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Business Etiquette Training Courses Testimonials

4.8 / 5

based on 108 reviews

Below is a sample of testimonials from students who recently completed one of our Business Etiquette training courses. Please click on the following link to read more about our Business Etiquette classes in Chicago and Los Angeles.

4.6 stars Great instructor well versed!!
5.0 stars I came into this course to learn about me as well as what i can do to be better at my job, it has been excellent so far !!
4.9 stars Covered the exact amount of information needed, didn't dwell on things that were irrelevant. Good instructor.
5.0 stars I very much enjoyed this training course and would highly recommend this course to anyone. I thoroughly enjoyed my instructor and look forward to any other courses.
5.0 stars I would take another course from this instructor and this company again. Everything was great!
5.0 stars I am very glad that i attended this course. i definitely learned a lot and recommend this course to others. The instructor was a very nice friendly detailed oriented instructor. Took the time to explain in detail step by step.
5.0 stars Class was very good, great examples and great instructor, would take her courses as much as needed.
5.0 stars Juana was absolutely amazing. I enjoyed the way she conducted her class - very professional yet personable - and she touched on everything I could have expected and more. I am confident I will thrive with the insight, wisdom, and advice she shared with me and the knowledge she gave me.
4.9 stars Lena is an excellent coach/teacher and I would recommend her to anyone. She was both knowledgeable and fun to work with during the training course. She's certainly the best of the best.
4.8 stars Allyncia provided a great class, learned very many new things that I was never aware of. Will incorporate these into my daily work & home life. It is also good knowledge to pass down to the kids in my household.
5.0 stars I really enjoyed Juana's class. She has a wonderful, engaging personality that really lent to the topic. We broached many aspects of Communication and Business Etiquette. I think she does a great job and I have a lot to take back personally and to my team.
5.0 stars Juana made the class enjoyable and easy to digest
4.9 stars Juana was a phenomenal instructor! She was well versed in all the topics and was able to clarify the questions I had. I am going to recommend this course to my organization.
5.0 stars I really enjoyed this course. I have attended several courses but none which I learned new ways to help me with my daily tasks. I am looking forward to attending another course in August and I will highly recommend this course to others.
4.1 stars Great course. Instructor has very high energy. Enjoyed session on how to introduce people and exit/enter conversations. The practice / acting out networking scenarios was very helpful, would enjoy more of that. Would enjoy more training on how to modulate voice in a business setting, especially for women.
4.4 stars I thought Allyncia was a great teacher for this topic. We had a great one-on-one experience with conversation and questions and examples. I would definitely recommend this course to others. Thank you.
5.0 stars I was very pleased with the overall conduction of this course. Juana was fantastic! I would definitely recommend this course to my colleagues, and look forward to taking another class with Juana in my near future.
5.0 stars I really enjoyed the class. I have a lot of experience in business, and this class provided me with some new ideas for presenting and my speaking.
5.0 stars Juana was a pleasure to interact with. I learned so much from her , not just about being "proper" at work, but also about being a good human being!
5.0 stars I know I put strongly agree for the questions but Rich did an excel-ant job. Rich was well spoken and was solid with the content material. i would defiantly recommend this class to others especially for college students

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