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Suitable for Project 2013, 2016, 2019 & 365 users.

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  • Microsoft Project manual
  • Certificate of course completion
  • Small class sizes
  • FREE 6 month class repeat

Onsite Project training available countrywide.

Microsoft Project Course Outline

Microsoft Project Level 1

Microsoft Project Level 1

In this beginner Microsoft Project training class, trainees learn the basic concepts, before proceeding through all the functions required to effectively plan and manage small to medium-size projects. These include scheduling tasks, allocating resources, creating a timeline, tracking costs and reporting.

1 Day $495

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The Basics
  • Opening Project
  • Using the Welcome Project
  • Creating a New Project
  • Signing In
  • Saving a Project
  • Opening a Project
Setting Up a Project
  • Entering Project Information
  • Setting Working Time
  • Choosing Automatic or Manual Scheduling
  • Entering Tasks
Scheduling Work
  • Organizing Tasks into Phases
  • Linking and Unlinking Tasks
  • Moving Tasks
  • Rescheduling Tasks
  • Splitting Tasks
  • Deleting Tasks
Managing Resources
  • Entering Resources
  • Using the Resource Information Dialog
  • Assigning Resources to Tasks
  • Removing and Replacing Resource Assignments
Creating a Timeline
  • Showing and Hiding the Timeline
  • Customizing Timeline Tasks
  • Changing the Font for Individual Timeline Items
  • Modifying Global Text Styles
  • Copying the Timeline
Managing Tasks
  • Creating Recurring Tasks
  • Importing Outlook Tasks
  • Inactivating Tasks
  • Updating Task Completion
  • Updating the Project
Working with Deadlines and Constraints
  • Using the Task Information Dialog
  • Changing the Task Calendar
  • Using Lag and Lead Time
  • Creating Milestones
  • Setting Deadlines
  • Creating Constraints
Working with Data
  • Sorting Data
  • Filtering Data
  • Highlighting Data
  • Grouping Data
  • Outlining Data
Creating Reports
  • Creating a Built-In Report
  • Creating a Dashboard
  • Creating a Report from Scratch
  • Creating a Visual Report
The Finishing Touches
  • Viewing the Entire Project
  • Checking Your Spelling
  • Running the Task Inspector
  • Applying a Gantt Chart Style
  • Highlighting Critical, Slack, or Late Tasks
Printing and Sharing Your Project
  • Saving a Project as PDF or XPS
  • Exporting a Project as an Excel Workbook
  • Printing a Project
  • E-mailing a Project

"Our outlines are a guide to the content covered on a typical class. We may change or alter the course topics to meet the objectives of a particular class."

Microsoft Project Level 2

Microsoft Project Level 2

This Microsoft Project training class covers the more advanced features, which will help you become an expert user. You will learn about advanced tasks and resource pools, baselines and resolving conflicts, working on multiple projects, using project data, and closing out a project.

1 Day $495

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The Quick Access Toolbar and Advanced Calendar Topics
  • Configuring the Quick Access Toolbar
  • About advanced calendars
  • 24-hour calendars
  • Creating a global template from a custom calendar
  • Assigning a task calendar
Working with Tasks
  • Adding notes to tasks
  • Setting a task deadline
  • Setting task priority
  • Grouping tasks
  • Sorting tasks
  • Filtering tasks
  • Highlighting tasks
  • Adding a fixed cost to a task
Managing the Project Schedule
  • Multiple baselines and interim plans
  • Setting multiple baselines
  • Setting and using a status date
  • Resolving resource conflicts and scheduling issues
  • About resource leveling
  • Using the Tracking Gantt View
  • Leveling resources to resolve conflicts and scheduling issues
  • Delaying a task
Working with Resources
  • Grouping resources
  • Sorting resources
  • Filtering resources
  • Highlighting resources
  • Resource working time and resource pools
  • About resource non-working time
  • Setting working time for specific resources
  • Resource pools for sharing resources
  • Creating a resource pool
  • Sharing a resource pool
  • About resource budget costs
  • Step 1: Creating a Budget Cost Resource
  • Step 2: Creating a Budget Work Resource
  • Step 3: Creating a Budget Material Resource
  • Displaying Budget Cost Resources
  • Setting up Task Usage view
  • Assigning a budget resource to the Project Summary Task
Other Views and Shortcuts
  • About task forms
  • Using task forms
  • About resource forms
  • Using resource forms
  • Compound views and the Relationship Diagram
  • Keyboard shortcuts
  • Implementing the Relationship Diagram in a compound view
Working with Multiple Projects and Project Integrations
  • Consolidation of multiple projects
  • Advantages and disadvantages of consolidation
  • Creating a project schedule consolidation
  • Creating project snapshots
  • About Project Server, Project Online, and SharePoint
Working with Project data and Closing out a Project
  • Working with Project data
  • Capturing and using Project data in Word and PowerPoint
  • Capturing and using Project data in Word and PowerPoint
  • Annotating a project schedule view
  • Copying the timeline to a PowerPoint presentation
  • Closing out a project
  • Final reports
  • Creating a cost overruns report with headers and footers
  • Saving a project as a template and using it to create a new project

"Our outlines are a guide to the content covered on a typical class. We may change or alter the course topics to meet the objectives of a particular class."

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Microsoft Project is not for everyone. If you decide that after half a day in class that the software is not for you, we will give you a complete refund. We will even let you keep the hard-copy training manual in case you want to give it another go in the future.

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Project Training FAQ

Training Connection is dedicated to providing the best online Project training classes. Please find answers to some of our most frequently asked Project training related questions below, or contact us should you require further assistance.

  • Are your online classes taught by live trainers?

    Yes. Our online Project training classes are taught by live Microsoft certified trainers in an online Zoom classroom.

  • What are the class times?

    Our online Project classes times are as follows:

    9.00am to 4.00pm (Pacific)
    11.00am to 6.00pm (Central)
    12.00pm to 7.00pm (Eastern)

    A 30-45 minute lunch break is taken.

  • What equipment do I need?

    You will need a computer with Microsoft Project installed, and a broadband internet connection. Zoom login details are emailed to trainees 3 working days before the class.

  • Can you provide group Project training?

    Yes, we provide both online and onsite group training countrywide. Obtain a quotation for group Project training.


Microsoft Project Tutorials

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