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4.7 / 5

based on 4,358 reviews

Below is a sample of testimonials from students who recently completed one of our Excel training courses. Please click on the following link to read more about our Excel classes in Chicago and Los Angeles.

5.0 stars I felt that I got my (company's) money's worth in the first hour. There were so many time saving and quality increasing features that I feel I can now use with confidence or even train others, though I would recommend they attend a class instead because of the high quality and effectiveness!
4.9 stars Outstanding class. I am very satisfied. Jeff Wiatt is knowledgeable, personable and engaging.
5.0 stars Jeff, answered my many question in a understandible way, and confirmed my and the rest did understand. Thank you for your great class!!
5.0 stars Rich did a great job of teaching the material, applying it to real-world examples, and challenging me to try it on my own. With the new skills that I learned in class, I will save a lot of time in frustration in Excel.
5.0 stars Jeff was really helpful! He obviously knows how to teach and knows what will be helpful in the workplace. He is also very energetic and knows how to keep the class interesting. Thanks!
4.5 stars Rich was very knowledgeable and PATIENT! I appreciate his willingness to repeat steps and share real life examples. He is motivated and encourages students to do their best. He gave positive reinforcement throughout the course. I learned a lot! Thank you, Rich, for making this course and the entire day meaningful. Erica B. Davis
5.0 stars Fantastic class - I learned more today than I have in many months/years of XL! Many extremely useful functions that I will use every day going forward. Can't wait to take more advanced and other MS Office classes. Rich was very thorough and easy to follow. Thank you!!
5.0 stars Rich is a very good instructor! He has patience and a very good spirit for teaching! I would love to come to another class that he is teaching! Keep up the good work Rich Kerr!!! I feel a lot confident in using EXCEL!!!!
5.0 stars Rich is awesome as usual! I will be so much more productive when I return to my Excel Files. Thank you!
5.0 stars So much better than the other Excel courses. Rich didn't just teach from the manual, he actually was knowledgable enough to walk you through and answer questions regarding the material (and beyond). He was very patient and would help those who got lost.
5.0 stars Mr. Jeff Wiatt on a scale of 1 to 10 he was 100. I hated excel until i took this class. i feel more confident and i look forward to part two. thanks
5.0 stars This was my second training course with Rich and it was fantastic. I retained a lot from Intermediate Excel due to Rich's teaching style, and this class provided appropriate and applicable refreshers from Intermediate mixed in with a lot of new and very useful concepts and topics. I enjoyed the class a lot, hope to take more courses from Rich soon, and have recommended and will continue to recommend Training Connection courses to my employer and colleagues.
4.4 stars Rich was very helpful. I had originally considered taking an online class, but was glad for the interaction. He provided assistance for examples from our real work experience. He was very engaging and I never felt bored or that class was dragging.
5.0 stars Pat was one of the best professors I had for professional training in my career. I would definitely take another class with him. I will recommend him to my fellow colleagues. It was informative and customized for my daily work functions.
5.0 stars Thanks! I was able to achieve my objective. I am now going to increase my productivity, add value to my team by producing dashboards, pivot tables, hyperlinks, etc.
5.0 stars This class was very helpful and I was able to grasp the concepts and will be able to apply them to my future projects. I enjoy coming here for training and look forward to my next class.
5.0 stars Best training that I have taken, and on difficult subject matter. Not being a programmer, i was skeptical that the class would be a good fit for me. I am very happy to say that it was. Did not oversimplify nor did it bury me in lines and lines of code. Only suggestion for improvement would be multiple projectors so that code could be left up as Rich was flipping screens and answering questions. I would absolutely recommend to any excel user looking to get an understanding on VB for Excel.
5.0 stars I enjoyed this class as well as the others I have taken. Rich is a great instructor who makes sure you understand before moving on. I look forward to coming back in the near future.
5.0 stars Rich is a fantastic teacher. i have taken a few classes from him before, and I really like his new addition of encouraging us to add comments inside the database to remind ourselves how to complete a task. These will serve as a great memory jogger down the road.
5.0 stars Course was really neat. We need more courses like this. :)

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