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4.8 / 5

based on 288 reviews

Below is a sample of testimonials from students who recently completed one of our Business Communication training courses. Please click on the following link to read more about our Business Communication classes in Chicago and Los Angeles.

5.0 stars This class was so personalized and tailored to my needs. She went above and beyond of my expectations! I feel prepared to go back to my workplace with a renewed since of confidence and excitement. We worked to help me communicate with my supervisor which is something I really struggle with and I feel so much better after taking this course.
5.0 stars I have sent several of my coworkers to this company for training before I came to a class myself. They all raved about the class material, the instructors and how much learned from taking the classes. I would whole-heartedly agree and will make sure to tell everyone that ever needs to take a training class to come here. Juana was wonderful. She listened well, made examples that were appropriate to my life and needs and took the time to work on the difficulties that I specifically had. I can't say enough good things about the instructors. I am walking away from the class with skills that I can really use.
4.9 stars i found this course to be highly beneficial to my objectives. I knew from the first 5 minutes of the course that it would aid me in achieving the improvements that i required.
5.0 stars I was the only person in this effective business communication, which was very beneficial for me! Lena tailored the information to real-time situations at my workplace, which will help me grow in the newly promoted position that I am in.
5.0 stars The instructor was very informative on the subject of business communication. She made the class enjoyable while still touching over the material. Overall the class was a great experience.
5.0 stars I think the class was of great value and accomplished what I was hoping for with 3 key employees. I think that each of them recognized things that they were doing and hopefully will take the knowledge learned today to correct the unprofessional behaviors. Thank you!
5.0 stars I learned a great deal about myself, my communication style. I learned I have to listen to the person I'm communicating with in order to better communicate my response to the questions being asked.
4.7 stars The instructor was very insightful and answered my questions that I had involving situations concerning confrontations and how to avoid negative conflicts. I am recommending my company to send more people for this class.
4.6 stars This class was unique in the fact I was the only student , I appreciated the personal touch and pace. The Instructor address any and all questions. She is very professional and is truly a special person. Being the only student allowed for more in depth discussion. THANK YOU!!
4.8 stars Instructor (Juana) did a fantastic job, she MADE the class. I plan to take the business writing class that she teaches as well.
5.0 stars The instructor was very incredible! She connects on a personal level, which made learning easy. I would definitely take another class with her!
4.9 stars This class was a huge help to me in discovering how different types of people need to be communicated to in certain situations. I truly enjoyed all of the real life examples and that we were all able to share some personal aspects about our lives. This capability really provided the class with a better experience I believe. I also really appreciate the fact that the focus was put on the individual student and how they can best be served. Finally, I really want to thank you Juana for really trying to put yourself in our shoes to give us the best advice for our careers and our lives. I am excited to implement many of today's discussions and topics into my daily life.
4.9 stars fantastic class; the instructor worked with me on real world issues that I am dealing with that will undoubtably help me! Thanks!
4.9 stars Excellent course, great instructor! Real world examples, instructor enthusiasm plus strong interaction with the students made for a great course!
5.0 stars Just wanted to add that the instructor is doing an amazing job, this is my second class with her and I have signed up for another one in a month. Hope to hear that she will be giving more classes that will pertain to me in the future, thanks and keep up the good work!!!
4.5 stars The instructor was very sincere and energetic. The class is a good starting point to understanding your personal communication style and beginning to learn how to adapt to other people's styles. I look forward to continuing to practice the techniqes that I learned.
5.0 stars This class was truly great. I was not expecting to learn so much. Juana was very engaging and I kept wanting to hear more. The concepts I learned I know I will use immediately. I hope to come back to another session soon and learn more.
4.9 stars Jenette is an engaging and informational instructor. She has great knowledge in communication and can provide real world examples to use immediately. She tailors her class to her students.
5.0 stars The instructor was amazing! She got us involved and had real world experiences to help us retain the knowledge and see the bigger teacher. I would definietly take a class again at Training Connection and absolutley take a class with this instructor Jeannette again!
4.1 stars I would recommend this course to certain people in certain positions. Especially customer or service orientated positions. I thought the instructor was great and very enthusiastic.
5.0 stars Our instructor was awesome, full of energy and positive. I felt very welcomed and would love to attend more classes with her. I also learned a lot and hope to implement what I have learned at work.
4.8 stars Allencia was very friendly, funny, and informative. She was willing to work through situations presented by students and provided good suggestions for how to handle challenging situations. Thanks!
5.0 stars Jeannette did a great job of making the lessons and examples relatable. I especially liked her conversational tone. I would highly recommend this class to any of my co-workers or friends.
4.8 stars Allyncia was a wonderful instructor. This is my second training class with her and I am very impressed by her knowledge.
5.0 stars Juana is brilliant. She was able to cover different types of issues and give relatable answers and suggestions. I would take another class with her.
4.5 stars Incredibly refreshing. Most courses I've taken have been so book-oriented, they lost sight of practical instruction. I much prefer the activity / example based method of instruction. Thank you!
5.0 stars Rich was very effective in his training. I learned various and effective ways to better my communication skills, not only at work but in my personal life as well. I would recommend this training to all co-workers as well as supervisors.
4.7 stars Juana was very inspirational and very passionate about her training. She clearly cares about the success of her students and used personal and vulnerable stories to connect with the class. Communication is definitely her strong point, and she is engaging in every way. Was a great class!
4.6 stars As a first timer, I found this course to be extremely helpful in understanding why we (as people in the workplace/business) react and behave the way we do, and how each style applies to me. This course was so great that I am looking forward to a follow up and/or re-take it again. Juana puts everything in proper perspective and makes the course enjoyable. :)

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