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Photoshop Bootcamp Training Course

Course Description

This is our most comprehensive Photoshop course, taking you from Photoshop beginner to master in 5 days. Our trainer will take you step-by-step through 18 Real World projects and show you how professionals use Photoshop on a range of different photo editing jobs. Each project is designed to teach you all the essential tools and techniques needed to master Photoshop.

Live face-to-face instructor-led training.

This course is ideal for designers, marketers and anyone who is pursuing a career in graphic design. No prior experience of Photoshop is needed. Training available on both Mac and PC.

View our full range of Photoshop training courses, or see below for the detailed outline for Photoshop Bootcamp.

5 Days | $1695.00

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Detailed course outline

  • Getting to know Photoshop
    • The Photoshop Interface
    • Photoshop Preferences
    • Photoshop Workspaces
    • Custom Keyboard Shortcuts
    • Menu Customization
    • Image File Formats
    • Image Size and Resolution
    • Image Production Workflow
  • Adobe Bridge Overview
    • The Bridge Interface
    • Essentials Workspace
    • Metadata Templates
    • Filmstrip Workspace
    • Metadata Workspace
    • Output Workspace
    • Run Automated Tasks
    • Acquiring Digital Images from Cameras
    • Label and Rate Files
    • Apply Keywords to Files
    • Select Images using Review Mode
    • Play slides shows from Bridge
  • Project 1: Layers and Selections
    • Overview of Layers Panel
    • Creating, Deleting, Duplicating Layers
    • Dragging and Dropping Layers
    • Grouping Layers
    • Searching Layers
    • Resizing Layers
    • Selection Tools
    • Lasso and Magic Wand Tools
    • Quick Selection Tools
    • Polygonal, Marquee Selection Tools
    • Blending Modes
  • Project 2: Channels vs Layers
    • Working with Selection Tools
    • Saving Selections
    • Creating Alpha Channels
    • Loading Selections
    • Loading Selections using Shortcuts
    • Alpha Channels and Layers Transparency
    • Recoloring B&W Images
    • Adjustment Layers
  • Project 3: Layer Masks, Smart Objects and Filters
    • Drawing Tools
    • Creating and Saving Simple Brushes
    • Layer Masks
    • Layer Masks from a Selection
    • Refine Edge
    • Paste Into
    • Clipping Mask
    • Smart Objects
    • Smart Filters
    • Modifying Channels
  • Project 4: Brushes Overview
    • Brush and Present Brushes Panel
    • Creating a Simple Brush
    • Saving Presets
    • Capture Brushes
  • Project 5: Non-Destructive Color Correction
    • Histogram
    • Egs. of Histogram and Image Exposure
    • Using the Eyedroppers in Levels
    • Color Theory
    • The Adjustments Panel
    • Using Masks on Adjustment Layers
    • Using Gradient Masks on Adjustment Layers
    • Converting Color Images to B&W
    • Using new Gradient Map Presets for Image Toning
  • Project 6: Retouching and Restoring Images
    • Beauty Retouching Analysis
    • Removing and Reducing Flaws
    • Whiten Teeth
    • Adjusting Tonal Ranges
    • Copying a Layer Mask to another Layer
    • Setting up a Comparison Image
    • Editing a Smart Object
    • Applying Digital Makeup
    • Restoring Damaged Images
    • Removing Red Eye
    • Digital Sculpting with Liquify
    • Fixing Bloodshot Eyes
    • Repairing Images in Perspective
  • Project 7: Vector Drawing
    • Pen Tool and Path Panel
    • The Path Panel
    • Editing Path: Merge Load and Save
    • Creating a Work Path from a Selection
    • Define Stroke Fill for any Vector Layer
    • Main Section
    • Solid Patterns and Gradient Fill
    • The Shape Tools
    • Shape Libraries
    • Layer Effects
  • Project 8: Creative Compositing
    • Adding Layers
    • Using Quick Mask
    • Editing a Mask
    • Creating a Path with a Pen Tool
    • Applying Filters and Creating Effects
    • Creating a Lightning Effect
    • Adding Canvas and a Frame
    • Making an Isolated Color Adjustment
    • Adding a Custom Brush
  • Project 9: Types Effects
    • Layer Effects and Styles
    • Layer Blending Modes
    • Layers Transformation
    • The Style Panel
    • Smart Filters and Smart Objects
    • Image in a Layer Mask
    • Shapes
    • Adjustment Layers
  • Project 10: Camera RAW
    • What is a RAW File?
    • Camera RAW Interface
    • Tool Bar Tool Functions
    • Basic Tonal Adjustments
    • Curves Adjustments
    • Sharpening & Noise Reduction
    • Working with Images edited in Previous Camera Raw Versions
    • Using Snapshots
    • Cropping Images
    • Graduated Filter to Balance Exposure
    • Using Radial Filter
    • White Balancing
    • Developing Multiple Images
    • Creating Black & White Images
    • Applying Split Toning & Saving Presets
    • Spot Removal Tool & Adjustment Brush
    • Cropping & Lens Vignetting
    • Working with RAW files in Photoshop
    • Archiving RAW Images
    • Editing TIFF & JPEG Images
    • The Differences between JPEG & RAW File Processing
    • Using Camera RAW as a Filter
  • Project 11: Movie Poster and Merchandising
    • Layer Mask
    • Blending Modes
    • The Pen Tool
    • Content Aware Move
    • Content Aware Fill
    • Panorama Photomerge
    • Paste Into
    • Displacement Map
    • Smart Objects
    • Warp Tool
    • Vanishing Point
  • Project 12: Color Profiles, Sharpening & Automation
    • Add External Color Profiles
    • Installing a Custom Color Profile & Setting
    • Proofing with Color Profiles: RGB & CMYK
    • Converting Images to a Color Profile
    • Sharpening Images - High Pass, Unsharpen Mask and Sharpen Filters
    • Automating Photoshop with Actions
    • Duplicating and Modifying Actions
    • Recording Complex Actions
    • Batch Processing Images with Actions
    • Creating a Watermark
    • Adding a Watermark to Multiple Images
  • Project 13: Advanced Retouching
    • Drawing with the Shape Tools
    • Pen/Path Tool
    • Working with the Pen Tool
    • Vector Masks
    • Saving Styles
    • Path Operations
    • Stroking a Path
  • Project 14: Advanced Vector Drawing
    • Drawing with the Shape Tools
    • Pen/Path Tools
    • Working with the Pen Tool
    • Vector Mask
    • Saving Styles
    • Path Operations
    • Stroke a Path
  • Project 15: Advanced Compositing & Layer Comps
    • Using Mini-Bridge
    • Color Balance the Image
    • Import and Manipulate Color Vector Artwork
    • Using a Vector Mask to Hide Artwork
    • Blending the Artwork with the Image
    • Edit a Smart Object & Record a Simple Action
    • Import and Manipulate B&W Vector Artwork
    • Edit a Smart Object & Record a Simple Action
    • Colorize B&W Artwork with a Gradient
    • Add Text & Create a Layer Comp
    • Use a Script to Export Layer Comps
  • Extra Project: Swap Skins
    • Combing and Aligning Images
    • Reshaping Images with Liquify
    • Blending and Masking Layers
  • Extra Project: Meerkat Manor
    • Changing Transparency Preferences
    • Masking Fur - Using the Eraser and Smudge Tools
    • Adding Layers
    • Using Adjustment Layers
    • Using Fills and Gradients
    • Applying Blend Modes and Opacity to Layers
    • Working with Shape Layers
    • Adding Custom Shapes
    • Adding Type
    • Adding and Creating Layer Styles
  • Extra Project: Advanced Painting
    • Brush Presets
    • Saving Special Brushes
    • Erodible Brushes
    • Using the Airbrush
    • Using Bristle Brushes
    • Using the Mixer Brush Tool
    • Smart Objects
    • Effects
  • Extra Project: Water Reflection
    • Resize Canvas
    • Layer Mask
    • Displacement Map
    • Smart Object / Smart Filters
    • Adjustment Layers
    • Effects
  • Extra Project: TV Graphics
    • Smart Filters to create interesting backgrounds
    • Importing Smart Objects from Adobe Illustrator
    • Layer Comps
    • Vector Symbols
    • Saving Styles
    • Cast Shadows

Our outlines are a guide to the content covered on a typical class. We may change or alter the course topics to meet the objectives of a particular class.



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