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Illustrator Fundamentals Training Course

Course Description

On this 3-day beginner to intermediate class you will learn Adobe Illustrator by completing a series of Real World projects.

Our instructors will lead you step-by-step through each project, teaching the correct workflow, how to master each tool and show you useful shortcuts to speed up your production. This hands-on training is a proven method for those looking learn Illustrator.

Live face-to-face instructor. No minimum class size - all classes guaranteed to run!

This course is ideal for designers, marketers and anyone who is pursuing a career in graphic design. Training available on Mac and PC.

3 Days | $1195.00

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Detailed course outline

  • Introduction: Interface & Navigation

In this lesson, you will explore the interface and navigation of Adobe Illustrator - the World's no. 1 vector editing program.

    • Create a New Document
    • Navigate the Illustrator Interface
    • Get familiar with Panels and Working with Objects
  • Icon Design

In this lesson, you will create basic icon shapes to begin to master some of the key fundamental features and tools in Illustrator.

    • Work with Various Shapes & Lines
    • Transform Shapes
    • Combine and Manipulate Shapes
  • The Pen Tool: Tracing & Coloring Artwork

In this lesson, you will use the ultimate precision path creation tool in Illustrator, the Pen Tool.

    • Learn about Vector Paths
    • Learn to use the Pen Tool
    • Other Path Manipulation Tools

  • Type Basics

In this lesson, you will learn the fundamentals of working with text and text formatting in Adobe Illustrator.

    • Learning about the Type of Text for any Design
    • Working with Fonts
    • Using the Character Panel to Format Text

  • Rock 'n' Roll Vector Poster Design

In this lesson, you will take what you have learned so far as well as a few new features, to create an event poster.

    • Practice Creating and Arranging Text
    • Work with and Modify Vector Graphics
    • Learn One Way how to Distort Text Creatively
  • Exporting for the Web

In this lesson, we will be exploring the best way to finish your artwork and export it for websites, social media and beyond.

    • Prepping your Artwork for Export
    • Exporting Ad & Export for Screens
    • Learn about Save for Web Legacy
  • Compounding Shapes

In this lesson, you will learn how to combine shapes into a single shape known as compound shape.

    • Learn what Compound Shapes really are
    • Create Compound Shapes
    • Use Compound Shapes to Create Complex Art

  • Complex Shapes

In this lesson, you will use the powerful Pathfinder Tool to create compound and other types of unique custom shapes.

    • Access and Use the Pathfinder Panel
    • Shape Modes vs Pathfinders
    • Use the Pathfinder to Create Compound Shapes

  • The Pathfinder in Practice

In this lesson, you will harness the power of the Pathfinder Panel and some new techniques to create some logos.

    • Outlining Text
    • Use Graphics to Create Texture for Artwork
    • Learn to Layout your Logo before Combining Elements
  • Use & Create Symbols

In this lesson, you will learn about Symbols in Illustrator. This will allow you to save your art and then distribute it in various ways.

    • What are Symbols?
    • Create Symbols
    • Use Symbols in your Artwork
  • Typography

Time to delve deeper into the world of typography and explore more panels and text path effects to expand your artistic abilities.

    • Character & Paragraph Panel Properties
    • Add Text to Paths
    • Manipulate Text on Paths
  • The Gate: Feature Film

Use what you have learned in previous lessons in some new ways to create a title for a feature film and brand called THE GATE.

    • Working with Text to Format a Feature Title
    • Add Texture to a Title in Illustrator
    • Manipulate Text using the Knife Tool
  • Color like a Pro

Jump into Illustrator Swatches panel to manage and create color. We will also explore setting up a more convenient color workflow for projects.

    • Learn about the Swatches Panel
    • Create new Colors and Groups
    • Learn more efficient Color Workflows

  • Social Media: Design & Workflow

Use your skills in Illustrator and the power of multiple artboards to create several social posts tailored for the most popular networks.

    • Working across Multiple Artboards
    • Working with Standard Social Media Sizes for Artwork
    • Batch Export your Social Media Posts efficiently

  • Dance for Me: Puppet Warp Project

In this lesson, we will explore one of the newer features known as the Puppet Warp Tool. This tool allows you to articulate vector images in a fluid way.

    • Learn about the Puppet Wrap Tool
    • What Type of Art is best for the Puppet Wrap Tool
    • Apply and Use the Puppet Wrap Tool
  • Tool Exploration

In this lesson, you will use Illustrator's weird WARP tools to enhance text elements. You have used them before, but now it's time to go further.

    • Learn about all the Warp Tools
    • Explore some of the Warp Tool Options
    • Use Warp Tools to creatively Warp text
  • Cross-Application Roundtripping

In this lesson, we are going to take art created in the previous lesson and move it to Photoshop to add texture and more.

    • Moving Vector Content to Photoshop
    • Enhancing Vectors in Photoshop
    • Sending Information from Photoshop to Illustrator

  • Zombie Party! Multi-page Brochure

In this lesson, you will harness all that you've learned as well as learn a few more tricks to create a Zombie Party brochure for print.

    • Setting up a Project for Print
    • Create and Use Multiple Graphic Elements
    • Finish and Save your File for Print

Our outlines are a guide to the content covered on a typical class. We may change or alter the course topics to meet the objectives of a particular class.



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Class times: 9.00am to 4.30pm

Servicing Arlington Heights, Aurora, Bollingbrook, Chicago Loop,
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Schaumburg, Skokie, South Chicago and surrounding areas.

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Guaranteed to Run Limited Seats Left

Class times: 9.00am to 4.30pm

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