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Microsoft Excel Training Courses Testimonials

4.8 / 5

based on 6,998 reviews

Below is a sample of testimonials from students who recently completed one of our Microsoft Excel training courses. Please click on the following link to read more about our Microsoft Excel classes in Chicago and Los Angeles.

5.0 stars Another great day with Rich! Fantastic instructor. Material is relevant and useful. Love these classes. Learning so much. Looking forward to the VBA class next. Would recommend this training with Rich to anyone!
5.0 stars This is one of the bet trainings I have been to. Everything from the topics to examples and discussion was completely relatable and real life. The instructor was extremely knowledgeable and kept us focused. He made it a really fun course and I was not expecting that.
5.0 stars Excellent class. Learned a lot and as usual, Rick is amazing. Super smart and knowledgeable, very patient and always willing to stop and help you until you understand. One of the best trainers I've come across in years.
5.0 stars Bob is a great instructor who clearly knows his stuff. He's very thorough and teaches the class at a steady pace and is happy to stop mid sentence to elaborate on something he said or to help someone catch up. The front office staff was very helpful as well and pleasant to interact with. I would recommend Training Connection to my friends and coworkers.
5.0 stars Allyncia is a professional instructor who is an important asset to the training connection. I am always impressed with her presentations. In a word, "outstanding" comes to mind.
5.0 stars This training was fantastic! It was taught at the perfect pace and expanded my knowledge of how to use basic formulas, pivot tables, subtotals, etc. I already can think of several use case scenarios where this training will be improving my efficiency in my work! Rich Kerr is a terrific instructor!
5.0 stars Rich is a fantastic teacher. i have taken a few classes from him before, and I really like his new addition of encouraging us to add comments inside the database to remind ourselves how to complete a task. These will serve as a great memory jogger down the road.
4.9 stars Rich was a really great instructor! His teaching style was very clear, efficient, and easy to understand, he's definitely a natural. He was also very pleasant and I felt very comfortable asking any questions. I learned a lot from his class and I liked how we got to save the excel workbook to keep as a souvenir. Thanks Rich, keep up the great work!
5.0 stars Trainer Chris is great! He made learning this excel stuff fun and entertaining. I would highly recommend this class to others, in fact I am recommending it to other departments within my firm.
5.0 stars This is the 2nd Excel class I have had the pleasure of taking with Chris. He is clear, concise, engaging and makes learning Excel highly enjoyable (this is not an easy feat!). I'm really glad I found Training Connection though I will you offered CRM classes (i.e. Zendesk, Freshdesk...).
4.8 stars I was very impressed by the friendly staff, relaxing atmosphere, cleaniness and even more so by the knowledge and patience of the instructor. This was very user friendly experience and made learning unintimidating and even fun. This is coming from an almost anti-computer person, I feel I've been converted. Thank you!
5.0 stars This is my second class here at Training Connection with Rich and I am very, very happy. He answered questions and gave examples, showed us how to do things that would pertain to our individual jobs. I learned a lot about excel and am looking forward to the next level and looking to see what other classes I can take here :) The content and pace were perfect and he answered some more basic questions when they came up.
5.0 stars Carol is a rockstar. She made learning the basics of Excel fun and interesting. Walking away feeling very confident and wanting to take the next level!
4.9 stars Love the shortcuts provided. Rich is great at answering all questions.
4.9 stars Carol was excellent in all aspects; patiently working with people with various level of Excel users and making the topics progress logically. I really liked the chart functions and look forward to using those in my work environment.
5.0 stars Wonderful instructor. Rich was a great facilitator, answered questions as they came up, and had a great attitude. Would definitely recommend others to take this class with this instructor. Great job!
5.0 stars Extremely informative class if you haven't really used Excel in a long time. Instructor was very informative and explained everything well and kept the class engaged. Awesome course.
5.0 stars Rich did a great job of teaching the material, applying it to real-world examples, and challenging me to try it on my own. With the new skills that I learned in class, I will save a lot of time in frustration in Excel.
5.0 stars Sandy Dinkel was amazing. She took her time to explain all the concepts to us as well as show us short cuts and multiple ways to get to the same end result. I would DEFINITELY recommend training connections to everyone I know. Thanks training connections!!
5.0 stars Instructor was very engaging, used relevant examples, and made the class overall enjoyable. Plus - gave good lunch suggestions! :) Knowledge obtained will be quote helpful in my role going forward.
5.0 stars Great instructor, patient and clear. Highly recommend his class. Can't wait till my next class here!
4.8 stars This is my second class with Chris and, just like last time, I am leaving with a wealth of information that will make my job easier. Thank you so much to Chris and Training Connection!
5.0 stars I enjoyed taking both Level 3 and Level 2 with Chris. He explained the concepts very clearly and if someone didn't understand he was able to explain it in a different way.
5.0 stars Course was really neat. We need more courses like this. :)
5.0 stars I retook the class, and it was just as great as the last time! Chris is a great teacher. We covered the same general topics, but was able to grasp the concepts better since i was already exposed to them. I was nice to have new classmates ask different questions so we could get a better understanding with real life examples. Thank you!
5.0 stars Rich did an especially great job handling a class member that was not properly equipped to handle the pace or subject matter of the course. He was upbeat, friendly, and ensured all of our class understood the material.
5.0 stars I would love to learn more from Rich. He has a skill at being clear and concise and at the same time patient and willing to elaborate. He knows his subject so well--the potential for Excel became very clear throughout the day. Great class. Definitely worth my time and my employer's money!
5.0 stars Rich was awesome! He was very easy to understand, used layman's terms and provided a comfortable environment throughout Excel 2 & 3. All three Excel training sessions are well worth attending. Celia Juel - Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Nebraska
5.0 stars Mr. Jeff Wiatt on a scale of 1 to 10 he was 100. I hated excel until i took this class. i feel more confident and i look forward to part two. thanks
4.5 stars Rich was very knowledgeable and PATIENT! I appreciate his willingness to repeat steps and share real life examples. He is motivated and encourages students to do their best. He gave positive reinforcement throughout the course. I learned a lot! Thank you, Rich, for making this course and the entire day meaningful. Erica B. Davis

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