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Adobe Flash Training Courses Testimonials

4.6 / 5

based on 338 reviews

Below is a sample of testimonials from students who recently completed one of our Adobe Flash training courses. Please click on the following link to read more about our Adobe Flash classes in Chicago and Los Angeles.

5.0 stars I was surprised to see the greeter at the front of the desk. She came in an greeting me and then showed me around. I felt very much at "home" right away. I think that little touch is very important. I have been to many training centers and NO ONE has ever been that courteous. Leslie was great! She was able to provide real world examples, that I know I will definitely use in the workplace immediately. And even though I thought I wouldn't get it, she was able to break it down to me in a very simple way. I will definitely recommend the facility, class, and instructor to anyone. Thank you.
5.0 stars I have taken a Flash class at MIAD in Milwaukee and it was a 6 week course. I have retained MORE in the 3 days I have been here than I did from all 6 weeks there. We will definitely come back here for training.
5.0 stars Ron B. was helpful and very knowledgable in Flash. He showed me several examples of animations and the proper way to use it for web banners. He also helped me understand things in a organized and clear way which were very confusing before taking the course (i.e. Movie Clips, Symbols & Keyframes). Overall I am extremely happy with the results and the knowledge I acquired during this course. I would definitely recommend others to take this course. p.s.The Starbucks Coffee is also a plus during break time.
5.0 stars Leslie is a great instructor. She has an easy going, generous style. The class was excellent. I recommend this class to anyone who is trying to learn Flash, I feel that I've learned a lot and that it was worth my time.
5.0 stars Jeff is a great, engaging instructor who really challenged us and allowed us to explore the lessons as far as our imaginations and curiosity took us. As a result, we all learned a great deal of troubleshooting in real world situations. It helped me really think about how I will tackle my projects in the future and what resources are available to me to help me along. Thank you!
4.9 stars Ron was able to tailor the training to my precise level and need. His descriptive vocabulary was awesome for something as technical as Flash.This is a rarity—as a fellow trainer, I should know :) My mouse was having difficulty right-clicking.
5.0 stars The class was great! Jeff was really knowledgable and gave clear directions. I would definitely recommend this class to colleges.
4.1 stars This is my 4th class I have taken at Training Connection and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Ron was a very knowledgeable instructor and made class fun! I will be back soon! Plus, you can't beat free Starbucks coffee & movie passes! :-)
5.0 stars I recommend this training facility to anyone who is seriously interested in getting an entry-level (or higher) position in the motion graphics field. I virtually went from having barely any working knowledge to being confident that I can produce my own multi-media content and presentations. My instructor helped me with the specific things I wanted to learn and was able to customize the course to be most effective. Thanks!
4.9 stars This was an excellent class. I had very little experience with Flash. Ron was able to answer every question I had. He also worked at a pace that was reasonable. The course focused on navigation through the software as well as application and some theory. This was very valuable to me being a beginner. Continue teaching this course as you are, I benefited greatly.
4.9 stars Jeff was experienced and professional. He is very willing to work with individual user needs. The learning experience surpassed my expectations.
4.9 stars This class was amazing and I can't wait to get started with the new material I have learned. The instructions were precise and the manual is very detail which will be a good reference tool to use. Thanks again for both an entertaining and informative class.
5.0 stars Great Flash course! Made a very complicated program understandable for beginners to experts alike.
5.0 stars I really am glad that there weren't alot of people in this class because I was able to get very personal training. I really appreciated all of the help that I received. I would have loved if the class was an extra day. There is so much to learn.
5.0 stars Thank you for the time spent with you these last few weeks. Jeff, you are an excellent instructor. I can't wait to get back into the classroom and put these new skills to practice. Job well done, from the front desk staff to the instructors. I would highly recommend these courses to anybody who is serious about learning Adobe Flash.

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