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Below is a sample of testimonials from students who recently completed one of our Excel training courses. Please click on the following link to read more about our Excel classes in Chicago and Los Angeles.

5.0 stars This is my third course with The Training Connection. I have taken several other courses with other companies but the facilities and instructors at The Training Connection are the best I've seen.
4.6 stars The class provides a good opportunity to see a lot of things Excel can do. I really liked that it was more of a free form class vs following through a book. The take home worksheet we created will be very helpful. Rich has a very good training style and is obviously knowledgeable.
4.9 stars Love the shortcuts provided. Rich is great at answering all questions.
5.0 stars Chris is an amazing instructor. Very good with tips & tricks when manipulating excel. I would highly recommend this course. Thank You!
5.0 stars Such a great class and such an awesome instructor! Chris made it fun while I learned and made me want to learn and absorb all of the valuable information I was being taught. Would definitely recommend!
5.0 stars Wonderful instructor. Rich was a great facilitator, answered questions as they came up, and had a great attitude. Would definitely recommend others to take this class with this instructor. Great job!
5.0 stars I liked the small classroom setting. I felt like I could ask questions without holding up the class too much, and the instructor gave me and everyone one on one instructions if needed, and made sure everyone was on the same page before we went on to the next topic. I really enjoyed this class.
4.9 stars Great class. I was worried that the material could be kind of dry as excel land can be a bit dull sometimes. It can also be frustrating due to lack of knowledge about the best way to do things. Rich did a great job of showing his passion for this software and bringing enthusiasm and tons of knowledge to the topics. He was more than willing to jump around and explore questions and problems we were encountering in our roles at work even if they weren't scheduled or not really related to today's subject matter. I will definitely try to take the advanced class with Rich I really enjoyed it and it was extremely informative. Thanks!!
5.0 stars The class was wonderful and Chris is an awesome teacher! I will definitely recommend my fellow finance co-workers to take his VBA class to teach them the works behind excel. I believe that learning VBA excel coding is crucial to efficiently perform data analysis in a quick and easy manner.
5.0 stars Rich was a GREAT instructor. I feel like he was very knowledgeable and helpful. I would highly recommend his class to most and felt it very beneficial with his teaching style.
4.8 stars Thank you. This class was very helpful. Refreshed my memory and taught me new techniques as well.
4.9 stars Great class! I learned a lot. I can't wait to come back tomorrow for the Intermediate class.
5.0 stars I thoroughly enjoyed taking the Excel class with Allyncia. I found her training methods to be very user friendly and understandable. I believe I learned more about Excel in the one day training session than I had learned taking a Excel computer class I would definetely recommend this class for anyone looking for a better understanding of the Excel.
4.9 stars The class was very informational and being the only one in the class, allowed for me to use real life examples and work directly with the instructor to get things understood and explained in great detail. Overall the class was very efficient and informative. Clean and easily accessible work areas.
5.0 stars I thought Level 1 was good, but Level 2 was even better. I especially liked Rich's practice of having us add comments to cells in our worksheets outlining the steps we had taken for various functions/formulas.
5.0 stars THANK YOU for being letting us retake this class. I learned so much that I can apply at work. See you again.
5.0 stars Jeff has been an excellent instructor today in Excel Level 1 and I'm looking forward to Levels 2 & 3 with him over the next two days. I'm here to gain more advanced Excel experience for my job and I've already learned far more in the Beginners class than I ever had been shown in the past in work and in business school. It has been a great experience and I plan to express to my company that others would value from coming here for extra training.
5.0 stars Thanks! I was able to achieve my objective. I am now going to increase my productivity, add value to my team by producing dashboards, pivot tables, hyperlinks, etc.
5.0 stars This course was exceptional and I learned a lot of new ways to analyze and report on the data that I work with. Great Course! Wonderful Instructor!
4.4 stars Enjoyed this class very much. The pace was unhurried and the instructor worked with each student according to his or her ability. I am no longer intimidated by the prospect of working in Excel. Thank you for a great class and a wonderful instructor.
5.0 stars Awesome class, very informative. Sandy was very in tune to with who needed help and who was on task. Gave us great tips and tricks too!
5.0 stars Our teacher, George Kuck, was engaging, funny, and made learning Excel an easy task. I would definitely recommend him to others in my company, and would gladly take another class taught by him.
5.0 stars Class was outstanding Chris was very good at explaining new concepts and showing me a variety of ways to do certain commands within a couple hours i learned more than had anticipated. i would love to take another class with him in the future thanks!
5.0 stars I came into the class with no Excel experience. The instructor was very throrough in explaining the information and made sure everyone was following along and on the same page. I caught on very quickly and thought the information was taught at a good pace. The instructor was engaging and kept me interested and alert in learning the information.
5.0 stars The class was taught excellently and thoroughly. All of my questions were asked, and I learned a lot of new information, which I will be able to apply work.
5.0 stars Best one day instruction in Excel I have ever received. Far better than any Excel courses I took at Loyola Chicago when working towards my Bachelors Degree
5.0 stars Great course. I learned a lot within the first hour that I can apply immediately with my business. By the end of the day, I was really pleased with all of the information, new tools and information that Carol was able to teach us! I will definitely attend another class in the future.
5.0 stars Very impressed with the course, it probably exceeded my expectations. Rich was great; very clear, friendly, smart. I learned a lot and everything was laid out very logically and efficiently. Very happy with the experience.
5.0 stars Great instructor! Kept the class engaged. I learned a lot. Can't wait to take the advanced course. Thank you!
5.0 stars Rich is a fantastic teacher. i have taken a few classes from him before, and I really like his new addition of encouraging us to add comments inside the database to remind ourselves how to complete a task. These will serve as a great memory jogger down the road.

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