Premiere Pro 2024

Bootcamp Training Course

Our most popular course taking you from Premiere Pro beginner to master in 5 days. The course covers everything from capturing, editing, special effects, graphics, titles to final production. You will also work with audio, as well as integrating Photoshop and Illustrator.

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  • Training Manual
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5 Days $1995.00
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Live face-to-face instructor.

Classes taught by pros!

No prior experience of Premiere Pro is needed. Training available on Mac and PC.

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Detailed Course Outline

Learn the basics of how Premiere works with video and other media and start importing and editing right away!
  • Lecture: What you should know about Premiere
  • Lecture: Artificial Intelligence features in Premiere
  • Managing and Organizing Media
  • Easy Ways of Creating & Managing New Projects
  • Navigating and Interface details / Workspaces 101
  • The Fundamental Editing 101 / Tricks and Tips
Go deeper and learn how to tweak the interface and work across multiple workspaces to speed up editing.
  • The best task-based workspaces & customization
  • Re-engineering the workspaces to speed up editing
  • The different ways to trim and modify clips
  • Nudging, Swapping, Dragging, and more
Trimming is so simple and yet so time-consuming if you don’t know these VIP features and techniques.
  • The Fastest way to edit (prove me wrong)
  • Tools versus Back-End Features
  • Speed analyzing and tagging
  • Keeping tracks in sync / manipulating tracks
  • Quick and Dirty Trimming Tips N’ Tricks
Dive into the formulas of working with media, editing, and outputting in Premiere Pro.
  • Cameras, Media, and Premiere
  • Demystifying Custom Sequences
  • Editing from beginning to end
  • Exporting your Video for Social Media and beyond
Learn more about the power behind your edits by learning what the different preferences can do for you.
  • How Premiere works and “doesn’t” work with your GPU
  • Editing with Labels and Color with Sync options
  • Streamlining Premiere to work with your Computer better
  • Previewing out to your Monitor, TV or other devices
Edit a project that requires more than just editing. Take things to the next level with Text and more.
  • Creating a Project and Working with difficult Media
  • Creation, Management, and Organization of Proxy Media
  • Working and Editing with Markers / Basic Cut Techniques
  • Understanding how Text works in Premiere
Time to step up to a higher level of editing and timeline manipulation in this important lesson.
  • Alternate Timeline Workflows
  • Track Targeting and Sync Locks
  • Speed: The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly
  • Trim Mode and JKL Editing
  • Saving to the Cloud vs Computer
Learn more about tools and techniques that will not only save you time but will improve your editing skills.
  • Quick Overview of Tools
  • Better than Tool Alternatives
  • Tools that will save you time
  • Techniques that will save you time
Learn about metadata and how it can speed up and organize your workflow.
  • Working with Bins and Bin Views / Smart Bins
  • Sorting in the Various Views / Icon References
  • Modifying Metadata / Creating custom fields
  • Embedded and Sidecar Metadata
  • Clip IDs, Duplicate files, and more
Apply, create, and modify effects and transitions in Adobe Premiere Pro.
  • Why clips always should be trimmed
  • Different categories of transitions
  • Apply and modify transitions
  • Applying and modifying general effects
Unlock and understand the world of media formats and exporting for delivery to broadcast, film, social media, and more.
  • How Video and Sound Formats Work
  • Understanding Compression and Color
  • The best File Formats for specific deliveries
  • A Guide to Exporting with Media Encoder
  • Custom Presets and Ingest Settings
Learn about the art of keyframing to create animations across audio and video.
  • Working with basic audio and animations
  • Popular Text Animations
  • Custom Transitions
  • Working with MoGraph Templates
Learn how to create and manage effects that enhance your clips and media.
  • What FX Badges are all about
  • Types of Effects: Intrinsic, Non-Intrinsic, 3rd Party
  • 32-Bit, Accelerated, and YUV effects
  • Popular Effects and how to use them
Learn about the art of keyframing to create animations across audio and video.
  • Working with basic audio and animations
  • Popular Text Animations
  • Custom Transitions
  • Working with MoGraph Templates
Excellent AI features in Premiere to save you time and improve your projects.
  • Understanding AI and what is really possible
  • AI: Autoformatting for projects
  • AI: Scene Edit Automation
  • AI: Storyboarding ***Features coming soon
  • AI: 3rd Party AI into Premiere
Kick off the advanced course with audio tweaking, repairing and finishing for Video Editors.
  • A review of fundamental audio editing / Essential Sound
  • AI: Understanding Enhance Audio in Premiere
  • Setting levels the right way
  • Audio Clip and Track Mixers
  • Quick mix settings with Automated Tracking
  • Audio Settings and Multitrack Audio Files
Take audio to the next level by using some of the more advanced and easy-to-use features in Adobe Audition. Note: This is only a fundamental guide on Audition.
  • Audio Dynamics and Adobe Audition
  • Premiere’s relationship with Audition
  • Working with waves in the Editor panel
  • Cleaning up, repairing, and tweaking audio
  • Batch audio leveling and useful techniques
Learn about transparency and effects through the use of masks, mattes, and alpha channels.
  • What are Masks, Mattes, and Alpha Channels?
  • What type of Masks are in Premiere?
  • Classic Mask Effects
  • Using non-intrinsic Effects and Masks
  • Mask Tracking and Animation
Use Premiere’s internal effects to solve common problems in your workflows.
  • Reducing or Enhancing Noise
  • Stabilizing Footage and Limitations
  • Fixing Strobing and Flickering
  • Fixing Frame Corruption with Sequences
  • Going rogue with Effects
Use a powerful feature called Responsive Design to speed up common designs and animations!
  • What is Responsive design?
  • Locking in responsive keyframing techniques
  • Troubleshooting responsive design animations
  • Screen Layout and responsive positioning
Check out this bucket of random, useful techniques and features that anyone can use to improve their projects.
  • Timecode Burn-Ins
  • Preset and Workspace Hacks
  • Useful Keyboard shortcuts and maps
  • Tips and Tricks to speed up Premiere functionality
Coming from another program to Premiere? Or maybe you are going from Premiere to another program!
  • Premiere and Final Cut Pro, Resolve, Avid
  • Premiere and After Effects, Photoshop, Illustrator
  • Cut lists and related features in Premiere (EDL, XML, etc)
Check out demos and samples of amazing 3rd party plugins that you may not be able to live without.
  • 3rd Party AI Solutions for Color, Editing and Audio
  • 3rd Party General Solutions for Speeding up Premiere
Learn about the fundamentals of color correction and stylization in Premiere using the Lumetri Color Engine.
  • About Lumetri in Premiere Pro
  • Color Correction Workflows
  • Getting familiar with the Lumetri panel
  • Tonal Color Correction
  • Selective Color Grading and more
  • Secondary Grading
Go further with the Lumetri panel and other effects to correct and manipulate clips in Premiere.
  • Color Matching clips in the timeline
  • Batch color correction
  • LUTs, Logarithmic corrections, and more
  • Working with HDR footage (iPhone, mobile, cameras, etc)

Our outlines are a guide to the content covered in a typical class. We may change or alter the course topics to meet the objectives of a particular class.