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Best Excel training in Los Angeles

This article takes a look at the feedback from our first Excel classes of 2019.

Our Excel courses range from

  • Level 1- Introduction (1 day), to
  • Level 2 - Intermediate (1 day), to
  • Level 3 - Advanced (1 day) and finally
  • Level 4 - VBA (1 day).

So we cater for all different levels of Excel user.

All classes are taught by live trainers present in the training lab. We highly recommend you stay away from webinar-based classes. Face to Face training is still the most effective and enjoyable way to learn.

Here is some feedback of what our most recent students thought of our Excel training:

"Carol is a rockstar. She made learning the basics of Excel fun and interesting. Walking away feeling very confident and wanting to take the next level!"

"This was by far the best training I have attended. Carol was amazing. I am excited for level 2. Thank You."

"I learned so much in a short time and I will tell everyone at the office if you need to learn or brush up this is where you need to come."

"The training class was clean and comfortable. The instructor was on point, asked questions, made us laugh and was very friendly. I'd love to return for more instruction on this subject; in the future."

"This is one of the best trainings I have been to. Everything from the topics to examples and discussion was completely relatable and real life. The instructor was extremely knowledgeable and kept us focused. He made it a really fun course and I was not expecting that."

"Chris is very cool and helpful instructor, he makes the class go by very fast and smoothly while making sure everyone is on the same page. He is very knowledgeable in using computer programs while giving many ways to apply it for work purposes."

"It keeps getting better! Excel is my strongest suit cant wait to put it to practice. Carol and Chris beyond exceptional teachers. Ill be passing the word."


Upcoming classes in 2019

Excel Level 1 - Introduction
Feb 12
Mer 11

Excel Level 2 - Intermediate

Feb 13
Mer 12

Excel Level 3 - Advanced

Feb 14
Mer 13

Excel Level 4 - Macros and VBA

Feb 18
Mer 14

For more information please visit our main Excel training page or call us in 888.815.0604. Onsite Excel training is also available.


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