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Microsoft Visio Training Courses Testimonials

4.8 / 5

based on 250 reviews

Below is a sample of testimonials from students who recently completed one of our Microsoft Visio training courses. Please click on the following link to read more about our Microsoft Visio classes in Chicago and Los Angeles.

5.0 stars I learn a lot from this class. Instructor is listen and answer my questions. we had a lot of practices and she take time and make sure I understand before she go on.
5.0 stars Great follow-up to Visio Level 1! Great instructor. Very knowledgable!
4.8 stars Learning new shortcuts was really valuable to me. Prior to today’s course I was doing a lot of unnecessary work. Now I can get the task done in half the time. Thanks!
5.0 stars I received a lot more 'hands on' time than I expected - and from my stand point will help me greatly in the future. Much thanks to Pat O'Donnell.
4.0 stars Allyncia's a great instructor and very lively. She made the interesting and taught concepts well.
5.0 stars I love this course and Pat was an excellent instructor. I would love to see if I could get the resources to have this and other trainings on-site.
5.0 stars Sandy was great and I feel much more comfortable utilizing Visio after taking her class. Thanks!
5.0 stars Allyncia is a great instructor! I learned so much and am looking forward to taking the 2nd course tomorrow
5.0 stars Chris is a master instructor. He is so knowledgeable and patient. Chris provides a very relaxed and comfortable atmosphere in which to learn and practice. Another great experience at Training Connection.
4.9 stars I've been trying to teach myself Visio for several months and was desperate for some expert advice. I feel that this course has reinforced what I already knew and has taught me lots of valuable information and techniques that will save me time at work.
5.0 stars I really enjoyed my first day and especially enjoyed George and Alynncia. They are great!!!!! I will definitely recommend this facility to my company for others who may need training. Thank you so much. I can't wait until next week. PS - The facility is absolutely beautiful and the hardware is phenomenal.
5.0 stars I thought my Instructor did a wonderful job!
5.0 stars Chris did an amazing job at teaching us all today. I learned so much and I am grateful that we are able to have this opportunity to learn more.
5.0 stars Chris is a great instructor! He has great real life examples and does research to answer questions he may not have the exact answer to at the moment.
4.6 stars terrific facility and instructor and very useful; am looking forward to getting back to my office and using all i learned!
5.0 stars Carol was great! I learned a lot of neat tricks about Visio!. I am confident I will be able to create visual workflows that my staff can understand. Thank you!
5.0 stars Chris was very helpful and made sure we were all comfortable with each activity before advancing to the next. Class was easy to follow along and moved at a good pace. He was open to customizing the learning plan to our needs. Most importantly, he made it interactive which let me keep my focus throughout the entire course. I definitely learned a lot today. Thank You! (seems like the strongly agree should be the first option....I almost picked disagree by accident)
5.0 stars This is a great introduction to Visio. The instructor made me feel comfortable and also piqued my interest to learn more. Thank you.
4.7 stars Thank you very much for taking the time to teach us. Bob was very hands on, patient, and extremely helpful. He answered all of our questions and many more! And, he made the class fun and interesting. Thanks so much.
5.0 stars One of the best traing experience in a long time. The training facility was clean and the training rooms were up to date with tecnology. Also, the instuctor (Allyncia) made you feel comfortable. Thanks for a GREAT training day!!
5.0 stars Carol was great and I really appreciated that she paced the course to suit my level of understanding.
5.0 stars Great Instructor. He made sure he answered our individual questions through out the course. Great stories woven into make the day keep moving and interesting
4.9 stars Chris is an awesome instructor, he provides great examples and is VERY patient with his students. Thanks are the BEST!
5.0 stars Even though I have use Visio before, Chris was able to bring my knowledge to a higher level and use shirtcuts not just useful for Visio but for all Microsoft programs, really great class.
5.0 stars The Instructor was very professional and very knowledgeable. I thought I knew Visio very well which this class teaches more then I thought. I recommend this class and the Instructor. I came out from the class with more knowledge.
4.9 stars Great course! I feel confident using the Visio program as well as showing others how to utilize it's functionality. All of my questions were answered, I learned more than I expected.
4.9 stars Chris our instructor is very knowledgeable and explained everything thoroughly. Thank you.

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