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Microsoft Excel Training Courses Testimonials

4.8 / 5

based on 7,131 reviews

Below is a sample of testimonials from students who recently completed one of our Microsoft Excel training courses. Please click on the following link to read more about our Microsoft Excel classes in Chicago and Los Angeles.

5.0 stars Another great day with Rich! Fantastic instructor. Material is relevant and useful. Love these classes. Learning so much. Looking forward to the VBA class next. Would recommend this training with Rich to anyone!
4.3 stars Chris is an AMAZING trainer and he makes me excited to go back to work and use the tools he's shown me.
5.0 stars I learned so much. This was the perfect course and will be very useful for my career. The instructor explained things in a way that I understood so that I could learn a program that I was very challenged with before. Thank you!
4.9 stars Love the shortcuts provided. Rich is great at answering all questions.
5.0 stars Chris made all the difference. Patient, knowledgeable, entertaining all wrapped up in one package. I will take valuable info with me regarding Excel. Thanks!
5.0 stars This was a great course - I wish I would have taken it a year ago! Rich is a great instructor and also provided great references for future use. I plan to attend additional courses.
5.0 stars I liked the small classroom setting. I felt like I could ask questions without holding up the class too much, and the instructor gave me and everyone one on one instructions if needed, and made sure everyone was on the same page before we went on to the next topic. I really enjoyed this class.
5.0 stars THANK YOU for being letting us retake this class. I learned so much that I can apply at work. See you again.
5.0 stars I retook the class, and it was just as great as the last time! Chris is a great teacher. We covered the same general topics, but was able to grasp the concepts better since i was already exposed to them. I was nice to have new classmates ask different questions so we could get a better understanding with real life examples. Thank you!
5.0 stars I enjoyed taking both Level 3 and Level 2 with Chris. He explained the concepts very clearly and if someone didn't understand he was able to explain it in a different way.
5.0 stars Best one day instruction in Excel I have ever received. Far better than any Excel courses I took at Loyola Chicago when working towards my Bachelors Degree
4.9 stars Rich was a great instructor- he provided thoughtful answers to any questions and was very good at explaining complex material in a simple manner.
4.6 stars Chris was very helpful and enthuastic about answering questions. He addressed all concerns with a welcoming attitude.
5.0 stars Rich is a FANTASTIC instructor! Highly recommend Rich and the VBA course! Learned so much useful information that I will be able to apply in my work environment.
5.0 stars Trainer Chris is great! He made learning this excel stuff fun and entertaining. I would highly recommend this class to others, in fact I am recommending it to other departments within my firm.
5.0 stars Rich was thorough and very clear on his communication. This course instilled a much higher degree of confidence in my use of Excel.
5.0 stars The instructor was excellent. He was very thorough while working at a solid pace. All the tips and knowledge he provided was extremely relevant to my day to day duties. He provided a solid foundation and comfort with the class to move forward and implement with my work. I would highly recommend the instructor to anyone willing to take Excel training.
5.0 stars I appreciated Jeff's flexibility in providing examples that weren't always on point. He did a great job going between the examples answering the questions and getting right back to the point we were covering. Great job! I came here to love excel, getting close. Learning how to format has laid a great foundation for my new relationship with excel. It makes the messy orderly and the complicated easy, getting to love quickly. Looking forward to our next date. Thanks Jeff!
4.9 stars Great Class! Thanks for all your help!
5.0 stars Such a great class and such an awesome instructor! Chris made it fun while I learned and made me want to learn and absorb all of the valuable information I was being taught. Would definitely recommend!
5.0 stars 2nd time taking a class with Chris - and it was excellent as always!! great teacher/lecturer!! Would highly recommend Chris' class.
5.0 stars Bob was one of the best instructors I have ever had. He was extremely intelligent, current in his direction and...while it could have been a very dry class...entertaining which made me more engaged. I wish I could have him for my Advanced class scheduled for July 13. Great class!!
3.9 stars What i found most helpful was that the instructor loosely based the topics of conversation off the instructional manual. In other words, we followed the process but he limited his need to reference the book and engaged us directly.
5.0 stars Jeff, answered my many question in a understandible way, and confirmed my and the rest did understand. Thank you for your great class!!
5.0 stars I appreciate the fact Professor explains why errors in code occur. I learned how to trouble shoot my own codes and to have a bit of fun with them myself. Both courses I have enrolled in have both improved and offered a review of my proficiency with MS. Thank you.
5.0 stars Rich was awesome! He was very easy to understand, used layman's terms and provided a comfortable environment throughout Excel 2 & 3. All three Excel training sessions are well worth attending. Celia Juel - Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Nebraska
5.0 stars I found this class very helpful! I work in Excel everyday and I have been doing many things the long way. The instructor (Chris) was HIGHLY helpful and thought us many tricks and tips to help make things more efficient.
5.0 stars The thought of a day-long excel course seems tedious and boring BUT Rich did an amazing job. I was engaged throughout the entire class, I amazed myself! The pace was perfect and I was able to keep up with students that I thought were above my level of knowledge in excel. Rich was a great teacher, very personable, and entertaining. I will be recommending this class to others at work and friends. Thanks Training Connection!!
5.0 stars Great course. I learned a lot within the first hour that I can apply immediately with my business. By the end of the day, I was really pleased with all of the information, new tools and information that Carol was able to teach us! I will definitely attend another class in the future.
5.0 stars I enrolled in Excel 1,2, and 3 and had the pleasure of having Chris as the instructor for all three. Even though Excel three covered more advanced data, Chris made it fun and easy to follow. I would highly recommend these training classes.

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