

Upon class completion, students will receive an Adobe Certificate of Course Completion.

Illustrator training reviews

Illustrator classes - 5 rating

Illustrator classes rating: 4.8 stars from 399 reviewers

Free Repeat

We recognize that Illustrator is a complex program, and that trainees may benefit from repeating the class. Included in your course price is a FREE Repeat valid for 6 months. Often the repeat class can be with a different trainer too.

Class guarantee

Our Walk Away, No Hard FeelingsTotally Outrageous Guarantee

Illustrator is not for everyone. If you decide that after the first day in class (or by lunchtime on the Quickstart classes) that the software is not for you, you can leave the class and we will give you a complete refund.

Group Illustrator Training

We offer group training in Illustrator. This can be delivered onsite at your premises, at our training center in Los Angeles, or via webinar.
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Why choose Training Connection?

What distinguishes Training Connection from other training centers is our rapid integration of the latest Illustrator features into our courses. When Adobe releases a new Illustrator update, we are quick to ensure our students are learning these new cutting-edge features within a week or two.

Where do your Adobe Illustrator training classes take place?

Our training center is located at 915 Wilshire Blvd, Suite 1800, Los Angeles CA 90017. For more information about directions, parking, trains please click here.

What's inlcuded with the training

  • Color Illustrator training manual
  • Certificate of course completion
  • Small class sizes
  • FREE repeat valid for 6 months
  • Money-back guarantee
  • Class times are 9.00am to 4.00pm.

Our training labs

Our training facilities now feature state-of-the-art 24-inch iMacs powered by the latest Apple M3 chips with 24GIG of Unified RAM. Given Adobe's continuous software enhancements, it's crucial to learn on well-spec’d computers to fully explore the newest features, especially the latest AI capabilities.

The quality of the training lab can significantly enhance your overall learning experience.

Are you more accustomed to working on a PC?

You are welcome to bring your laptop into the class, however it is worth noting that Adobe software functions identically on both platforms, so whether you are learning on a PC or a Mac the experience is the same.
So why not learn of a sleek 24” new iMac?

What are the class times?

Our Photoshop training classes start at 9.00am and finish at 4.00pm. Lunch break is taken at 12.00pm. There are lots of eateries within walking distance or we have kitchen facilities (microwave & fridge) should you prefer to bring your own lunch.

Can you deliver Illustrator training onsite at our location?

Yes, we service the greater Los Angeles metro including Anaheim, Burbank, Covina, Downtown, Fullerton, Irvine, Long Beach, Northridge, Pasadena, San Bernardino, Santa Monica, Van Nuys, Ventura and surrounding areas.

Our trainers can also travel anywhere in the country to deliver Illustrator training. Obtain a quotation for onsite Illustrator training.

Why the Fundamentals over the Quickstart class?

Our 1-day Illustrator Quickstart class is an intensive and focused introduction to Adobe Illustrator. In this course, participants are provided with a condensed yet comprehensive overview of Illustrator's essential features and functions. Choosing the Fundamentals Illustrator class over the Quickstart class is a smart decision if you're looking to harness the true potential of Illustrator.

It's designed to take you from a beginner to an intermediate user, ensuring you gain a comprehensive understanding of the software's core functionalities.

Why the Bootcamp over the Fundamentals class?

While the 3-day Fundamentals class is exceptional in guiding beginners to an intermediate level, the Bootcamp offers an unparalleled opportunity to fast-track your progress from a beginner to an advanced user within just five intensive days, at a significant discount.

It's a journey from zero to hero, ensuring that you not only grasp the fundamentals comprehensively but also dive deep into the advanced features of the software. You will emerge as a proficient, highly skilled user, ready to tackle complex projects and excel in the world of illustration.


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