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Adobe After Effects Advanced Course

Course Description

This course is aimed at existing After Effects users who need to take their motion graphics and effects compositing game to a higher level.

The class covers topics such as advanced Compositing, Keying Techniques, Particle Simulation, advanced Masking, Rotoscoping, Puppet Tools, advanced Color Correction, and more.

Live face-to-face instructor. Classes taught by pros!

Students should have already completed our Fundamentals class or have equivalent experience. Training available on both Mac and PC platforms.

View our full range of After Effects training courses, or see below for the detailed outline for After Effects Advanced.

2 Days | $895.00

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Detailed course outline

  • UNIT 1: Camera Workflows
    • After Effects Cameras: Not your Daddy’s DSLR
    • Creating Cameras and setting Camera properties
    • Camera cuts, rack focus, and other classic Camera moves
    • Animating Cameras on a path
    • Creating Flythroughs
    • Managing Cameras, Lights, and shadow
    • The power of Camera rigging
    • Camera power linking
  • UNIT 2: Advanced Compositing Techniques
    • Understanding A Over B
    • Blend Modes and Mask Modes
    • Pre-Rendering and other techniques
    • Render Order and Priorities
    • Optimizing Projects: Global vs Persistent Cache
    • Edges on Camera and the Real World
  • UNIT 3: Keying Techniques
    • Understanding blue and green screen chroma keys
    • Tips for shooting green screen footage
    • Using the Keylight effect
    • Procedural mattes for the lazy
    • Hi-con mattes
    • Key Cleaner for poorly-lit footage
    • Linear Keying effects
    • Third Party Keying Suites
  • UNIT 4: Stabilization and Tracking
    • About stabilization and tracking
    • Using the Warp Stabilizer VFX feature
    • Single-point and multi-point motion tracking
    • Motion tracking with Mocha planar data
    • Other tracking techniques
    • 3D Camera tracking
    • Shadow catchers
    • Null objects
  • UNIT 5: The Art of Rotoscoping
    • About rotoscoping
    • Classic rotoscoping workflows
    • Using the Roto Brush Tool
    • Creating and refining Roto Brush segmentation boundaries
    • Using the Refine Edge Tool
    • Freezing and unfreezing Roto Brush data
    • Articulated Mattes
    • Refining Mattes: Feather, Track
    • The legacy Paint Tools: painting, cloning, and erasing
    • Roto like a Jedi: Hot core energy effects
  • UNIT 6: Particle Effects
    • About particle simulation
    • After Effects' particle generators
    • The Particle Playground effect
    • The CC Particle Systems II effect
    • Customizing particle properties
    • Additional particle effects and techniques
    • Popular third-party particle effects
  • UNIT 7: Color Correction and Color Grading
    • Enterprise-based color workflows
    • Histograms and Channels: Using the Lumetri scopes
    • Using the Lumetri Color Effect and the Lumetri Color panel
    • Adjusting levels and exposure
    • Adjusting color balance and saturation
    • Legalizing Luma/Color for Broadcast
    • Additional color correction options
    • Cinematic color grading
  • UNIT 8: Puppet Tools Distortions
    • About the Puppet Tools
    • Adding Deform pins
    • Animating pin positions
    • Stiffening with the Starch Tool
    • Recording deformations
    • Acting it out with Adobe Character Animator
  • UNIT 9: Advanced Color Options
    • Understanding HDR (High Dynamic Range)
    • Linear HDR Compositing: Lifelike
    • Linear LDR Compositing
    • Color Management and LUTs

Our outlines are a guide to the content covered on a typical class. We may change or alter the course topics to meet the objectives of a particular class. Bonus tracks are covered if time permits.



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Class times: 9.00am to 4.30pm

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Deerfield, Des Plaines, Evanston, Highland Park, Joliet, Naperville,
Schaumburg, Skokie, South Chicago and surrounding areas.

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