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Microsoft Excel Training Courses Testimonials

4.8 / 5

based on 6,153 reviews

Below is a sample of testimonials from students who recently completed one of our Microsoft Excel training courses. Please click on the following link to read more about our Microsoft Excel classes in Chicago and Los Angeles.

5.0 stars Our instructor Chris had an answer to every single question asked; this class is worth every penny. I'll save countless hours using the tips, tricks & tools I've learned from this excel course.
5.0 stars Very good class. I've used Excel for years but never took a class in it before and I still learned something new even though it's an introductory class. Would like to take Excel Intermediate and Advanced.
5.0 stars This class was not only informative but pleasant! They provide knowledgeable and friendly trainers. You feel welcomed the moment you step in! I feel much more confindent in taking everything I learned and applying it back at work. I'm sure i'll make my bosses proud. George was smart and enjoyable.He teaches secret tips outside of the book, and I can't wait to show off my new skills at work! Thank you Training Connection!
5.0 stars Rich was a great teacher. I feel more confident while using EXCEL!! Thanks Rich for your great teaching skills. Looking forward to taking Power Point with you. Kelly
5.0 stars Rich was great, very laid back, but very knowledgeable. made learning easy and interesting. . . hes great! i would take again with Rich for Sure! . . J.
5.0 stars Instructor was great !!!! I honestly thought this would be 8 hrs of misery..... He made it anything but. Learned a lot. Rich is a great guy. Thanks Jim
4.9 stars I learned more about Excel in the first 15 minutes of being in the class than I have in the last 10 years on my own. Very helpful!
5.0 stars Rich did an excellent job making the information easy to understand, practical and ensuring that the interaction between student and teacher remained upbeat. His positive attitude, clear enjoyment of the subject and patience made the class both high informative all while keeping my attention.
4.9 stars Great Class! Thanks for all your help!
4.9 stars Chris is a great teacher. He is fantastic at distilling complex topics into easily digestible lessons.
5.0 stars I REALLY enjoyed class. I didn't have that much knowledge with Excel but the teacher was very patient and helpful.Thanks again to my two teachers for this wonderful learning experience! I will be sure to let everyone know about Training Connections.
5.0 stars I would love to learn more from Rich. He has a skill at being clear and concise and at the same time patient and willing to elaborate. He knows his subject so well--the potential for Excel became very clear throughout the day. Great class. Definitely worth my time and my employer's money!
5.0 stars I thought Level 1 was good, but Level 2 was even better. I especially liked Rich's practice of having us add comments to cells in our worksheets outlining the steps we had taken for various functions/formulas.
4.9 stars Carol was excellent in all aspects; patiently working with people with various level of Excel users and making the topics progress logically. I really liked the chart functions and look forward to using those in my work environment.
5.0 stars I had hands on training that was wonderful. Thank you Sandy.
5.0 stars Awesome class, very informative. Sandy was very in tune to with who needed help and who was on task. Gave us great tips and tricks too!
5.0 stars I truly enjoyed this class! Although, we haven't completed the training this part of the training has been excellent. Ms. Smith takes her time to explain the Excel program new beginners. It was a pleasure to have her as a teacher. I would gladly take another class with her anytime. I have gained so much information that will assist me with my job.
4.6 stars Rich was great! I feel like a true Excel Wizard now!
5.0 stars Sandy Dinkel was amazing. She took her time to explain all the concepts to us as well as show us short cuts and multiple ways to get to the same end result. I would DEFINITELY recommend training connections to everyone I know. Thanks training connections!!
5.0 stars My instructor, Carol has a wonderful energy and was very accessible and easy to understand. It was easy to ask questions and I was glad I took this course!
5.0 stars Steven was a very thorough instructor. He additionally handed out supplemental forms, such as tips and tricks and other short cuts. He is incredibly passionate and knowledgeable of the subject matter. I would absolutely recommend him for this course.
5.0 stars Rich was a fantastic instructor and the course was unbelievably helpful and even joyful! I really appreciate how approachable Rich makes himself as I didn't have to hesitate to ask questions or to speak up when I didn't catch something the first time around. Keep up the great work, Rich! I will continue to seek from him via his YouTube channel and he even encouraged us to feel free to reach out to him via email with any post-class questions or concerns. I really appreciate that!
5.0 stars The instructor was above and beyond informative, provide excellent examples and clarification. He also made the training course very easy to follow, with a great deal of patience. I would definitely take another course.
5.0 stars I appreciated Jeff's flexibility in providing examples that weren't always on point. He did a great job going between the examples answering the questions and getting right back to the point we were covering. Great job! I came here to love excel, getting close. Learning how to format has laid a great foundation for my new relationship with excel. It makes the messy orderly and the complicated easy, getting to love quickly. Looking forward to our next date. Thanks Jeff!
5.0 stars Rich is a fantastic teacher. i have taken a few classes from him before, and I really like his new addition of encouraging us to add comments inside the database to remind ourselves how to complete a task. These will serve as a great memory jogger down the road.
5.0 stars This was a great course - I wish I would have taken it a year ago! Rich is a great instructor and also provided great references for future use. I plan to attend additional courses.
4.3 stars The class is very well organized with examples and illustrations. Will certainly help beginners like me to gain more insights about VBA, 2nd day of VBA wouldn't hurt to learn more about the topic but I think Chris Murphy is an excellent Instructor who teaches you all snippets and cool tips to make your work easy. I'd highly recommend him for Excel training for anyone looking to expand their Excel skills.
4.5 stars Rich was very knowledgeable and PATIENT! I appreciate his willingness to repeat steps and share real life examples. He is motivated and encourages students to do their best. He gave positive reinforcement throughout the course. I learned a lot! Thank you, Rich, for making this course and the entire day meaningful. Erica B. Davis
4.9 stars This class was amazing! I learned so much and will be able to apply what I learned to my work. Thank you so much to Chris for being a great instructor.
5.0 stars Allyncia is a professional instructor who is an important asset to the training connection. I am always impressed with her presentations. In a word, "outstanding" comes to mind.

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