Illustrator 2023

Advanced Training Course

This advanced class consists of 12 different projects that cover the more advanced features of Adobe Illustrator.

Our instructors will lead you step-by-step through each project, teaching the correct workflow, how to master each tool and show you useful shortcuts to speed up your production. This hands-on training is a proven method for those looking to master Illustrator.

What's Included

  • Certificate of Course Completion
  • Training Manual
  • FREE Class Repeat (valid for 6 months)
2 Days $895.00
Authorised Training Centre

Live face-to-face instructor

No minimum class size - all classes guaranteed to run!

Students should have already completed our Fundamentals class or have the equivalent experience prior to attending this course. Training available on Mac and PC.

View our full range of Illustrator training courses, or see below for the detailed outline for Illustrator Advanced.

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Detailed Course Outline

Use the powerful Appearance panel to create and organize simulated 3D buttons and effects.
  • Learn how to work with the Appearance panel
  • Use the Gradients panel to create textures
  • Manage layers and groups for better design
Use Illustrator's graphing tools and other features to create infographics in 2D and 3D.
  • Working with the graphing tools
  • Gradients and Shadow Effects
  • Work with 3D to enhance graphs
Use several tools and techniques to create a
Typography-based poster and more.
  • Work with warping text
  • Working with the Appearance panel
  • Text tools and techniques
Use Image Trace and Live Paint to turn common pixel-based art into beautiful vector masterpieces.
  • Learn about the Image Trace workflow
  • Use Live Paint to add color to vector artwork
  • Learn about the types of vector art
Use Illustrator's amazing Pattern Maker as well as a few hidden features to create amazing repetitive artwork.
  • Make patterns in Illustrator
  • Use Anchor Points and Object Transforms
  • Use the Transform effect
Use the popular Blending Modes feature to create complex blending effects on your images.
  • Learn about Blending Modes
  • Apply Blending Modes to your layers
  • Working with Blending Modes
Learn additional methods to combine text and graphics to create a one-page info article.
  • Format and connect text boxes
  • Wrap text around a graphic
  • Use a Gradient Mesh to create graphics
Learn about the many different types of vector brushes to create some unique artwork.
  • Use and define Brushes
  • Add brush art to existing paths
  • Create vector brushes
Use 3D Effects in Illustrator to create two very different types of 3D vector artwork.
  • Learn about the Extrude & Bevel Effect
  • Learn about the Revolve Effect
  • Position your 3D Artwork
Combine raster and vector graphic design together and learn how to manage their relationship in Illustrator.
  • Learn more about raster graphics in Illustrator
  • Work with the mighty Appearance panel
  • Create vector elements for your raster graphic
Use some of the most powerful coloring features in Illustrator to alter and convert the colors of your artwork.
  • Create professional color combinations
  • Convert and alter colors
  • Learn how to reduce colors in your artwork
Use the powerful Perspective Grid in Illustrator to create 3D looking perspective vector artwork.
  • Learn about the Perspective Grid
  • Create a perspective logo from scratch
  • Manipulate elements on the grid

Our outlines are a guide to the content covered in a typical class. We may change or alter the course topics to meet the objectives of a particular class.