Managing Styles in Microsoft Word

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Managing Styles

To manage the various styles that exist within your document, first open the Styles task pane (click Home → Styles []). Next, at the bottom of the pane, click Manage Styles:

manage style task pane

The Manage Styles dialog will now be shown:

manage styles displayed

This dialog offers numerous ways in which you can edit existing styles within your document as well as any documents based upon the current template. On the Edit tab you are able to modify the attributes of a particular style as well as create whole new ones.

Click to open the Recommend tab:

open recommend tab


The controls that are located on the Recommend tab allow you to organize and sort the order in which styles appear, as well as whether the style appears in the recommended list.

Click to open the Restrict tab:

open restrict tab

The controls on this tab allow you to restrict the usage of styles in the document. For example, you can choose to block a user of this document from switching to different style sets.

Click to open the Set Defaults tab:

open set default tab

Here, you can use the controls to set the default paragraph and font settings for the current document. Click Cancel to close this dialog without saving any changes that you have made:

default setting options


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