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Benefits of JavaScript Training

Benefits of learning JavaScript


JavaScript is an object-oriented computer language that’s used to create effects within web browsers. In most instances, they are interactive, and that’s why it has become the most commonly used programming language in the world. We’ll explain all the benefits of JavaScript training in this infographic. With a bit of luck, you will leave this page knowing why it’s so important.

  1. JavaScript uses simple syntax making it an easy language to learn compared to alternatives.
  2. JavaScript enables users to write snippets of code which can extend the functionality of web pages.
  3. JavaScript has a wide range of uses from on screen visual effects to processing and calculating data on web pages with ease.
  4. There are many libraries that contain snippets of code which users can use and thereby save a lot of time. jQuery is one of the biggest libraries of reusable JavaScript code.
  5. JavaScript is a client-side language that reduces demand and bandwidth on website servers.
  6. JavaScript code is based in coordinated object-oriented units improves speed and efficiency of websites.
  7. JavaScript uses a 16-bit character system that can translate into any language. Other programming languages use 8-bit characters that only work in the West.
  8. JavaScript plays nicely with other languages and can be used in a huge variety of applications.
  9. Learning JavaScript is an essential skill for any Web developer and will open the door to many job opportunities.


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We run traditional face-to-face JavaScript training classes in Chicago and Los Angeles. We also deliver onsite JavaScript training across the country. Or view our JavaScript course outlines at the links below.

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