InDesign 2024

Fundamentals Training Course

On this 3-day beginner to intermediate class you will complete a series of real world publishing projects including letters and articles, an advertisement, a magazine cover, a map, a travel brochure and more.

Our instructors will lead you step-by-step through each project, teaching the correct workflow, how to master each tool and useful shortcuts to speed up your production.

What's Included

  • Certificate of Course Completion
  • Training Manual
  • FREE Class Repeat (valid for 6 months)
3 Days $1295.00
Authorised Training Centre

Live face-to-face instructor

No minimum class size - all classes guaranteed to run!

No prior experience of InDesign is needed. Training available on Mac and PC.

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Detailed Course Outline

Learn the basics of viewing & navigating the InDesign interface and the fundamentals of working with text and frames.
  • Lecture: Concepts of Raster vs Vector
  • Lecture: How InDesign handles media
  • Lecture: Artificial Intelligence features in InDesign
  • Creating & Managing A New Document / Workspaces
  • Interface essentials / Key panels
  • Anatomy of a frame / Placeholder text / Properties
Combine formatted text and images in a single document and use new features to colorize and organize your design.
  • The ultimate way to get more professional-looking text
  • How frames and images work together / Frame tweaks
  • Work with swatches and extractions to create themes
  • Export your picture-perfect document fast
Learn about various image formats and how to work with them and their quality settings in InDesign.
  • Familiar with Image Formats
  • The various ways to resize and manipulate images
  • Using the Properties panel for more manipulations
  • A deeper focus on the Fitting function
Learn the fundamentals of laying out content in InDesign and the tools and techniques to speed it up.
  • Fundamental Typography in InDesign / Adobe Fonts
  • Creating and connecting text columns
  • Stylizing Quotes and credits
  • Getting artistic with creative typography
Learn how to use the Pages panel to create, navigate and management pages and spreads.
  • A Guide to Pages versus Parent Pages
  • Navigating and enhancing the Pages panel
  • Working with Spreads
  • How to create page numbers
  • Working with Layer Styles and Effects
Learn how to prep and export your InDesign projects in several different ways.
  • Your options for export out of InDesign
  • Working with simple PDF Exports
  • Projects / Templates / IDMLs and more
  • Save and Package your project for archive or transfer
Learn how InDesign works with graphics and the tools that create them.
  • InDesign versus Illustrator: Vector Artwork
  • Working with Fundamental Shapes
  • Working with Fundamental Shapes + Effects
  • Buttons / Lower 3rds / Custom Primary Elements
Learn how to prep and export your InDesign projects in several different ways.
  • Your options for export out of InDesign
  • Working with simple PDF Exports
  • Projects / Templates / IDMLs and more
  • Save and Package your project for archive or transfer
Learn to work with complex vector, layered content to enhance your designs. This includes maps and complex art.
  • Working with digital layered maps
  • Feathering edges of selection
  • Contracting and Expanding Selections
  • Fundamentals of Select and Mask
Learn about 2-Sided designs such as business cards, post cards and other projects and adding multiple levels of FX.
  • Simple 2-Sided Design work
  • Generated feature content in InDesign
  • Setting up document titling with blend effects
  • Borrowing elements from stock artwork
  • Great places to find free resources and more
Learn how to setup multi-panel projects and begin to layout document elements, preserving continuity.
  • Project planning and multi-panel documents
  • Creating themes: CMYK versus Spot Colors
  • Creating a brand/logo and working with groups
  • Working panel by panel and incorporating styles
  • Working dynamically to change vector imports
Continue exploring more advanced stylizing and layout features including batch editing and triggering next styles.
  • Working with manual and stylized drop caps
  • Creating text blurbs and triggering next styles
  • Working with hidden batching features for images & more
  • Working with Slugs / Slugs for internal and external use
  • Adding embedded authoring and copyright information
Learn how to setup, manage and sync color in InDesign and across many other Adobe applications.
  • The Primary Color Modes for most designers
  • Color and File Formats
  • Create Custom Shapes, Patterns, Swatches
  • Importing and Exporting Presets
Now let’s get serious and delve into creating the ultimate way to align text and objects.
  • Explore how to get the perfect-looking text and titles
  • More about text, paragraph alignments and grids
  • More ways to create and manage multi-column text
  • Working with Text Wrap and various types of artwork
Learn to create complex multi-level layouts which can be
used for magazines, presentations, and other projects.
  • Create and saving layout templates
  • Multi-layered flowing elements in complex documents
  • In-line imagery and media
  • Managing Linked content / Relinking / Troubleshooting
Use Objects Styles with Captions to obtain a consistent look throughout your document.
  • Bridge with Metadata and batch searching functions
  • What are Object styles and what do they save?
  • Creating Object Styles from scratch or from an object
  • Applying Object styles to objects / Editing
  • What are Static versus Dynamic Captions?
  • Working with Dynamic Captions and Metadata
  • Updating and modifying captions
Add multiple grouped creative image objects with text and use batch editing techniques to modify their appearance.
  • More about grouped artwork
  • Troubleshooting batch loaded cursors
  • Editing Layered grouped objects from Parents to Pages
  • Layered targets and priority layering
Learn about some of the AI using Adobe services and how it impacts working with InDesign.
  • Features considered AI in InDesign
  • Working with Adobe Firefly and Adobe Express
  • Adobe Firefly to InDesign
  • Useful AI workflows
  • Future features requests in InDesign

Our outlines are a guide to the content covered in a typical class. We may change or alter the course topics to meet the objectives of a particular class.