How To Deliver World Class Customer Service Over The Phone

Providing customer service over the phone isn’t the same as providing it through live chat or email. Inflection, pacing, and tone should be taken into account when talking to customers. With 39% of people around the world preferring phone or other voice channels as a means of getting support, it’s very important for businesses to learn how to provide excellent service via this channel.

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Since providing excellent service over the phone means catering to a large section of your customer base, the matter shouldn’t be taken lightly. Here we will discuss how to deliver world-class customer service over the phone to help your business ensure more satisfied customers.

Greeting Customer Effectively

Tips to deliver world-class customer service over the phone

1. Be an active listener

When customers tell you their issue, it is best to give them undivided attention. It allows you to understand their needs and concerns. To show that you’re actively listening, reply with “Mhm” and “Ah” while they’re talking. In addition, never interrupt the customer while they’re saying something.

Once the customer has finished explaining the issue, you can paraphrase and repeat back what they’ve said in the form of a summary. To make sure you understand the customer, you can also ask questions. In this way, you gain more information about the concern enabling you to find the best solution.

2. Smile

A smile can actually perforate through various voice channels. There’s a big difference between having a blank expression and smiling when talking to customers, even though you’re on the phone. A friendly voice (elicited through a smile) is necessary to show the person that you really care about their concerns and want to help solve them

3. Use the customer’s name

Calling a person by their name will catch their attention. It shows that you see the customer as another human being who needs your help -- that they are not just a code you see in the computer.

This adds a personal touch to the customer service experience. Calling someone by their name is better than saying “you.” Of course, you don’t have to overdo it. Say their name once in a while during the conversation.

4. Give alternatives

When helping customers with problems they’re facing with your company’s products or services, you’ll likely face certain challenges. For instance, you might be providing the customer with a solution they don’t want.

Offering various solutions to your customers will help them make informed decisions. However, to be able to do so, you should have a deep understanding of the company and its culture. You should also be knowledgeable about its products, services, and technologies. Taking a customer service class can help enhance your knowledge about the company and its offerings.

5. Use positive language

Don’t use the words “You failed to…,” “Unfortunately, or “I can’t….” Instead, you can utilize phrases similar to “I have a solution that will help you…” or “I’d gladly assist you with…”

When you use positive language, you’re focusing the conversation on what can be done to fix the problem. You’re steering away from what can’t be achieved. This will make the customer more satisfied and they will view the company in a positive light. Your choice of words can affect the entire tone of the customer service call.

6. Don’t keep them waiting

Everyone hates waiting. That’s why it’s best to minimize holding periods and answer calls as quickly as you can. It may be necessary to put some callers on hold, however, it’s recommended that you tell them the expected length of the holding period.

7. Provide apologies

In most cases, when a customer calls it’s because they have an issue. Sometimes it is necessary to apologize due to the inconvenience of having to call your customer service department to fix the problem. Empathy can always make the customer feel that you understand their issue.

8. Explain

Usually customers are not aware of the company’s policies and procedures. You should explain what you’re doing and the reason for it. Customer frustration will be alleviated once they understand how you intend to assist them.

In addition, you should explain the various pros and cons of a product, service, or solution you’re proposing. When you provide a balanced recommendation of your offerings, customers will see you as a credible organization. This leads to increased trust and enhanced customer satisfaction.

9. Avoid jargon

You should use plain and simple language that the customer can understand. Avoid technical jargon, acronyms and such. This increases understanding between the customer and the representative.

10. Be courteous

Always be polite and respect your customers. You should always use the magic words “Please” and “Thank You.” This will create a pleasant environment during the entire call.

11. Go the extra mile

World-class customer support doesn’t demand a minimum amount of effort. You should go the extra mile in order to help your customers fix their problem. Once the customer thinks you’re putting in more effort than necessary, he or she will feel appreciated and valued. This can lead to increased customer loyalty and satisfaction.

In conclusion

Applying these 11 techniques can be a great start to providing world-class customer service over the phone. Remember that the customer is always the priority. Train your customer support department to provide the best service they can. In this way, you can gain more customers, retain current ones, and increase your bottom line.


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