Working With Tables in Microsoft Access

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In this Article, we will learn how to:

  • Create a table
  • Use table views

Creating a Table

To create a table, click Create → Table:

Creating A New Table

A new table will then be created with the default ID field:

Default Table and ID Created

Press Ctrl + S to save this new table. When the Save As dialog appears, type “Expenses” as a table name and click OK:

Save As Dialog Box

The new table will now be saved within the database using the table name you selected.

Understanding Table Views

Now that you have created a table, you need to add fields to it. Access 2013 includes Design View to help you add fields easily. To apply Design View, click Home → View → Design View:

Add Fields Via Design View

In the first field, type “Expense ID:”

Type Name In First Field

Press Tab. This will advance the cursor to the Data Type combo box. Leave AutoNumber as the default data type. Press Tab once more to advance to the Description Field. Type “Unique ID for each expense claimed to the company.”

Use Tab Function to Edit Data

Use the methods detailed above to enter the following information into the table. Use Tab to move quickly between the fields:

Press Tab For Fast Cell Movement

When you are done, switch back to Datasheet View by clicking Home → View → Datasheet View:

Switch Back To Data View

A dialog will appear asking if you want to save the table. Click Yes:

With Datasheet View applied, you can now see the new fields you entered using Design View:

Use Design View to See New Fields

Save your database.


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