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4.7 / 5

based on 4,803 reviews

Below is a sample of testimonials from students who recently completed one of our Excel training courses. Please click on the following link to read more about our Excel classes in Chicago and Los Angeles.

5.0 stars Instructor was awesome! I like how thoroughly he explains everything & that he moves quickly so we learned a lot. He is so knowledgeable & was able to answer all of our additional questions. He was funny & a great attitude. Really enjoyed his class.
5.0 stars I had a strong fear of Excel and this class calmed those fears and now I see Excel as being "user friendly."
4.9 stars Rich is a fantastic instructor. The training was very helpful and well organized. I would greatly like to continue my advancement in Excel with Rich.
5.0 stars I learned so much. This was the perfect course and will be very useful for my career. The instructor explained things in a way that I understood so that I could learn a program that I was very challenged with before. Thank you!
4.9 stars I learned more about Excel in the first 15 minutes of being in the class than I have in the last 10 years on my own. Very helpful!
4.9 stars Chris is a great teacher. He is fantastic at distilling complex topics into easily digestible lessons.
5.0 stars Mr. Kuck was an excellent and very patient teacher. This is by far one of the best excel courses I have ever taken. I'm very excited to go back to the office and practice some of the things I've learned.
5.0 stars I was very pleased with the structure and content of this class. I feel more comfortable now with the various uses within excel and feel that I can be more efficient with my job responsibilities.
4.9 stars Best use of my time and money for any course I have taken anywhere. Rich was a phenomenal instructor and I will be referring several members of my team here for training. Loved it so much that I posted about it on Facebook and now have friends asking about the course so they may also take it. Looking forward to additional trainings here.
5.0 stars This class was very helpful and I was able to grasp the concepts and will be able to apply them to my future projects. I enjoy coming here for training and look forward to my next class.
4.9 stars Bob is an excellent instructor with practical illustrations for each concept. He was especially helpful in using layman terms for explaining each piece of a function. I have been using functions for several years and now I more fully understand how to use them. I really, really enjoyed this class and the Intermediate class!! Thank you so much!!
5.0 stars Very comprehensive course- Learned valuable information to make work easier and more interesting. Teacher is very knowledgeable and eager to pass on his experience. Thank you
5.0 stars Jeff is an excellent instructor. I learned a lot of short cuts and ways to use excel that I did not know. He provided hands on assistance when needed. Definitely recommend my co-workers to attend.
5.0 stars Instructor was great !!!! I honestly thought this would be 8 hrs of misery..... He made it anything but. Learned a lot. Rich is a great guy. Thanks Jim
5.0 stars I truly enjoy taking the classes here at Training Connection. All the instructors are very helpful, knowledgeable and are very nice. I learned so much from the Excel Level 2 class and am looking forward to Level 3.
5.0 stars This instructor is a VERY GOOD teacher. I feel very fortunate to have been in his class. I feel that I have learned as much as possible in his class because of the way he handles his students. High Fives!
5.0 stars Rich did a great job of teaching the material, applying it to real-world examples, and challenging me to try it on my own. With the new skills that I learned in class, I will save a lot of time in frustration in Excel.
4.4 stars Rich is a very articulate trainer. Conducted very through sessions for my classes. Took back lots of valuable info to share with others at work. Thanks!!
4.8 stars Sue is light-hearted and a natural teacher. She made what could have been a very dull course rather fun and engaging. Thank you, Sue!
5.0 stars This course, coupled with the Excel 2 course, makes me feel that I have the understanding to be extremely efficient in my ability to use Excel. Really enjoyed the teaching style of the instructor.
5.0 stars Rich was an AMAZING instructor. Very knowledgeable and provides examples with every section he teaches. If there was any issues he would pause and make sure that everyone is on the same page. I give him 2 THUMBS UP!!!
4.6 stars I think the class was very informative and beneficial for those who have had little excel experience. Rich talked through everything in great detail and is clearly very knowledgeable on the topics. I would be very interested in taking the advanced class, as many of the topics covered in this class were concepts I had already known.
4.9 stars The class was very informational and being the only one in the class, allowed for me to use real life examples and work directly with the instructor to get things understood and explained in great detail. Overall the class was very efficient and informative. Clean and easily accessible work areas.
5.0 stars The instructor, Bob, completely made this class. Bob was so positive, optimistic, and excited, he made me energized and enthusiastic about this class, even though I wasn't incredibly excited with the subject matter initially. He made it accessible for everyone, and I can't speak highly enough of the energy he brought to the classroom.
5.0 stars Such a great class and such an awesome instructor! Chris made it fun while I learned and made me want to learn and absorb all of the valuable information I was being taught. Would definitely recommend!
4.5 stars Rich was very knowledgeable and PATIENT! I appreciate his willingness to repeat steps and share real life examples. He is motivated and encourages students to do their best. He gave positive reinforcement throughout the course. I learned a lot! Thank you, Rich, for making this course and the entire day meaningful. Erica B. Davis
5.0 stars I thoroughly enjoyed taking the Excel class with Allyncia. I found her training methods to be very user friendly and understandable. I believe I learned more about Excel in the one day training session than I had learned taking a Excel computer class I would definetely recommend this class for anyone looking for a better understanding of the Excel.
5.0 stars This is my third course with The Training Connection. I have taken several other courses with other companies but the facilities and instructors at The Training Connection are the best I've seen.
5.0 stars Steven was a very thorough instructor. He additionally handed out supplemental forms, such as tips and tricks and other short cuts. He is incredibly passionate and knowledgeable of the subject matter. I would absolutely recommend him for this course.
5.0 stars Wow! I really enjoyed this class. I learned so much today. Sandy teaching exceeded my expectation. I will for sure take another class in the near future. Please keep up the good work.

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