43 Adobe After Affects 2024 Advanced | Hands-on certified training

After Affects 2024

Advanced Training Course

This course is aimed at existing After Effects users who need to take their motion graphics and effects compositing game to a higher level.

The class covers topics such as advanced Compositing, Keying Techniques, Particle Simulation, advanced Masking, Rotoscoping, Puppet Tools, advanced Color Correction, and more.

What's Included

  • Certificate of Course Completion
  • Training Manual
  • FREE Class Repeat (valid for 6 months)
2 Days $995.00
Authorised Training Centre

Live face-to-face training

No minimum class size - all classes guaranteed to run!

Students should have already completed our Fundamentals class or have equivalent experience. Training available on both Mac and PC platforms.

View our full range of After Effects training courses, or see below for the detailed outline for After Effects Advanced.

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Detailed Course Outline

Learn to create, manage, and animate both 2D and 3D content in Adobe After Effects.
  • A review of Fundamental 3D knowledge
  • Detailed Guide on Classic 3D versus Cinema 4D Modes
  • An overview of the all 3D features around the interface
  • Classic 2D workflows in After Effects (In-Depth)
  • Classic 3D workflows in After Effects (In-Depth)
  • Setting up a simple scene
  • A guide to setting up multiple cameras for animation
Use cameras and 3D space to create compelling fly-through animations.
  • Learning about Parallax
  • Classic fly-through animations workflow
  • Enhancing techniques with expressions
  • Fundamental particle effects
  • Complex movements step-by-step
Learn the art of camera rigging to facilitate camera animations and master complex camera movements.
  • What is Camera Rigging?
  • Creating your own camera rig from scratch
  • Using rigs to create complex camera movement
  • Samples of film and television titling
  • Dynamics and Parallax animations
Need to place, replace, modify, or add effects to moving objects in video? Learn all the best tracking tools in AE.
  • All the different types of tracking
  • All the types of tracking in After Effects
  • Point Tracking / Mask Tracking / Planar Tracking
  • 3D Tracking & Tips and Tricks for working with Lighting
  • Intro to Face Tracking (optional)
Learn about Rotoscoping, one of the most powerful techniques used to create some of Hollywood’s biggest effects.
  • A brief guide to Rotoscoping
  • Classic rotoscoping demo
  • AI Rotoscoping in After Effects using the new Roto Brush
  • Compositing and rotoscoping
  • Putting a scene together
Learn about how color works in After Effects including its applications to areas such as film, television and web.
  • A quick guide to color in After Effects
  • Color Settings: Rec.709, Rec.2020, HDR, RGB and beyond
  • Color Matching techniques
  • Color Effects Mentions (optional)
Learn the art of keying out color in After Effects using the effect called Keylight.
  • The different types of keying and key effects in AE
  • Working with Keylight
  • Enhancing keys / Fixing bad keys / Key Cleaner
  • Advanced work with multipass keys
How does artificial intelligence play with After Effects? Learn about animating Generative content and more.
  • Internal AI features versus 3rd party services
  • Working with material from Adobe Firefly
  • Working with material from Midjourney and many others
  • Formats and conversion for animation in AE
  • Upcoming AI features and beyond
Learn how to work with Shape Layers like the pros and create amazing text, logos and geometric animations.
  • Advanced Shape management and grouping
  • Repetitive animations with the Repeater
  • Merge Path / Offset Paths / Trim Paths / Wiggling
  • Combining shape animations with expressions
  • Shape Layer conversions using vector artwork
Learn to create particle and lighting effects to create anything from magical dust to digital cyclones.
  • Understanding After Effects Simulation Effects
  • All the different Particle systems in AE / 3rd Party Mentions
  • 2D versus 3D Particle systems
  • Particle Systems II, Particle Playground, Particle World
  • Glowing and Lighting Effects
After Effects has additional super powers of working with many Adobe and non-Adobe applications.
  • After Effects and Illustrator Relationship
  • After Effects and After Effects Relationship
  • After Effects and Premiere Relationship
  • After Effects and InDesign Relationship
  • After Effects and Other non-Adobe applications
Learn more about expanding the capabilities of After Effects or speeding up common tasks with these time-saving tricks.
  • Some of the best places for plugins, extensions and scripts
  • Most Popular plugins, extensions and scripts
  • More Power tools in After Effects

Our outlines are a guide to the content covered in a typical class. We may change or alter the course topics to meet the objectives of a particular class.