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Excel Training Courses Testimonials

4.7 / 5

based on 4,266 reviews

Below is a sample of testimonials from students who recently completed one of our Excel training courses. Please click on the following link to read more about our Excel classes in Chicago and Los Angeles.

5.0 stars Chris is very knowledgeable and patient. Great class. Thank you.
4.6 stars I really enjoyed the class and I did learn a number of new concepts plus a few shortcuts or best practices for items I was already using prior to the class.
5.0 stars Chris was AWESOME!!! Very informative, great paced, best seminar I have attended in years. Thank you so much!!!!!!
4.9 stars Rich was a really great instructor! His teaching style was very clear, efficient, and easy to understand, he's definitely a natural. He was also very pleasant and I felt very comfortable asking any questions. I learned a lot from his class and I liked how we got to save the excel workbook to keep as a souvenir. Thanks Rich, keep up the great work!
5.0 stars Class was outstanding Chris was very good at explaining new concepts and showing me a variety of ways to do certain commands within a couple hours i learned more than had anticipated. i would love to take another class with him in the future thanks!
5.0 stars I REALLY enjoyed class. I didn't have that much knowledge with Excel but the teacher was very patient and helpful.Thanks again to my two teachers for this wonderful learning experience! I will be sure to let everyone know about Training Connections.
5.0 stars This course was exceptional and I learned a lot of new ways to analyze and report on the data that I work with. Great Course! Wonderful Instructor!
4.8 stars Sue is light-hearted and a natural teacher. She made what could have been a very dull course rather fun and engaging. Thank you, Sue!
4.8 stars This is one of the best computer courses that I have taken. The instructor was knowledgeable and patient. I am glad I found this training.
5.0 stars I came into the class with no Excel experience. The instructor was very throrough in explaining the information and made sure everyone was following along and on the same page. I caught on very quickly and thought the information was taught at a good pace. The instructor was engaging and kept me interested and alert in learning the information.
4.9 stars Very good instructors. I have taken Chris and Jeff and were both very productive and helpful
5.0 stars Thanks! I was able to achieve my objective. I am now going to increase my productivity, add value to my team by producing dashboards, pivot tables, hyperlinks, etc.
5.0 stars The course was very instructional and fun at the same time. The instructor was very patient and able to help with my question. I learned so many new things about excel that i never thought could be done with such ease. I am very pleased with the outcome of my training and am looking forward to be here again for level 2 training in the future.
5.0 stars I found the course very useful and relevant for bi-weekly sales reports I am required to do for work. I was delighted to hear of the offer to re-take the class for free anytime during the next 6 months - I would like to see how much of the information I can successfully retain.
5.0 stars Extremely informative class if you haven't really used Excel in a long time. Instructor was very informative and explained everything well and kept the class engaged. Awesome course.
5.0 stars I felt that I got my (company's) money's worth in the first hour. There were so many time saving and quality increasing features that I feel I can now use with confidence or even train others, though I would recommend they attend a class instead because of the high quality and effectiveness!
4.8 stars Thank you. This class was very helpful. Refreshed my memory and taught me new techniques as well.
5.0 stars Rich was a great teacher. I feel more confident while using EXCEL!! Thanks Rich for your great teaching skills. Looking forward to taking Power Point with you. Kelly
5.0 stars Excellent class. Learned so much to take back with my to my office staff. Really looking forward to my next class in Jan. Instructor was a delight - very knowledgeable and easy to learn with. Thank you very much.
5.0 stars Mr. Jeff Wiatt on a scale of 1 to 10 he was 100. I hated excel until i took this class. i feel more confident and i look forward to part two. thanks

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