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Excel Training Courses Testimonials

4.7 / 5

based on 5,211 reviews

Below is a sample of testimonials from students who recently completed one of our Excel training courses. Please click on the following link to read more about our Excel classes in Chicago and Los Angeles.

5.0 stars I came into the class with no Excel experience. The instructor was very throrough in explaining the information and made sure everyone was following along and on the same page. I caught on very quickly and thought the information was taught at a good pace. The instructor was engaging and kept me interested and alert in learning the information.
5.0 stars Rich was extremely knowledgeable and very helpful. He explained things in an easy to understand format. The best instructor at Training Connection!
5.0 stars I REALLY enjoyed class. I didn't have that much knowledge with Excel but the teacher was very patient and helpful.Thanks again to my two teachers for this wonderful learning experience! I will be sure to let everyone know about Training Connections.
5.0 stars Wow, this was a great class. So happy to have taken it; I can't wait to get back to work to apply what I learned today and impress my boss!
5.0 stars Wonderful instructor. Rich was a great facilitator, answered questions as they came up, and had a great attitude. Would definitely recommend others to take this class with this instructor. Great job!
5.0 stars The instructor was above and beyond informative, provide excellent examples and clarification. He also made the training course very easy to follow, with a great deal of patience. I would definitely take another course.
5.0 stars I learned so much. This was the perfect course and will be very useful for my career. The instructor explained things in a way that I understood so that I could learn a program that I was very challenged with before. Thank you!
5.0 stars I had a strong fear of Excel and this class calmed those fears and now I see Excel as being "user friendly."
4.9 stars We only had two people in the class. Rich realized right away that we could move at a fairly fast pace, and we cruised through the materials. This helped the course stay interesting. Thanks.
4.6 stars I think the class was very informative and beneficial for those who have had little excel experience. Rich talked through everything in great detail and is clearly very knowledgeable on the topics. I would be very interested in taking the advanced class, as many of the topics covered in this class were concepts I had already known.
5.0 stars Excellent Course, very informative, very well presented. I would recommend this course and Rich as an instructor to anyone looking to learn more about Excel VBA.
4.6 stars Totally excellent - Chris was 100% prepared, my head nearly exploded by the end lol but this was a great course. Really worth the day out of the office and the drive back to San Diego :)
5.0 stars Chris is a great instructor. Very knowledgeable, professional and courteous. Kudos to Chris!
5.0 stars Rick Kerr is a phenominal teacher. Very good at articulating the concepts and reinforcing through practice scenarios. I have taken Level 2 and Level 3 with Rich and will strongly consider furthering my Excel education with his other classes.
5.0 stars Jeff, answered my many question in a understandible way, and confirmed my and the rest did understand. Thank you for your great class!!
5.0 stars Jeff was AMAZING and made the day go by really fast. He was fun, energetic, and made learning these difficult new concepts very clear. He was incredibly friendly, patient, helpful and I could not recommend him more.
5.0 stars Awesome class, very informative. Sandy was very in tune to with who needed help and who was on task. Gave us great tips and tricks too!
5.0 stars Rich was a wonderful, informative instructor, who has a visible desire to teach and help people. Very smart, knowledgeable man.
5.0 stars The instructor was very knowledgable and helpful. Best computer classes I have ever taken. I would definitely recommend the Training Connection to anybody requiring training.
5.0 stars Jeff was an extremely helpful and pleasant instructor. I enjoyed his examples and his friendly attitude. This was a great course overall and I would highly recommend it to others.
5.0 stars Rich did a great job of teaching the material, applying it to real-world examples, and challenging me to try it on my own. With the new skills that I learned in class, I will save a lot of time in frustration in Excel.
5.0 stars The most detailed and in depth Excel class I have ever taken!
5.0 stars Very comprehensive course- Learned valuable information to make work easier and more interesting. Teacher is very knowledgeable and eager to pass on his experience. Thank you
4.9 stars Overall very friendly hands-on atmosphere, yet helped reinforce many new short cuts and explantations to everyday functionality of Excel.
5.0 stars I have thoroughly enjoyed taking this class. This is much better than other classes taken as the class size is small and the computers actually work and are very nice. The faculty was extremely courteous and genuine. Overall I would take another course and highly recommend this to any of my peers.
5.0 stars Rich was, once again, an excellent instructor! He explained concepts and formulas very well and made the course interesting. I really enjoyed having him as my instructor; he's friendly and personable. I would definitely recommend his course to all looking to expand their knowledge of Excel!
5.0 stars The thought of a day-long excel course seems tedious and boring BUT Rich did an amazing job. I was engaged throughout the entire class, I amazed myself! The pace was perfect and I was able to keep up with students that I thought were above my level of knowledge in excel. Rich was a great teacher, very personable, and entertaining. I will be recommending this class to others at work and friends. Thanks Training Connection!!
4.4 stars Enjoyed this class very much. The pace was unhurried and the instructor worked with each student according to his or her ability. I am no longer intimidated by the prospect of working in Excel. Thank you for a great class and a wonderful instructor.
4.6 stars I think this class was very well instructed. Carol was great. She is very attentive and keeps your interest very well. I have already learned much of this but it was a great refresher or learning experience for people that don't know Excel very well.
5.0 stars Chris is amazing! He is so knowledgable and explains everything in depth. Chris is very good at keeping everyone together and jumps in quickly to minimize frustration when lost.

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