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Microsoft Outlook Level 1 Training Course

Course Description

On this beginner class students will learn all the everyday tasks and features within Microsoft Outlook, including sending and receiving mail, managing messages, customizing your messages, calendar and appointments, notes, tasks, and managing contacts.

View our full range of Microsoft Outlook training courses, or see below for the detailed outline for Outlook Level 1.

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Detailed Course Outline

  • Outlook Essentials
    • Getting Started
    • Exploring the Outlook Window
    • Navigating in Outlook
    • The Navigation Pane
    • Getting Help
    • Using Outlook Help
    • Obtaining Context-Sensitive Help
    • Printing Documents
    • Setting Up the Page
    • Selecting Additional Printing Options
    • Previewing and Printing a Document
    • Ending an Outlook Session
    • Saving Your Data
    • Minimizing and Restoring Outlook
    • Exiting from Outlook and Logging Off
  • Communicating with Mail
    • Using the Inbox
    • Checking for New Messages
    • Previewing and Opening Messages
    • The Ribbon
    • Selecting and Printing a Message
    • Closing a Message
    • Sorting Messages
    • Filtering Messages
    • Composing a New Message
    • Addressing and Typing a Message
    • Editing Text
    • Formatting Text
    • Using AutoComplete
    • Including a Signature with a Message
    • Correcting Spelling as You Type
    • Sending a Message
    • Forwarding and Replying to Messages
    • Replying to a Message
    • Managing Messages Using Folders
    • Moving a Message to a Folder
    • Deleting and Restoring a Message
    • Customizing your Signature
    • Setting up an Out of Office Reply
  • Organising Contacts
    • Creating a Contact List
    • Adding Contacts Manually
    • Selecting and Editing an Address Card
    • Transmitting and Adding Contacts with E-mail
    • Managing Contacts
    • Changing the Current View
  • Scheduling with Calendar
    • Navigating in Calendar
    • Viewing a Day, a Week, or a Month
    • Using the Date Navigator
    • Viewing a Range of Dates, Several Weeks, and Discontiguous Days
    • Showing Two Time Zones
    • Making and Moving Appointments
    • Selecting an Appointment and Modifying the Date in Day View
    • Modifying the Date in Week View
    • Changing the Time of an Appointment
    • Managing Appointments
    • Editing Recurring Appointments
    • Creating Tentative Appointments
    • Inserting All Day Events
    • Deleting Appointments
    • Restoring Deleted Appointments
  • Tasks
    • Working with Tasks
    • Creating a Task
    • Selecting and Editing a Task
    • Making a Task Recurring
    • Deleting and Restoring a Task
    • Managing Tasks
    • Setting the Priority for a Task
    • Tracking a Task's Status and Marking a Task Completed
  • Keeping a Journal and Using Notes
    • Tracking Activities
    • Working with Notes
    • Writing a Note
    • Opening and Editing a Note
    • Organising Notes
    • Changing Icon Size

Our outlines are a guide to the content covered on a typical class. We may change or alter the course topics to meet the objectives of a particular class.

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