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Adding a Digital Signature in Excel

To add a digital signature to a workbook, use the following procedure.

  1. Select the File tab from the Ribbon to open the Backstage View.
  2. Select Protect Workbook.
  3. Select Add a Digital Signature.
  4. Excel may display an informational message. Select OK.
  5. In the Sign dialog box, select the Commitment Type from the drop down list.

  6. Add Digital Signature Dialogue Box

  7. Enter a Purpose for signing the document.
  8. If you would like to include additional information about the signer, select Details.
  9. In the Additional Signing Information dialog box, enter the signature information and select OK.

  10. Additional Signing Information


  11. Your Signature Certificate should appear in the Signing as area. If not, select Change and choose a new one from the Windows Security dialog box.
  12. Select Sign.
  13. The Signature Confirmation dialog box displays. Select OK.

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