Managing Objects in Microsoft Access

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In this Article, we will learn how to manage objects in Microsoft Access

There are a number of ways you can manage your objects using the Navigation Pane in Access 2013. All of these ways may be accessed by right-clicking on the object you would like to work with.

For this example, right-click the Customers table:

Object Management With Nav Panel

(For this example, it does not matter if the Customers table is still open.)

In the context menu, you will see options to delete, rename, cut, and copy the selected object. For this example, click Copy:

Object Formatting Options

With the Customers table now copied to your clipboard, you may then paste it elsewhere in this database, or even inside another database you currently have open. With any item selected inside the Navigation Pane, click Home → Paste:

Paste Object Anyway In Database

The action will cause the Paste Table As dialog to open. Here, you may choose a new name for this table to paste, as well as choose from various paste options. For this example, leave the default settings and click OK:

Paste Options From Dialog Box

The pasted table will now be listed within the Navigation Pane as a copy:

Paste Table Appearance In Navigation

Right-click the “Copy Of Customers table” you just pasted and click Delete from the context menu:

Copy and Delete From Context Menu

A dialog will then be displayed asking you to confirm the operation. Click Yes to complete the action:

Confirmation Box to Complete Action

The table will now be removed from the current database. Close Microsoft Access 2013 to complete this module.


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