Adding Custom Fields to a Task in Microsoft Project

In this article, we will take a look at how to add Custom Fields to a Task within MS Projects. This article features easy to follow steps which will guide you through adding Custom Fields to an MS Projects Task.

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Adding Custom Fields to a Task

A very useful way in which you can customize Project 2013 is through the addition of custom fields. To add a custom field, first right-click any column header within the tasks list. (The new custom field will be added to the left of the header you right-click.) Next, click Custom Fields:

right click to add custom fields

The Custom Fields dialog will now be displayed:

custom fields dialog displayed

Using the radio buttons at the top of this dialog, you can choose the field category; Task will be selected by default. In the same area, the Type drop-down menu allows you to choose what type of custom field you would like to create. By default this is set to Text, but you have a wide variety of other options to choose from.

Leave these settings unchanged:

displayed as unchanged settings

Double-click on the field that you would like to add. For this example, double-click “Text1:”

double click selected field

You can now rename this new field. For this example, type “Module 3-4:”

name new field

Press Enter on your keyboard to apply this new change.

Further down in this dialog, you have the option of adding custom attributes as well as calculations and values to display:

apply custom attributes

For this example, leave these settings unchanged and click OK to add the new custom field:

Click OK to finish new field

Double-click any task in the sample project to open the Task Information dialog. Click to open the Custom Fields tab. You will see the new custom field that you just created listed here:

task information dialog box

Click OK to close the Task Information dialog and then save the changes that you have made to the current project.


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