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CSS Training Courses Testimonials

4.8 / 5

based on 212 reviews

Below is a sample of testimonials from students who recently completed one of our CSS training courses. Please click on the following link to read more about our CSS classes in Chicago and Los Angeles.

4.9 stars Jeff was a fantastic teacher! This is the second class I have take with training connection and I must say the instructors are TOP NOTCH! It was nice to have the course go through a textbook that you get to keep when you leave the class rather than just a few handouts. The depth and pace of the content was great. Thanks
5.0 stars Chris is the best instructor I have ever had for a tech class. He is knowledgeable of so many areas and interweaves his knowledge making the information even more usable. He teaches a base of knowledge and then builds on it so that the course is understandable and completely usable. I would absolutely recommend him as an instructor and look forward to other classes with him myself.
5.0 stars This class was so engaging! Leslie did a terrific job of explaining, demonstrating, and helping. I loved all of the hands-on practice! Training Connection certainly has a winning staff; Allyncia even remembered my name from the last time I attended a class here! I will certainly recommend this location to others at my company. Leslie is the best, and I hope to be able to take another class with her in the future. :)
5.0 stars I was pleasantly surprised with the quality of instructor provided. He was easy to understand and made sure that everyone was up to speed on the topics. I am due to take another course and hope that instructor is as good as Gabe. Thank you, Marty Raulli
5.0 stars Jeff is an invaluable asset, a patient thorough instructor who has enjoys the material and the teaching. He makes learning difficult concepts easy.
4.8 stars Training connection allows me to have access to experts in the field of the topic/skill I am learning about that I wouldn't otherwise have. My CSS instructor, Elaine, flew in from the DC area to teach this course. She was definitely an expert in CSS! I will take more courses at Training Connection.
4.8 stars Gab was extremely knowledgeable was able to challenge us to think outside the box. He had us build common, relatively advanced websites to show that CSS is a powerful tool. He was also able to provide us many outside resources that will be extremely valuable in the future when building new sites. I'm going back to work to completely redesign our website in CSS!
5.0 stars It was a great class. I had taken a CSS course at another training facility and found that the class here was better. Chris is very thorough, which helped me understand CSS better and realize how much of a time saver it really is.
5.0 stars Gabe is an effective instructor who did a great job showing us practical information and explaining new concepts. The staff and facility was terrific. This is probably one of the best experiences I've had with post-collegiate professional development. I learned quite a lot and will recommend both Gabe and Training Connection to my colleagues looking for design & technical training.
5.0 stars Jeff did a great job covering CSS. He is very knowledgeable and seems to have a good working knowledge of CSS through his business experience.
5.0 stars Chris was a very good teacher. I have taken training at other places and left not knowing how to apply the knowledge. I feel strongly that Chris went a such a great pace that I will be able to utilize the knowledge.
5.0 stars Jeff is knowledgeable and at the same time very patient to students. This was a code-level class and he kept it fun and interesting. The pace is perfect and I never felt the class is rushed.
5.0 stars Training Connection, you guys have a great system in place, you also have the right people in place. I had a great time learning at your facility. I look forward to coming back.
5.0 stars This is my third time taking a class with Jeff and I have really enjoyed his teaching style. Training Connection has an outstanding atmosphere that enables its students to learn and grow in their field of study. I will definitely continue to take training at this company because I am always satisfied when I leave.
4.3 stars Even though I know a lot about CSS, Chris did a good job of explaining best practices and standards for CSS. He did a good job explaining things to the newbies of CSS and also still keeping me engaged with the class discussion.

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