About Carol

Carol has 25 years of experience providing outstanding skills training programs for thousands of managers and employees. Her main areas of expertise are Communication, Business Writing, Customer Service, Presentations, Project Management, Time Management and Sales. Before moving into the corporate training field Carol worked for several large companies in various leadership and project management roles.

  • Bachelor of Business Administration | University of Santa Barbara
  • MOS Certified
  • Certified PMP

Carol’s has an engaging personality and her classes are interactive and fun. She has consistently over the last 10 years received our highest intructor rating.

Professional Certifications

  • Adobe Train the Trainer
  • Adobe Certified Instructor (License ADB310105)
  • Adobe Certified Expert (ACE)
  • Avid Certified Pro

Special Skills

20+ years in video and film editing
Photography (Still and Cinematography)
Camera to Post Workflows
Cinematography (Arri, red, CineAlta)
Editorial to Protocols Workflows
Compression (Codes, Wrappers)
Media Delivery (Broadcast, Web, Film)
Graphic Design
Motion Graphic Design/Animation
Motion Tracking (After Effects & Mocha)
Mac and PC
Social/Trans Media Design



Blog Posts

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Artificial Intelligence Versus Automation

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