About Jeff

  • Jeff has more than 20 years experience developing websites and eLearning content.
  • He teaches all our Adobe Captivate, Dreamweaver and Web development classes.
  • He is a very accessible trainer, who takes a flexible approach to his classes, to ensure each trainee gets maximum benefit from his classes. He is also able to explain difficult concepts in a manner that participants find easy to understand.
  • Jeff consistently receives the very highest student ratings.
  • In his spare time, Jeff enjoys singing (he is a tenor), loves food/wine tasting, horseback riding, Disneyland, and he plays a mean game of dominos.
  • Professional Certifications

    • Adobe Train the Trainer
    • Adobe Certified Instructor (License ADB310105)
    • Adobe Certified Expert (ACE)
    • Avid Certified Pro

    Special Skills

    20+ years in video and film editing
    Photography (Still and Cinematography)
    Camera to Post Workflows
    Cinematography (Arri, red, CineAlta)
    Editorial to Protocols Workflows
    Compression (Codes, Wrappers)
    Media Delivery (Broadcast, Web, Film)
    Graphic Design
    Motion Graphic Design/Animation
    Motion Tracking (After Effects & Mocha)
    Mac and PC
    Social/Trans Media Design



    Blog Posts

    After Effects and 3D Models

    After Effects and 3D Models
    Explore the dynamic capabilities of Adobe After Effects 2024 with its groundbreaking support for importing real 3D models in .GLB and .glTF formats, revolutionizing motion graphics and visual effects creation.

    The Rise of Video Editing as a Professional Career: Navigating the Software Landscape

    The Rise of Video Editing as a Professional Career: Navigating the Software Landscape
    In the dynamic world of digital media, video editing has emerged as a lucrative and exciting career.

    Workflow Efficiency with After Effects Sync Settings

    Workflow Efficiency with After Effects Sync Settings
    Imagine a world where your preferences seamlessly follow you, where customizations and presets transcend devices. With After Effects Sync Settings, this vision becomes a reality. This powerful feature revolutionizes the way professionals work, enabling effortless synchronization of preferences and settings across multiple devices and installations. Whether you're collaborating with a team or transitioning between workstations, Sync Settings ensures consistency, efficiency, and a truly personalized creative environment. Say goodbye to manual adjustments and hello to a streamlined workflow that adapts to your needs. After Effects Sync Settings is the key to unlocking unparalleled flexibility and productivity in your visual effects and motion graphics endeavors.