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4.7 / 5

based on 4,719 reviews

Below is a sample of testimonials from students who recently completed one of our Excel training courses. Please click on the following link to read more about our Excel classes in Chicago and Los Angeles.

5.0 stars Course was great! Perfect and exactly what I needed!
5.0 stars I liked the small classroom setting. I felt like I could ask questions without holding up the class too much, and the instructor gave me and everyone one on one instructions if needed, and made sure everyone was on the same page before we went on to the next topic. I really enjoyed this class.
5.0 stars Class was outstanding Chris was very good at explaining new concepts and showing me a variety of ways to do certain commands within a couple hours i learned more than had anticipated. i would love to take another class with him in the future thanks!
4.9 stars Rich is a fantastic instructor. The training was very helpful and well organized. I would greatly like to continue my advancement in Excel with Rich.
5.0 stars Rich was extremely knowledgeable and very helpful. He explained things in an easy to understand format. The best instructor at Training Connection!
5.0 stars Rich is a very good instructor! He has patience and a very good spirit for teaching! I would love to come to another class that he is teaching! Keep up the good work Rich Kerr!!! I feel a lot confident in using EXCEL!!!!
5.0 stars Very comprehensive course- Learned valuable information to make work easier and more interesting. Teacher is very knowledgeable and eager to pass on his experience. Thank you
5.0 stars Wonderful instructor. Rich was a great facilitator, answered questions as they came up, and had a great attitude. Would definitely recommend others to take this class with this instructor. Great job!
5.0 stars The instructor was above and beyond informative, provide excellent examples and clarification. He also made the training course very easy to follow, with a great deal of patience. I would definitely take another course.
5.0 stars The training met my needs. I had a new project that required me to understand a new programming technique. I will be able to use the information tomorrow morning! Fantastic!
5.0 stars This course was exceptional and I learned a lot of new ways to analyze and report on the data that I work with. Great Course! Wonderful Instructor!
5.0 stars Excellent Course, very informative, very well presented. I would recommend this course and Rich as an instructor to anyone looking to learn more about Excel VBA.
5.0 stars This is my second class here at Training Connection with Rich and I am very, very happy. He answered questions and gave examples, showed us how to do things that would pertain to our individual jobs. I learned a lot about excel and am looking forward to the next level and looking to see what other classes I can take here :) The content and pace were perfect and he answered some more basic questions when they came up.
5.0 stars This class was not only informative but pleasant! They provide knowledgeable and friendly trainers. You feel welcomed the moment you step in! I feel much more confindent in taking everything I learned and applying it back at work. I'm sure i'll make my bosses proud. George was smart and enjoyable.He teaches secret tips outside of the book, and I can't wait to show off my new skills at work! Thank you Training Connection!
5.0 stars Carol was a wonderful instructor. I highly recommend her style of teaching. Thank you for such a great class. I definitely learned a lot and will be able to use it in my daily work.
5.0 stars I had hands on training that was wonderful. Thank you Sandy.
4.9 stars I was fearful the class would be boring because I feel my experience level was beyond the level one for excel. I actually found this class was a very good refresher and learned many new tricks to help me at work today.
5.0 stars Excellent.. Although I feel im very knowledgeable of excel I learned some valuable information to use in my day to day activities.
5.0 stars I really learned a lot from George Kuck over the course of these four Excel sessions. His patient, helpful, and informative manner really helped me absorb a large amount of material in a short time period. Thank you, George, for your great instruction. Also, the facilities are terrific. Great computers, comfortable environment, clean area, and professional staff. Thank you TC for this terrific learning experience.
5.0 stars Excellent class. Learned so much to take back with my to my office staff. Really looking forward to my next class in Jan. Instructor was a delight - very knowledgeable and easy to learn with. Thank you very much.
5.0 stars Rich was a great teacher, I learned so much that I can use in my daily workload. He was very helpful and gave great examples.
5.0 stars Rich is phenomenal! He is truly an expert with Excel! I learned so much in his class and can't wait to take the next two levels. So excited about everything that I have learned. Anxious to apply this new knowledge at work to improve my operations for myself and others. FANTASTIC class! Would no doubt recommend this class with Rich to others looking to expand their knowledge in a very real and useful way!
4.6 stars I think this class was very well instructed. Carol was great. She is very attentive and keeps your interest very well. I have already learned much of this but it was a great refresher or learning experience for people that don't know Excel very well.
5.0 stars Rich was great, very laid back, but very knowledgeable. made learning easy and interesting. . . hes great! i would take again with Rich for Sure! . . J.
5.0 stars I've had experiences with various Excel training courses and Chris is by far and away the best instructor. He was clear, concise and to the point. He provided us with exactly what we needed. I will definitely be back.
5.0 stars I am so glad to have attended this class today. I am scheduled again on May 12th for Intermediate; therefore, would be very grateful to have Jeff as the instructor. His teaching skills are out of this world!!
5.0 stars I felt that I got my (company's) money's worth in the first hour. There were so many time saving and quality increasing features that I feel I can now use with confidence or even train others, though I would recommend they attend a class instead because of the high quality and effectiveness!
5.0 stars Jeff was really helpful! He obviously knows how to teach and knows what will be helpful in the workplace. He is also very energetic and knows how to keep the class interesting. Thanks!
5.0 stars Jeff is an excellent instructor. I learned a lot of short cuts and ways to use excel that I did not know. He provided hands on assistance when needed. Definitely recommend my co-workers to attend.
5.0 stars The instructor is wonderful... very easy to learn with him.

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