Brand Identity through Customer Service Scripting

A recent Ritz-Carlton Case Study reveals how standardizing service language across multiple corporate branches and locations can set a business apart from other businesses by setting an expectation for higher quality communication from service personnel. Similar to updating a brand spokesperson or logo look and typography, updating customer service language of your business is also key to connecting with the times.

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If you work in customer services, you will be aware that the words you use in customer interactions are very powerful.  Hearing a simple negative word like “no” can trigger an unwanted reaction from your customer.  The rights words have real power and if you use them carefully, you can ensure the desired outcome with your customers.

Greeting Customer Effectively

Positive customer phrases will engage your customers and enhance satisfaction, thereby retaining customers who may have initiated the conversation with a problem.

Being sincere and positive are key factors when helping a customer.  If you are openly receptive to your customer’s problem, your positive responses will reflect true understanding. The rest of the conversation will flow naturally from that point onwards.

An important thing to do at the start of your conversation is to ask for your customer’s name.  Try not to assume that there’s a problem up front, but rather simply ask how you can be of service.  You want to start from that positive position and continue with scripting that is solutions-based.

Phrases to use are:

Hello, my name is (x).  May I ask your name?

Great to meet you (y).  How can I help you today?

Phrases to avoid are:

What’s wrong? Are you confused?

Some other useful tools to use for customer service scripting are:

Embrace any small talk that the customer may present

This is another opportunity to create a connection with them.

Repeat or rephrase your customer’s complaint

In this way, you are ensuring that they feel heard and understood and you also clarify what they have said in your own mind.  This is important when the complaint is discussed via chat, as some customers may type a rushed message which needs clarification in order to rectify it.  Regard this as a summary of the complaint though, rather than repeating verbatim what the customer has said.

For example, if the customer says something like:
I want my delivery.

Try responding with:
Thank you for contacting us.  Can you please give me your order number so I can check the progress of your delivery for you?
In this way you clarify the statement and can quickly aim for an effective solution.

Add positive words to your customer service scripts

Using affirming words can result in your positive attitude being infectious. 

Use words like:

  • Definitely
  • Absolutely
  • Great
  • Terrific
  • Gladly
  • Will

Phrases could be:

  • I completely understand.
  • I can definitely help you with that.

At the same time, try to avoid using any negative words or phrases in your scripting.

Situations will arise where customers ask for a solution which you may be unable to give them.  For example, they may ask for a refund after a few months which exceeds your company’s two-week refund policy.  By using some softer negative words like “unfortunately,” you can let your customer know what can’t happen, but you can follow with a phrase like, “Here’s what I can do to help” to position things in a more positive light.  Always offer other options so you are turning the negative into a positive.

Communicate with confidence

Sometimes you will be caught off guard with a question you don’t have an immediate answer for or you may have a very upset customer on the other end of the line. 

Use phrases with confidence to let your customer know you have things under control:

  • I’m going to sort this out for you.
  • I can totally understand where you’re coming from.

When you don’t have an answer, use:

  • Let me find that out for you.

Remember that it’s vital to take pride in your role and use positive scripting to present a confident attitude.

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