How to Reduce Physical Fatigue In Customer Service

Fatigue is common in the workplace where employees spend the bulk of their time behind their desks in front of computers.  In customer service, the fatigue caused by physical, mental and emotional exertions, can have a negative effect on productivity.  An employee experiencing fatigue will be limited in their ability to contribute.

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There are some key factors that can assist in preventing workplace fatigue which will contribute to higher productivity from employees.

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Stay hydrated

Staying hydrated in the office is vital and water is the best liquid to achieve this.  Avoid drinking soda and coffee or tea.  Try keeping a bottle of water at your desk and drink it regularly throughout the day.  If you are not properly hydrated you can feel more lethargic.

Have healthy snacks throughout the day

Don’t go for long periods without eating.  When you are hungry, you can feel more fatigued and can lose focus.  Keep nutritious snacks to hand and eat a small amount of protein every 2 hours or so.  It’s also vital to eat a nutritious breakfast before your day starts.

Stay active

Get up from your desk at least every 90 minutes and take a walk down the passage or a few flights of stairs in your building. Have a “walking meeting” if you are meeting with only one other person.  Fresh air can re-energize you and taking time away from your desk can help you to be more focused when you return. Getting the blood flowing can provide a real boost of natural energy.

Use the right equipment

The ergonomic set up of your desk and accessories at work can make a big difference.  It can help prevent the possibility of injury as well as prevent fatigue and distraction caused by trying to compensate for an uncomfortable desk set-up.

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Proper lighting

Make sure you have enough lighting at your desk for the tasks at hand.  Not enough or too much can strain your eyes and cause headaches, leading to drowsiness and fatigue.


Make sure you are getting at least 7 to 9 hours of sleep a night.  Making sure you have enough sleep at night can be a big step in the direction of being more alert and productive at work.

Exercise regularly

Whether you do a 30 minute walk each day or you visit the gym on a regular basis, staying active outside of work is key to staying healthy and energised.

Get rest when you need to

If you are sick, take some time out to get healthy.  You will need to rest to avoid symptoms lasting days, weeks or longer, making you less productive in the long term.


Having a work area that is too hot or too cold can add to fatigue. Often we can’t control the temperature of the rooms we work in, but we can use accessories (like blankets or fans) to help control the temperature in our immediate surroundings.




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