Changing Font Schemes in Microsoft Word

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Changing Your Font Scheme

Just as you can change the colors used by the applied style set, you can also change its fonts. Click Design → Fonts:

change font in word

From this drop-down command there are a variety of font schemes to choose from. Move your cursor over each to see a preview of how they will look once applied to your current document. For this example, click to apply the Franklin Gothic font scheme:

select font scheme

The new font scheme will now have been applied to your current document:

new font scheme displayed

If the default font schemes that are available do no meet your needs, you have the option to create a new one from scratch. Click Design → Fonts → Customize fonts:

customize font options

This action will open the Create New Theme Fonts dialog:

create new theme font dialog box

Using the two drop-down menus provided on this dialog you can choose a font for both headings and body font types. A preview of how the selected fonts will look once chosen is shown on the right-hand side of this dialog. Once you are ready to save the new font scheme, you would type the name of this font into the Name text box and then click Save. In this case, click Cancel to return to your document.

Making Changes Permanent

After having selected a style set and customized its color and font schemes, you are able to set these settings as the default style settings so that they are automatically used for all new documents. Do this by clicking Design → Set as Default:

save as default style

A warning dialog will be displayed that will ask you to confirm your choice to change the default style set and theme settings. Normally if you were to continue you would click Yes, but for this example click No:

confirm theme settings

Be careful when using this command as there is no reset or undo option. The only way to return to the previous default settings is to select them manually and apply them as the new default.


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