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Best Time Management class in Los Angeles

Time Management Workshops in LA

Time management training will help increase productivity, reduce stress and improve results.

Our time management class covers the following topics:

  • Do a time audit on their existing time usage
  • Identify ways to better utilize their time
  • Develop a time management plan by setting priorities
  • Identify and avoid common time wasters
  • Overcome procrastination
  • Increase productivity by controlling interruptions and meeting management
  • Maintain a reasonable workload by saying “no”
  • Deal with information overload
  • Use technology to save time

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Instructor-led Time Management classes

Our soft skills trainer, Carol, teaches this class once a month at our Los Angeles training center as well privately for companies that requirie group Time Management training.

Here is some feedback from students who recently completed the February workshop

"Ms. Carol was an incredible instructor and this class was more than time management it really fed my soul and helped me learn about myself. Everything about this facility is wonderful and I will definitely come back even if it is on my own. Thank you so much!"

"Ms. Carol is an excellent and knowledgeable facilitator, It was a pleasure to be in her class. She makes learning enjoyable! Thank you."

"My instructor Ms. Carol was awesome at engaging with the students. She made me thinkout side the box. I appreciate her examples of real life experience making me feel not alone at my shortcomings. I feel inspired and eagered to take all this knowledge back to the office! thank you."

"Again, I enjoyed the class. The instructor was knowledgeable, gave great feed back, was honest and open. I look forward to my next training."

"The skills and insights offered in this course were very well presented and I believe that it will go a long way in improving my productivity in both my work and my home life."

"The insight given by our lovely instructor Carol really put everything into perspective. I can definitely say I can apply everything I learned regarding time management in both my personal and professional life. The approach used was very helpful to my learning and overall comfort in participating today in class."

Book a Time Management class in Los Angeles today! Or obtain a quotation for group TIme Management training.

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