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Customer Service Training Resources

Below you will find useful informational articles on how to improve the way you service your customers. We also run Customer Service classes in Chicago and Los Angeles.

Customer Service Resources:

Great Customer Service over the Phone

Phone-based customer serviceWhen you are talking to someone in person, body language makes up a large part (some would say more than half) of your message. But as soon as you pick up the phone, body language becomes irrelevant. The success of your interactions depends almost entirely on your tone of voice and your choice of words. Read more.

Delivering Great In-Person Service
Face-to-face Customer ServiceIn-person interactions provide a great opportunity to build rapport with customers. When you talk to a customer on the phone or you exchange emails with a customer, it can be difficult sometimes to get a sense of what the other person is thinking and feeling. But when you talk to a customer in person, you get constant feedback, both verbal and nonverbal. It’s easy to tell if you are creating the right impression. Although in-person interactions can be difficult at times, they offer exceptional insight into what customers want and need. Read more.

Great Email Customer Service
Email Customer ServiceA growing number of customer interactions are taking place online. Younger people in particular prefer to do too much of their business online rather than in person. But online interactions have limitations. To provide excellent customer service online, you need to understand what works and what doesn’t work, and how to make the most of the tools that are available to you. Read more.

Reducing Physical Fatigue In Customer Service
Communication via gesturesWhile it would be easy to blame the customers for how weary you feel after handling irate customers all day, there are other factors that can make one less friendly or efficient in Customer Service. In this article, we will cover how activity level can limit your ability to enjoy a strong and energetic body throughout your day and in your personal time. Read more.

The Groupon Effect on Customer Service
Communication via gestures Groupon is a name that can make or break your business. You can be a small or large business who wants to expand your customer base but if you are not prepared to make way for new customers, your business will be well known but not for the better. Refreshing customer service skills and experience will be critical to your management of such instantaneous demand. Read more.

3 Ways to Start Positive in Customer Service
Communication via gesturesWhen a customer calls about their experience with your business, it is more likely that it is to fix a problem than to compliment you on your service. We are all used to hearing “The Customer is Always Right.” Still, the point of this saying should not be misunderstood. In my classes, I help service agents understand how even if the customer is not always right- they are always important. How important you make your customers feel can be the difference between a viral complaint and a loyal following. Read more.

5 Words Customers Do Not Want to Hear
Communication via gesturesA customer can start out angry or can start calm and later become angry yet when you interface either in person or by phone, your role as a customer service agent is to provide solutions and ameliorate relations. Often, this is lost in translation when we use words that put a customer in a defensive state. Read more.

How to Greet Customers
Communication via gesturesUnlike an unresponsive touch screen or automated message system, you have the power to humanize your company’s service and redirect customer relations in a winning direction when interacting with a live customer. In today’s article, cover how you can improve the impression you make when you greet your customer. . Read more.

Brand Identity through Customer Service Scripting
Communication via gesturesA recent Ritz-Carlton Case Study reveals how standardizing service language across multiple corporate branches and locations can set a business apart from other businesses by setting an expectation for higher quality communication from service personnel.  Similar to updating a brand spokesperson or logo look and typography, updating customer service language of your business is also key to connecting with the times.. Read more.

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