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Photoshop 2020 Advanced Training Course

Course Description

This course is aimed at existing Photoshop users who need to improve their workflow by learning the more advanced features.

You will cover topics including Advanced Selections, Retouching and Color Correcting, Working in Perspective, Advanced Compositing, Lighting Effects, Camera Raw, and more.

Live face-to-face instructor. No minimum class size - all classes guaranteed to run!

Students should have completed our Photoshop Fundamentals course or have the equivalent experience prior to attending this course. Training available on Mac and PC.

View our full range of Adobe Photoshop courses, or see below for the detailed outline for Photoshop Advanced.

2 Days | $895.00

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Detailed Course Outline

  • Color Grading using Levels

Levels offer greater control than Brightness/Contrast and Color Balance. In this exercise you will fix several photos color and contrast using Levels.

    • Color Correction with Adjustments Layers vs Adjustment Filters
    • What is Tone?
    • What is a Histogram?
    • Levels Adjustment Explained
    • Practical Work with Levels
    • Repairing Photos
  • Color Grading Using Curves

Using Curves to adjust an image may be less intuitive, but it is the most powerful color correction tool Photoshop offers.

    • The Curves Tool Explained
    • Setting White, Black, and Gray Points
    • Setting Midpoints
    • Saving and Loading Curves Presets
    • Correcting Tone & Color
    • Setting White, Black, and Gray Points
  • Retouching Techniques Part I

In this exercise, you will retouch some headshots by removing facial blemishes such as acne, scarring and more.

    • Understanding Healing & Awareness
    • Using the Clone Stamp Tool
    • Using the Spot Healing Tool
    • Using the Healing Brush Tool
    • Using the Patch Tool
    • Removing Blemishes & Stray Hairs
  • Retouching Techniques Part 2

In this exercise, you will take retouching to the next level by using professional techniques to remove blemishes, even out skin tone and replace skin texture.

    • The Power of Frequency Separation In Theory and Practice
    • Creating High and Low Frequency Layers
    • Isolating Skin Texture
    • Isolating Skin Tone
    • Re-combining Layers
    • Using Masks & Brushes for Airbrush Effect
  • Retouching: Liquify

In this exercise, you will do more than just straighten a model's smile. You will become a digital plastic surgeon!

    • An Overview of the Liquify Panel
    • Brush Tool Options
    • Using the Liquify Filter: Bloat, Pucker, Forward Warp, Restoration Tools
    • Artistic Retouching of Facial Features
    • Having fun with Face-Aware
    • Freezing and Unfreezing
    • Creating Your Own Alien
    • Losing weight without a diet
  • Displacement Technique

In this exercise, you will use the Displacement Filter to map one image over another.

    • What is Displacement?
    • How Displacement is used Professionally
    • Displacement Workflow
    • Creating a Displacement Map
    • Working with Displacement Filter
    • Improving the Distortions
  • Blending Modes Techniques & Effects

Blending Modes are one of the most powerful secret weapons in graphic design. In this exercise, we will explore a few techniques to alter human skin using blending mode and masking methods.

    • About Blending Modes
    • Experimenting with different Blend Modes (Screen, Multiply, Overlay)
    • Using the Color Blending Mode to Tint an Image
    • Mask Blending
    • Adding Scars and Blood
  • Working In Perspective

In this exercise, you will learn how to use Photoshop to map images accurately in perspective.

    • Manually putting in perspective
    • Manually Editing Perspective
    • Using Perspective Filters
    • Troubleshooting perspective issues
    • Selecting In Perspective
    • Healing In Perspective
  • Compositing: Matching Color

In this exercise, you will learn methods to match one image’s color to another - making them look as if they belong in the same scene.

    • A Over B
    • It’s All About Selections
    • Lighting & Shadow
    • Backlight Technique
    • Matching Color
    • Curves Color Channels
    • Contrast Matching
    • Clipping Masks
    • Matching Noise/Grain
  • Working with Lighting Effects

From Jedis to Bar Signs - these Photoshop Effects will have you creating some amazing fx art.

    • Compositing Lighting FX
    • Creating & Working with Flares
    • Creating A Neon Sign
    • Techniques for Sabers
  • Organic Text

In this exercise, you will learn to make text look more organic with these mapping techniques and filters.

    • Endless Possibilities of Organic Text
    • Text Out of Grass
    • Working with Smoke
  • Advanced Selection Techniques

In this exercise, use one of the most advanced techniques to make complex selections

    • Select & Mask Review
    • Going off-road with Procedurals
    • It’s All About Channels
    • Working with Levels to create contrast maps
    • Configuring your Selection Brushes to isolate edges
    • Selecting Hair - No Easy Thing
    • Employing the Burn and Dodge Tool
  • Large Project Design

Learn some of the issues with managing large format projects like posters, banners and ads. Design a large format poster.

    • Working with Large Projects
    • Photoshop limitations and workarounds
    • Tweaking Preferences for a smoother workflow
    • Design a large format poster
  • Working with Camera Raw

High-end digital cameras can save images in the RAW format, which contains extra data obtained for the camera's sensor. Adobe Camera Raw helps you process these higher quality RAW images.

    • Opening & Editing Raw Files
    • Camera Raw Panels
    • Editing Color and Tone
    • Fixing Exposure Issues
    • Selective Corrections
    • Applying Grades to Multiple Photos
    • Removing Noise
    • DeHaze Images
    • Saving Settings and Versions
    • Opening Images in Photoshop

Our outlines are a guide to the content covered on a typical class. We may change or alter the course topics to meet the objectives of a particular class.



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