The Role Leadership plays in Company Culture

A company’s leadership is responsible for creating the culture that empowers employees to work towards the company’s mission and for them to realise how important their role is in achieving company goals. 

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Leadership has the biggest effect on company culture which covers employee engagement, the atmosphere and in the end, the success of the company and its clients.  Leadership can make the difference in whether employees see mistakes as learning opportunities or failures that damage their self-worth.

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Here are some key roles that leadership plays in shaping a company’s culture:

Leaders emulate the change they want to see

Leaders who wish to reflect values for a certain culture, need to demonstrate those values in all their actions.  The culture that employees experience is derived from leadership’s behaviours in the workplace, ways of communicating and how wins and losses are handled.  Leaders need to constantly diversify their efforts so they are innovating for future success.  They will have an in-depth understanding of how the company works and will always show a keen interest in each employee’s role, contribution and growth.  Learning on the job and supporting the idea that mistakes are learning experiences, will help employees develop new skills. 

Leaders focus on what’s good for both employees and clients

A successful business strategy will look at each client individually and focus on their needs from a personal perspective.  Leaders will ensure that employees understand and embrace those needs throughout the client journey.

Leaders will look at the deeper needs and desires of both clients and employees which will drive successful outcomes in life and business.  In this way leaders solve problems more effectively whilst keeping the social and philanthropic impact of the company’s services in mind.

Leaders focus on their employee’s well-being

Although being professional in your working environment is important, an employee’s well-being will directly impact their performance and engagement at work.  Employees whose 5 core needs are met, are less likely to leave which will save their company money on healthcare and further recruitment costs.  Those core needs are physical, social, financial, community and purpose.  If they are met, problems get solved more quickly, employees manage change better, attendance increases and ultimately customer satisfaction will increase.
Leadership can assist in meeting employee’s needs by investing in professional development, allowing more flexibility in the performance of employee roles and encouraging better leave policies.
Change is inevitable and leaders must be able to shift with changing culture.  When their employees feel engaged in an embracing and exciting work culture, their pride and loyalty will increase along with their performance, leading to the ultimate success of the company and its clients.



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