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4.7 / 5

based on 5,404 reviews

Below is a sample of testimonials from students who recently completed one of our Excel training courses. Please click on the following link to read more about our Excel classes in Chicago and Los Angeles.

4.8 stars Thank you. This class was very helpful. Refreshed my memory and taught me new techniques as well.
4.9 stars Rich was a really great instructor! His teaching style was very clear, efficient, and easy to understand, he's definitely a natural. He was also very pleasant and I felt very comfortable asking any questions. I learned a lot from his class and I liked how we got to save the excel workbook to keep as a souvenir. Thanks Rich, keep up the great work!
5.0 stars I appreciated Jeff's flexibility in providing examples that weren't always on point. He did a great job going between the examples answering the questions and getting right back to the point we were covering. Great job! I came here to love excel, getting close. Learning how to format has laid a great foundation for my new relationship with excel. It makes the messy orderly and the complicated easy, getting to love quickly. Looking forward to our next date. Thanks Jeff!
5.0 stars The class was wonderful and Chris is an awesome teacher! I will definitely recommend my fellow finance co-workers to take his VBA class to teach them the works behind excel. I believe that learning VBA excel coding is crucial to efficiently perform data analysis in a quick and easy manner.
5.0 stars I had a great day. I will definitely will be back for additional trainings. Our Instructor was very friendly and patient which makes for a wonderfully relaxed learning environment. Thank You!!
5.0 stars Blind Bob is the best Instructor BAR-NONE!! I want to come back for the VBA but will call first to see if he is teaching it. His demeanor and teaching style is captivating, clear and most important applicable to my work. DON'T LET HIM RETIRE!!!
5.0 stars Far exceeded my expectations. Carol was an amazing instructor. She is clearly knowledgeable and very engaging.
4.9 stars Bob is an excellent instructor with practical illustrations for each concept. He was especially helpful in using layman terms for explaining each piece of a function. I have been using functions for several years and now I more fully understand how to use them. I really, really enjoyed this class and the Intermediate class!! Thank you so much!!
5.0 stars Best training that I have taken, and on difficult subject matter. Not being a programmer, i was skeptical that the class would be a good fit for me. I am very happy to say that it was. Did not oversimplify nor did it bury me in lines and lines of code. Only suggestion for improvement would be multiple projectors so that code could be left up as Rich was flipping screens and answering questions. I would absolutely recommend to any excel user looking to get an understanding on VB for Excel.
5.0 stars I thought Rich did an excellent job of taking us through the material. He was easy to follow, patient, and very thorough. Thank you!! I enjoyed my class.
5.0 stars Rich is a FANTASTIC instructor! Highly recommend Rich and the VBA course! Learned so much useful information that I will be able to apply in my work environment.
5.0 stars Rich is phenomenal! He is truly an expert with Excel! I learned so much in his class and can't wait to take the next two levels. So excited about everything that I have learned. Anxious to apply this new knowledge at work to improve my operations for myself and others. FANTASTIC class! Would no doubt recommend this class with Rich to others looking to expand their knowledge in a very real and useful way!
5.0 stars I found the course very useful and relevant for bi-weekly sales reports I am required to do for work. I was delighted to hear of the offer to re-take the class for free anytime during the next 6 months - I would like to see how much of the information I can successfully retain.
4.7 stars The instructor was very knowledgeable and professional. Rich had a great wealth of knowledge and very approachable. He was very friendly. I would definitely be reaching out to him again when questions arise.
5.0 stars Jeff was really helpful! He obviously knows how to teach and knows what will be helpful in the workplace. He is also very energetic and knows how to keep the class interesting. Thanks!
5.0 stars Rich was an excellent instructor, it was obvious that he knew his information well. He was able to explain all concepts in a manner that was easy to understand. I took Excel 3 with another instructor and I would definitely recommend taking courses with Rich.
4.9 stars Chris is a great teacher. He is fantastic at distilling complex topics into easily digestible lessons.
5.0 stars I've had experiences with various Excel training courses and Chris is by far and away the best instructor. He was clear, concise and to the point. He provided us with exactly what we needed. I will definitely be back.
5.0 stars Chris is amazing! He is so knowledgable and explains everything in depth. Chris is very good at keeping everyone together and jumps in quickly to minimize frustration when lost.
4.9 stars the course exceeded my expectations. which has encouraged me to take other courses.
5.0 stars Rich did an especially great job handling a class member that was not properly equipped to handle the pace or subject matter of the course. He was upbeat, friendly, and ensured all of our class understood the material.
5.0 stars Chris is an amazing instructor. Very good with tips & tricks when manipulating excel. I would highly recommend this course. Thank You!
5.0 stars Carol was a wonderful instructor. I highly recommend her style of teaching. Thank you for such a great class. I definitely learned a lot and will be able to use it in my daily work.
5.0 stars I truly enjoy taking the classes here at Training Connection. All the instructors are very helpful, knowledgeable and are very nice. I learned so much from the Excel Level 2 class and am looking forward to Level 3.
5.0 stars Pat was one of the best professors I had for professional training in my career. I would definitely take another class with him. I will recommend him to my fellow colleagues. It was informative and customized for my daily work functions.
5.0 stars My instructor, Carol has a wonderful energy and was very accessible and easy to understand. It was easy to ask questions and I was glad I took this course!
5.0 stars I REALLY enjoyed class. I didn't have that much knowledge with Excel but the teacher was very patient and helpful.Thanks again to my two teachers for this wonderful learning experience! I will be sure to let everyone know about Training Connections.
5.0 stars Rich was, once again, an excellent instructor! He explained concepts and formulas very well and made the course interesting. I really enjoyed having him as my instructor; he's friendly and personable. I would definitely recommend his course to all looking to expand their knowledge of Excel!
4.4 stars Rich was very helpful. I had originally considered taking an online class, but was glad for the interaction. He provided assistance for examples from our real work experience. He was very engaging and I never felt bored or that class was dragging.
4.8 stars Rich was very thorough with his examples and explanations of each topic we covered. He was fantastic to learn from.

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