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4.8 / 5

based on 5,621 reviews

Below is a sample of testimonials from students who recently completed one of our Excel training courses. Please click on the following link to read more about our Excel classes in Chicago and Los Angeles.

5.0 stars I could not have asked for a better instructor. Allyncia was very patient & supportive.
4.3 stars The class is very well organized with examples and illustrations. Will certainly help beginners like me to gain more insights about VBA, 2nd day of VBA wouldn't hurt to learn more about the topic but I think Chris Murphy is an excellent Instructor who teaches you all snippets and cool tips to make your work easy. I'd highly recommend him for Excel training for anyone looking to expand their Excel skills.
4.6 stars I enjoy the class and I learned a lot and Rich was very helpful and he has a great knowledge in excel and other materials and I recommend him for my my company and my friend.
5.0 stars I came into the class with no Excel experience. The instructor was very throrough in explaining the information and made sure everyone was following along and on the same page. I caught on very quickly and thought the information was taught at a good pace. The instructor was engaging and kept me interested and alert in learning the information.
4.9 stars I was very surprised at how interesting and captivating this classroom experience was for me. The instructor as very professional and detail-oriented. I leave here with a much better understanding of how to move forward with Excel in the future. Thanks so much. Ivan
5.0 stars Richard did an awesome job! The depth of information was well balanced with explanations and practice examples.
5.0 stars I was nervious to learn macros, and pivot tables as I thought this was beyond me, but Rich was very detailed and a great instructor. It seemed very easy to learn and understand. I can't wait to get back to work and use what I've learned the past 2 days.
5.0 stars This was a great course. I learned a lot of new skills and was able to refine some other skills. Rich is a phenomenal teacher and goes at a great pace which allows you to understand the material.
4.9 stars Very good instructors. I have taken Chris and Jeff and were both very productive and helpful
5.0 stars This class was extremely helpful and I learned a lot in just 7 hours. I will definitely be using everything I learned today on my job. It was very beneficial and exciting discovering all the little tricks and helpful tips. Thank you!
5.0 stars Jeff is an excellent instructor. I learned a lot of short cuts and ways to use excel that I did not know. He provided hands on assistance when needed. Definitely recommend my co-workers to attend.
5.0 stars Jeff was an extremely helpful and pleasant instructor. I enjoyed his examples and his friendly attitude. This was a great course overall and I would highly recommend it to others.
5.0 stars Carol Spear was excellent in this course! I would love to take the next classes with her. Her knowledge and approach were amazing and easy to follow! Thank you for this training experience, I would definitely recommend this training course to others!
5.0 stars Great course. I learned a lot within the first hour that I can apply immediately with my business. By the end of the day, I was really pleased with all of the information, new tools and information that Carol was able to teach us! I will definitely attend another class in the future.
5.0 stars Rich was a great teacher, I learned so much that I can use in my daily workload. He was very helpful and gave great examples.
4.9 stars I was fearful the class would be boring because I feel my experience level was beyond the level one for excel. I actually found this class was a very good refresher and learned many new tricks to help me at work today.
5.0 stars The class was everything i expected and more. Staff was excellent and would definitely come back again. Chris was AWESOME! :)
5.0 stars I learned so much. This was the perfect course and will be very useful for my career. The instructor explained things in a way that I understood so that I could learn a program that I was very challenged with before. Thank you!
5.0 stars Chris is fantastic - very knowledgeable and willing to answer questions. All responses were concise and clear. I appreciate the experience very much.
5.0 stars Rich was a fantastic instructor and the course was unbelievably helpful and even joyful! I really appreciate how approachable Rich makes himself as I didn't have to hesitate to ask questions or to speak up when I didn't catch something the first time around. Keep up the great work, Rich! I will continue to seek from him via his YouTube channel and he even encouraged us to feel free to reach out to him via email with any post-class questions or concerns. I really appreciate that!
5.0 stars Chris was AWESOME!!! Very informative, great paced, best seminar I have attended in years. Thank you so much!!!!!!
5.0 stars Really excellent course. Chris was a great teacher, very engaging, and very deliberate in his step-by-step examples. Looking forward to tomorrow's Macros/VBA class.
4.9 stars Rich was a great instructor- he provided thoughtful answers to any questions and was very good at explaining complex material in a simple manner.
4.8 stars Our instructor, Allyncia, was extremely friendly and helpful. The classroom atmosphere was welcoming, the facilities were great, and I learned an incredible amount about Excel. I would highly recommend taking classes at Training Connection.
5.0 stars Instructor Chris was able to help me understand things that I have heard about but never really used. Thank you for making it enjoyable and wanting me to further my knowledge. Definitely would recommend this course.
5.0 stars Mr. Kuck was an excellent and very patient teacher. This is by far one of the best excel courses I have ever taken. I'm very excited to go back to the office and practice some of the things I've learned.
5.0 stars I liked the small classroom setting. I felt like I could ask questions without holding up the class too much, and the instructor gave me and everyone one on one instructions if needed, and made sure everyone was on the same page before we went on to the next topic. I really enjoyed this class.
5.0 stars Chris is an excellent instructor! He is funny, engaging, knowledgeable, and patient. He makes it interesting.
4.8 stars I was very impressed by the friendly staff, relaxing atmosphere, cleaniness and even more so by the knowledge and patience of the instructor. This was very user friendly experience and made learning unintimidating and even fun. This is coming from an almost anti-computer person, I feel I've been converted. Thank you!
4.5 stars George did a fantastic job going through the course material... and answered all my questions thoroughly. He was concise and easy to follow. He also went out of his way to teach material not in the booklet.

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