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Microsoft Office Training Resources

Below you will find useful informational articles , including tips and tricks, how-to articles etc. Content is updated on a weekly basis.

Access Learning Resources:

An Introduction to Access Databases
MS Access LogoAccess is a relational database. A relational database is a collection of data items organized as a set of tables. In this lesson, you’ll get a chance to familiarize yourself with the basic components of the database. First, we’ll look at some common database terms. You’ll also take a closer look at the Navigation pane. We’ll introduce tables, table relationships, queries, forms, and reports. Read more.

Performing Basic Access Database Tasks
MS Access LogoThis lesson focuses on tables. You’ll learn how to enter and edit data in the Datasheet view of a table. Next, we’ll look at using the clipboard to cut, copy, and paste data to and from different fields. Read more.

Access Database Terminology
MS Access LogoThere is specific terminology that is used to refer to the basic elements that databases are comprised of. Let's examine the most commonly used database terminology. Read more.

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Excel Learning Resources:

Editing and Copying Formulas in Microsoft Excel

Excel LogoThe spot color effect is when everything on the screen is in black and white except for a certain color. This effect can be done with both stills and video. Read more.

Recording Macros in Excel
Securing Docs with PermissionsIf you perform certain opertations over and over in Excel, you can record a macro which stores all the steps, and when you run the macro it will automatically perform each step automatically save you a lot of manual repetitive work. Read more.

Protecting Excel Worksheets
Adding a Digital SignatureBy default, all cells in a worksheet are designated as locked. You cannot prohibit changes to locked cells unless you protect the worksheet, after which none of the locked cells can be modified. If you want to be able to modify specific cells in a protected worksheet, you must unlock them before protecting the worksheet. When you modify any unlocked cells, the results in any protected cells that contain formulas dependent upon unlocked cells will also be modified. Read more.

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PowerPoint Learning Resources:

Your First PowerPoint Presentation
PowerPoint logoIn this article, you will be shown how to create your first presentation. Presentations consist of slides. Each slide can contain text, graphics, animations, and more. You’ll learn how to add slides, use the content placeholders, and add text to your presentation. Read more.

Charting in PowerPoint
PowerPoint 2013 logoIn this article, we will show you step-by-step how to add charts in Microsoft PowerPoint 2013, how to edit them. change the chart type, and change the chart attributes. Read more.

Working with Text in Microsoft PowerPoint
PowerPoint 2013 logoThe PowerPoint 2013 editing tools make editing your presentation a breeze. This article covers how to work with text, including selecting, editing, deleting, cutting, copying, and pasting. It also explains how to use the Office Clipboard. You’ll learn how to use undo and redo and how to find and replace text, such as when you want to change a PowerPoint or phrase throughout your presentation. Read more.

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Project Learning Resources:

Adding Tasks in Microsoft Project
Microsoft Project LogoIn this article, we'll delve a little deeper into understanding tasks. Project 2010 introduces manually scheduled tasks. You can also schedule tasks automatically using the Project scheduling engine. We’ll discuss the key terms for understanding tasks in this module. We’ll also learn how to view task information and sort and filter tasks. Read more.

Resources Leveling
MS Project LogoIn this article we take you through 3 examples of how to level rescources in MS Project. Start by looking at the project in the Resource Usage view. Read more.

Adding Gantt Bars
MS Project LogoIf you want to spotlight a particular task category that is not represented by its own Gantt bar, you can create a new Gantt bar. For example, you can create a Gantt bar to show available slack or to call attention to delayed tasks. Read more.

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Outlook Learning Resources:

Managing Mail and Auto Archiving in Outlook

MS Outlook LogoWhen your Outlook items become out of date, you can store them or delete them. You can archive them automatically after a specified time interval or archive them manually. When you archive your items, you store them in your My Documents folder on your hard drive. You can retrieve archived items at any time. Read more.

Manually Archiving and Retrieving Items in Outlook
MS Outlook LogoIf you want to archive a folder immediately, you use the Archive dialog box, shown in Figure 1-3, which you access from the File menu. If you want to archive your Contacts folder, you can only archive it manually. Read more.

Adding a Signature in Outlook
MS Project LogoOutlook includes several ways to automatically manage different tasks. This article explains how to control your signatures. You can have a different signature for different email accounts, as well as different signatures for both new messages and replies/forwards. Read more.

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Visio Learning Resources:

The Visio Interface

Visio 2010 LogoVisio 2010 has a new interface that builds on interface from the previous version of Visio. Visio 2010 uses the ribbon interface that was introduced in Microsoft Office 2007 applications. Each tab in the ribbon contains many tools for working with your drawing. To display a different set of commands, click the tab name. Buttons are organized into groups according to their function. Read more.

Setting up your Screen in Visio
Visio 2013 LogoIn this module, you will learn how to set up your Visio screen. You have different elements to help you create your drawing, which you can show or hide as needed. This module will explain how to add, move, and delete a guide. It will also explain how to change the ruler settings and the grid settings. Read more.

Starting a Drawing in Visio
Visio 2016 LogoIn this module, you will create your first drawing. Drawings consist of shapes. This module will cover how to find the right shape and place it on your drawing. You’ll learn how to add text to shapes. You’ll learn how to work with shapes, including resizing, moving, and deleting shapes. This module will also cover using the Tools group, which helps with refining your shapes. Read more.

Word Learning Resources:

Starting a Document in Word

MS Word LogoBefore you can begin using the many features of Microsoft Word 2013, you need to know several basic skills and concepts. Identifying word processing functions and Word screen components, creating and opening a document, and moving around within a document are the foundations you will build on in this course. Read more.

Protecting Word documents
Word 2016 LogoYou can protect a document from being viewed by an unauthorized user, by using a password, which combine upper and lowercase letters, numbers, and symbols. Important note, always use a password that you can remember so that you don't have to write it down. Read more.

Creating Templates
Word 2016 LogoTemplates allow you to create a boilerplate document that can be used over and over. For example, if you look at some of the pre-built templates included in Microsoft Word, you will see letters, reports, flyers, and many more document types that you can customize. Read more.

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