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JavaScript Training Courses

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JavaScript is a vital skill for any serious Web developer.

We provide instructor-led Javascript classes. Classroom learning from an experience Web developer is still the quickest and most effective way to learn Javascript.

Onsite training available countrywide.

JavaScript courses for all levels

Basic JavaScript Training

JavaScript Level 1 with jQuery

On this course you will learn to create better user experiences by adding interactive elements to your Web pages. This class will introduce you to JavaScript syntax, before delving into jQuery library.

3 Days | $1495.00

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Advanced JavaScript classes

JavaScript Level 2 with AJAX

This hands-on JavaScript class focuses on AJAX, advanced forms and other advanced topics. You will take your Web development to a whole new level by creating very intuitive and interactive websites.

2 Days | $995.00

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Hands-on JavaScript Bootcamp

JavaScript Bootcamp with jQuery and Ajax

Our most comprehensive JavaScript course, taking you from JavaScript beginner to master in 5 days. The Bootcamp covers basic Javascript programming and syntax, using jQuery to enhance your website, the DOM model, adding interactivity with AJAX, advanced forms and more.

5 Days | $1995.00

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Choosing the right course

Recent student feedback

4.8 stars Chris was wonderful. Our small class was able to move faster than normal and Chris challenged us to learn more. I saw a number of "similar" courses offered in the area, and I am extremely pleased that I made the right choice.
4.9 stars I really liked this course and the instructor. The class size was small, so that helped move us along quickly. Chris also tailored the class to help us achieve exactly what we wanted to get out of it. Chris has a lot of real-world experience which always is superior to an "academic" who has no battle wounds. Chris's affable style makes you feel at ease. Also the AJAX+CSS class bundle is a no-brainer. Great deal. My only complaint really has to do with the other students in the class who sometimes slowed things down a bit from the super-fast pace that I hoped, but that is nitpicking. The pre-reqs (such as javascript/html knowledge) should be followed more closely. But what can ya do.
5.0 stars I enjoyed the training very much and learned A LOT! I enjoyed Chris' style of teaching very much. He combined different techniques that we learned so that we fully understand how they can be applied in the real world. I am looking forward to going back to my job and applying the skills I learned this week.
5.0 stars The JavaScript course was exactly what I needed and more! I should have done this years ago. Chris is the best instructor and very effective in applying the course content to my specific situations as well as meeting me at my level of expertise.

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