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Excel Training Courses Testimonials

4.7 / 5

based on 4,498 reviews

Below is a sample of testimonials from students who recently completed one of our Excel training courses. Please click on the following link to read more about our Excel classes in Chicago and Los Angeles.

5.0 stars This class was very helpful and I was able to grasp the concepts and will be able to apply them to my future projects. I enjoy coming here for training and look forward to my next class.
5.0 stars Great course. I learned a lot within the first hour that I can apply immediately with my business. By the end of the day, I was really pleased with all of the information, new tools and information that Carol was able to teach us! I will definitely attend another class in the future.
5.0 stars THANK YOU for being letting us retake this class. I learned so much that I can apply at work. See you again.
4.4 stars Enjoyed this class very much. The pace was unhurried and the instructor worked with each student according to his or her ability. I am no longer intimidated by the prospect of working in Excel. Thank you for a great class and a wonderful instructor.
5.0 stars I really enjoyed the instructor's teaching style. He spoke in 'real person' terms and related many practices to real world use. He provided depth on the subject and was appropriately fun and engaging.
4.9 stars Great class! I learned a lot. I can't wait to come back tomorrow for the Intermediate class.
5.0 stars Instructor Chris was able to help me understand things that I have heard about but never really used. Thank you for making it enjoyable and wanting me to further my knowledge. Definitely would recommend this course.
5.0 stars Thanks! I was able to achieve my objective. I am now going to increase my productivity, add value to my team by producing dashboards, pivot tables, hyperlinks, etc.
5.0 stars Very friendly and informative. Extremely helpful. I hope I can remember everything I learned today.
5.0 stars Rich was a fantastic instructor and the course was unbelievably helpful and even joyful! I really appreciate how approachable Rich makes himself as I didn't have to hesitate to ask questions or to speak up when I didn't catch something the first time around. Keep up the great work, Rich! I will continue to seek from him via his YouTube channel and he even encouraged us to feel free to reach out to him via email with any post-class questions or concerns. I really appreciate that!
5.0 stars Course was really neat. We need more courses like this. :)
3.9 stars What i found most helpful was that the instructor loosely based the topics of conversation off the instructional manual. In other words, we followed the process but he limited his need to reference the book and engaged us directly.
5.0 stars Steven was a very thorough instructor. He additionally handed out supplemental forms, such as tips and tricks and other short cuts. He is incredibly passionate and knowledgeable of the subject matter. I would absolutely recommend him for this course.
5.0 stars Rich is an excellent instructor. I will be sending an email to my jobs HR training coordinator, to see if they can't get him to come in-house to teach the course.
5.0 stars Very good course instructor. He kept us attentive, was extremely knowledgeable. Overall excellent choice. Great!
5.0 stars Chris is amazing! He is so knowledgable and explains everything in depth. Chris is very good at keeping everyone together and jumps in quickly to minimize frustration when lost.
5.0 stars Had a second great day in the course - Level 2. Learned valuable ways to use functions during today's class and we had another nice small class so there was plenty of time for student's questions and examples of how any of us might use this at our jobs or for personal use.
5.0 stars This is my third course with The Training Connection. I have taken several other courses with other companies but the facilities and instructors at The Training Connection are the best I've seen.
5.0 stars I like this excel course and the instructor. Not too fast not to slow, just right. I will recommend my coworker to come for this course.
4.9 stars Outstanding class. I am very satisfied. Jeff Wiatt is knowledgeable, personable and engaging.

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