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Changing The Tasks Calendar in Microsoft Project

In this article, will delve a little deeper into changing the tasks in a MS project Calendar.

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Changing The Tasks Calendar

Tasks can have different calendar types applied to them. This is useful if you would like to prioritize tasks or assign them to a specific shift. To adjust a task’s calendar type, first open the Task Information dialog for the task in question.

For this example, open the Task Information dialog for the “Build Prototype” task (#23). Then, under the Advanced tab, click the Calendar drop-down menu. Here, you will see options for None (default), 24 Hours, Night Shift, and Standard. Choose 24 Hours:

project task information screenshot

Click OK to apply the new calendar type to only the selected task:

applying task information screenshot

The new calendar will now be applied. Notice that a calendar scheduling icon will appear next to the affected task:

calendar scheduling icon

Using Lag and Lead Time

When tasks are linked, you may wish to overlap the predecessor task or delay the successor tasks. You can do this by using lag and lead time.

To enter lag time (a delay between the linked tasks), select the successor task (the one that is second or dependent), and then open the Predecessors tab of the Task Information dialog. For this example, complete these actions using the “Submit Proposal for Approval” task (#18). You will see that this task is preceded by the Create Proposal task (#17):

screenshot of processors tab in task information

Enter the lag time you need in the field provided using the standard duration abbreviations (m, h, d, w, mo, or y). For this example, enter “2d:”

lag time field

Click OK. A gap representing lag time between these two linked tasks will appear in the Gantt chart:

linked tasks in gantt format

To enter lead time (which will overlap tasks), use the same process, but this time enter a negative value in the Lag field. Open the Task Information dialog for the Gather Feedback on Prototype task (#22) and click the Predecessors tab. For the Create Concept Drawings (#21) predecessor, type “-2d” into the Lag field and click OK:

task information lead time

As a result, the dependent task will overlap its predecessor by the amount of time that you specified; in this case two days:

task information example

Close Microsoft Project 2013 and save your changes.

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