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How to Create a Spot Color effect in Premiere Pro

The spot color effect is when everything on the screen is in black and white except for a certain color.
This effect can be done with both stills and video.

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1. Have your still or video selected in the timeline.

Premiere Pro Timeline

Go to the effects panel, type in "Leave Color" and double click on the leave color effect.

Premiere Pro Effects panel

Go to the Effects Control panel , click and release the eyedropper by color to leave and click on the color that you would like to stay on the screen.

Premiere Pro Effects Control panel

Change Match colors drop down from Using RGB to Using Hue.

Use Hue setting

Change Amount to Decolor from 0.0% to 100%

Decolor setting

Everything should be in black and white except for the color which you chose. If there are spots of your designated color which turned black and white you can go to the tolerance setting and scrub the blue numbers to clean add color to those spots.

Set Tolerance setting

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